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SEVENTEEN second cushion has no sponge for the first time in the world. General cushion in the market uses the method of coating the sponge with the contents using the puff by making the contents permeated into the sponge after putting the sponge into refill container. This kind of method can be done by anyone. Also, there is no other method of use at present.

However, we do not use the sponge. We put the contents into refill container without sponge and we covered it with fine net.


In order to apply the contents, if you press the net lightly using the puff, contents will come up, and puff is coated with the contents of cushion. That is our using method of cushion.


It is non-sponge type and the method of covering the contents with the net instead of sponge is the world's first one. We have applied the patent for this product.


Then, we will explain the difference between existing general cushion and our cushion.


Sponge method means that size of particle is big. In any case, particles are permeated into the sponge, therefore it is meaningless to have fine particles. So sponge type cushion has less naturalness after the application due to big size of particles. And moisture feeling is noticeably lowered since sponge takes away all moistures. Cushion type should hold some moisture differently from powder type, but it cannot make that role. However, our cushion contains the moisture as it is. Moisture feeling remains as it is because it is the type of passing the net for application with wet feeling. And application is much better than existing product and it has excellent natural covering power. Now the key is concomitant ingredients of contents. Our product has all effects such as sunscreen, whitening effect, moisturizing effect, etc. and it does not shrink from comparison with any other products due to its excellent function.


The biggest advantage of our product maintains fresh feeling continuously without greasiness due to its excellent moisturizing power.


Other buyers in China are interested in our products and we have tried to contact many buyers to form distribution network since we have launched the product.

JAD C&C is doing its endeavor to publicize SEVENTEEN second whitening cream and SEVENTEEN second moisturizing cream in addition to SEVENTEEN second cushion globally.





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