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led light n202t

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    Model n-202t
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    Republic of Korea
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It enables to attach to laptop and PC desktop monitors as well as use for paper holder, smartphone holder and business card holder.

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 " Clean-cut desks, 100 % filling! "

The stick-light light stands for ‘ Almighty ’ in a single word. 

PC monitor, free of charge, free of charge, thereby increasing space utilization.
Not only the lighting but also the paper holder, the document holder, the smartphone / card, and the card holder.

The efficiency of the work depends on the ability to digest it properly.Easy, portable, easy to use in bags
You can do it with libraries, cafes, camping places, and bedroom lighting.
So 10 out of ten!
LED Stills Light Illumination Light Illumination

LED stick light stand lighting is very smart.Originally, LEDs were born with LED LIGHT stand lighting, but the document was still illuminated.
MultI-function lighting

When attaching to a laptop or PC monitor, use light as a light source, varying the number of documents
There's a lot more work to be done.Place the document on the front of the tray and place the paper on the desired side, and the neo-division of the Neodium Thin magnet is placed on the end.

Freedom of elevation and angle of view

Product Information
If the person in front of the next person or the person is conscious, attach them to the PC monitor or laptop. 
Can be used as a partition

When carrying out this, you will also be provided with a personalized pouch to protect the LED stick light stand illumination lamp.Add 5 pin USB.

Because it is compatible with a micro-fin cable, it is practical to use it anywhere, anytime, with a common secondary battery.Since it is not charged, the illumination value of 977 Lux is achieved in 977 Lux.

Lidge-Write Light lighting works with a bedroom lamp, and the traditional bedroom lights dispute to the ceiling.You don't need to light up the light on the bathroom, so you can take care of the sleeping nights.

Document Retention Method - Place the document on the side of the document and set the configured slim magnets to secure it.Ambidextrous

1 body, 5 pin cables, two basic slim magnets, 3 x thinner magnets, 3 x thinner cups, 1 precision refill, 2 fixing bolts, 2 pegs

Neat Simple Design
Flexible Movement
Enable to lower or raise the monitor to anyheight and swivel in any view angle!!
Practical design focusing on maximum benefit to user's atmosphere
What's so special about NDEX side light?
  • Practical design focuses on maximum benefit to secure the space of workstation
  • User friendly interface with lighting direction adjustment
  • Brightness adjustment as well as widening the lighting area for effective document view
  • Features LED lighting capable with document holder to organize your neat desk.
  • Enables to increase work efficiency
New era of LED lighting, Go beyond the limit.
Multi Functional Light Stand
The core technology of NDEX provides the multi-functional light stand with soft eye-friendly LED lighting.
Spare Efficiency for Workstation + User Friendly Interface
It enables to attach to the laptop and use for paper holder, LED lighting.
Long lasting LED lighting over 50,000 hours
Long lifespan LED light
Office / Personal task area / Lecture hall / Work task on the plane / Camping
"Flexible View Angle"
"Multi Functional Light Stand"
Enable to lower or raise the monitor to any height and swivel in any view angle!!
Practical design focusting on maximum benefit to user's atmosphere

Space Efficiency / Work Task Efficiency / Practical Use for Small Space / Improving Concentration
How to use
  • Power plug - connect 5 pin cable to the rear side of the stand.
  • PC monitor - can be attached to the top of monitor or on the side of monitor with tape.
  • Joint ball - helps stay firmly in the position you want.
  • Laptop - provides clamping bolts to mount to the laptop.
  • Document - can be attached with neodium magnet on the side of LED light.
Why you need LED light
  • Relieving eye strarin and improving work task effectively
  • Ultra power saving, highly efficient LED light
  • Long lasting LED light - 50,000 hours
  • Eco-friendly lighting
Enable to lower or raise the monitor to anyheight and swivel in any view angle!!
Practical design focusing on maximum benefit to user's atmosphere

LED lamp , usb light , desk light , book light ,stand light


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  • Name : Song Junhwa
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Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 104, Jungdong-ro 254beon-gil, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do (14548)
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    Junhwa Song
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    104, Jungdong-ro 254beon-gil, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do (14548)
nDex is a manufacturer of office appliances. LED Stick Light, Document holder, Namecard holder, Smartphone holder etc…
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    led lighting
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  • NDEX LED Side Light N-202T Portable Desk Lamp Eye-Care 3 Buttons with Usb Port
  • USB LED stick light
  • n-202t

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