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Pinch-it Multi Hanger

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[Product Description]
This product has outstanding cost, performance, and quality competitiveness.
In addition, it has a versatile use. Existing plastic products break easily. Considering the negative environment influence of plastic products, our products have a relatively long lifespan.
Therefore, our product can overcome the limitations of recycling plastic and metal products, can reduce customers repurchase cycle and can become a leading example of environment-friendly products.
We will secure our intellectual rights, establish our brand by launching our products in the local market early and launch our brand “Pinch-it” in the global market as a leader of household items.

1) Pinch it Multi Hanger
Simple hanger that makes use of spaces and helps you organize items
○ For the first time! This hanger includes simple multi-use pegs
You can easily adjust the horizontal length, attach and detach brackets and fix it on existing racks. You can adjust the horizontal length and can also rotate it vertically.
○ Convenience of simple pegs that could also used as hooks.
This hanger comes with many simple pegs that can rotate 360 degrees and move horizontally. This will enable you to organize items in multiple ways and to make full use of space.
○ Various design and styles
This versatile product comes in stylish color and design. It can be used as laundry hanger, closet hanger, organizing hanger and as office organizer.
○ Convenient usability that makes use of space and helps organize various
Hooks and pegs help you organize various items like bags and handbags. It enables you to make use of space and organize various items.
○ Create a lif style
This stylish product helps you upgrade your lifestyle.
For more information about Pinch-it Multi type
It’s a hanger that includes simple pegs that can be adjusted horizontally and rotated.
: It prevents loss due to breakage or elimination of pressure component.
Simple pegs can be easily attached and detached.
43cm long hanger can be extended horizontally to maximum 72cm. Its length can be adjusted and can be rotated vertically. Rotation angle can be also adjusted.
It has round hooks on both sides of a hanger. These are used to connect the hanger with the existing hanger. Also, it has a fixing bracket that can be easily attached and detached by sliding it vertically.
Fixing bracket enables you to connect the hanger with existing closet temporarily or permanently.
It has dual use, either as simple pegs or hooks.
It can be used with closet, living room furniture, and kitchen organizers.

[Product Specification]
Product name Pinch-it (Multi Hanger) Brand name Pinch-it
Manufacturer/ Country of Origin 7-Pen/ The Republic of Korea Major distribution channel Mega stores
Sales price -    
Specification and capacity Product specification (mm)
:Width(426)×Length(92)x Height(51)
Product weight(g) : 320
Product material : PC
The expiry date (Best by date) N/A
How to use Product composition
: Hanger 1set / Simple pegs 5EA / fixing bracket 2EA / fixing screw 4EA
  / Hanger Band 2EA
Product specification ❖ Versatile clothes hanger - maximize space saving
• Length adjustable, left and right side adjustable, rotatable
• Can be attached to existing drying hanger
• As each peg has a hook, it can be used as a peg and a hook at the same time.
❖ Multi-functional organizer - maximize usage
• Can fix on walls, closets, and cabinets
• can hang bags and handbags
• Can be a peg, hook and hanger at the same time
❖ Multi-functional simple peg and hanger
• Functions and convenience upgraded from existing products
❖ How to use this product and extended application
- Length adjustable and rotatable
- Dual use of simple pegs and hooks
- Easy to attachable and detachable bracket
- Simple pegs that can move or rotate/ adjustable hanger length/ rotatable
- Simple pegs can be used as simple hooks thanks to flat springs
- Fixed brackets enables the product to be used for various uses. The product can be connected to the existing hangers.
- A number of convenient pegs and hooks allow it to be used for multi-purposes.




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    26 Yatap-ro 205beon-gil Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do (13503)
SEVENPEN which means the birth of a product first sketched and designed with a pencil, is a startup company established on 2015 to break the stereotype of the previous products and design to manufacture a new paradigm of the products. With its motto : Common, Simple, and Unique, the company aims to make the general product simpler but more distinct. On 2016, SEVENPEN has won a third place at the '2016 Korea invention patent competition' sponsored by the Korean Intellectual Property Office. SEVENPEN is developing ideas to challenge the inconvenient things which we are so used to in daily life that we do not even perceive as a inconvenience. SEVENPEN is working to develop and manufacture products that differentiate daily familiarity and to be a licensed company. ◈ VISION & VALUES Global life Design company for more convenient and better than existing one. We try to think outside the box for the better life and pursue more simple, different, innovative.
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    Wing Hanger
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