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Korea Ottchil Hangi Hand Bag

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World-famous luxury handbag, purse, etc are mainly made of animal skins, while OttchilGoodchil handbag and Wallets are made of Korean traditional paper, perfect eco-friendly material by supplementing the drawback of paper vulnerable to water with Ottchil.

Ottchil handbag and Wallets are 100% sustainable eco-friendly product and has more various advantages than leather or skin handbag. This product uses lighter material than leather, has the antibacterial and sterilizing effect and has a wide variety of functions such as insect-proof, dampproof, insulation, electromagnetic waves absorption, etc.


What's Korean paper(韓紙)?

It refers to unique paper which is made by technique native to Korea.

It refers to a thin paper which is made in process of boiling the peeling paper mulberry bark in caustic soda, pounding it and dissolving it in water, and then lifting out fiber using chick, squeezing out water and hydrating.

Because it is made of natural material such as fiber from paper mulberry and mulberry, it has the nature's own texture AS IS. Besides, Korean paper is fine and tough thanks to traditional Korean paper manufacturing process, and it gives feeling of liveliness as if things drew breath.



What's Ottchil( -)?

It refers to sap from Rhus verniciflura or applying the sap onto bowl or furniture. If it is applied onto the x-object, the x-object takes on blackish red color and is glossy. It has been less used gradually since the development of good synthetic coating, but recently it has been often used for finishing the work of art because it has the stronger depth of color and better artistic value than enamel. The coated x-object with Ottchil in Korea is traced back to around B.C 3C, and various kinds of lacquerware have been discovered in ancient tomb of Three Kingdoms of Korea.



Size : 26*13.5*6(cm)

Material : Hangi, Ottchil, Cowhide

Colors : Brown

Option : Original , gold leaf(箔)

Price : KRW : original 250,000 / Gold leaf 350000

Product Constitution : Shoulder strap, 2 Interior pocket

Packing case : Silk

Manufacturing Country : South Korea

Delivery Terms : FOB South Korea(negotiable)



Ottchil Hangi Hand Bag Option : gold leaf(箔)

Packing case



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  • Name : Soim Sin
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Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 886, Girindea-ro, Deokjin-gu,, Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do,Korea (54849)
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    Misuk Beak
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    886, Girindea-ro, Deokjin-gu,, Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do,Korea (54849)
Ottchilgoodchil designs a new lifestyle using a variety of traditional cultures. We would like to contain our cultural story by utilizing our sustainable traditional technology. You can contact us via green2725797@naver.com / +82-63-272-5797 / +82-10-6850-2149 The company address is Room 201, Hyoseong Business Incubation Center, 886, Girindea-ro, Deokjin-gu, Jeollabuk-do, Korea. The postal code (Zip) is 54849 In 2014, selected as the Traditional Culture and Tourism Related to the Culture and Sports of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
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