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CAFEINO Scalp foaming cleanser - containing CAFFEINE - This is Not the Shampoo but BETTER

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DOO CAFE, CAFEINO SCALP cleanser 200ml

CAFEINO, cleanser for your scalp only

Scalp is without a doubt skin. It deserves better care and treatment.

CAFEINO perfectly cleanses scalp without skin irritation.

Reaching deep into the pores, its voluptuous foam cleanses your scalp.

Contains Coffee extract, a solution for your hair loss

Caffeine effectively works for reinforcing hair root and preventing hair loss.

Contains no harmful substances – silicon, artificial pigments, sulfates, paraben, benzophenone, and mineral oil. Naturally derived surfactants and healthy ingredients bring your scalp to life.

For healthier scalp care, we recommend 3 principles in fighting against fine dust

1. Refrain from outdoor activities

2. Wear a hat for going out

3. Clean your scalp after going out

Protect your scalp from fine dust!

Fine dust is becoming alarming, but many of us often do not recognize how important scalp care is in this fight against fine dust. Fine dust causes scalp problems such as inflammation or itchiness as it begins to accumulate and block the pores of the scalp. It also undermines normal sebum control, thereby damaging your scalp seriously.

As fine dust penetrates into your scalp, the cells of your hair follicle lose vitality. Your hair gets brittle and thinner. And fragile hair leads to hair loss. Hair loss could get worse if shampoo or conditioner residue remains and combines with dead cells, sweat, and sebum in the scalp and contaminates the pores and the surrounding area.

For healthier scalp, you need to take extra care of your scalp after going out in poor air quality. Wash with warm water to open the pores. Then thoroughly cleanse scalp with scalp cleanser.

DOO CAFE, CAFEINO Scalp Cleanser For Healthy Scalp

Shampoo is a hair care product. With our scalp cleanser, you can now take better care of your scalp. Remember, luxuriant and healthy hair begins from good scalp care.

Our scalp cleanser CAFEINO contains caffeine which works as an active agent to strengthen the root of the hair.

Hair loss, dandruff, bad smell, excessive sebum… you name it. It is all about scalp care, not hair.

Dead cells in the scalp do not only cause inflammation, itchiness, or dandruff but they also lead to other scalp problems. CAFEINO’s cleansing formula works best for your scalp and effectively eliminates dead cells. It controls excessive sebum and alleviates irritation. It is the ultimate solution for scalp care.

Scalp Cleanser vs. Shampoo




Main purpose

▪ to cleanse scalp,

▪ to prevent dandruff and hair loss

▪ to cleanse hair,

▪ to care dull/damaged hair


▪ eliminates impurities, dirt, or dead cells out of scalp

▪ soothes, nourishes, and moisturizes scalp

▪ reduces dandruff and controls excessive sebum  

▪ strengthens hair root

▪ strengthens hair

▪ alleviates dry, brittle hair

▪ provides nutrients to hair

How it works

▪ scalp is viewed as skin; hence its formula works for skin, providing moisture and nutrients to scalp

(pH condition favorable for scalp, balanced)

▪ healthier scalp encourages hair to be nourished and strengthened naturally.

▪ directly works for hair, providing nutrients and radiance to hair (pH conditions favorable for hair, balanced)

▪ cleanses scalp as well as hair. Its formula doesn’t fit to scalp care;therefore, it may cause dryness or excessive sebum depending on hair type

Why is Caffeine good for scalp care?

Caffeine and Polyphenol in Coffee enhance the blood circulation of the scalp, strengthen the hair root, and protect hair and scalp from free oxygen radicals.

Luxuriant and healthy hair comes from good scalp care.

CAFEINO contains no harmful substances – silicon, artificial pigments, sulfates, paraben, benzophenone, and mineral oil. It is made with natural ingredients including naturally derived surfactants, Portulaca Extract, Calendula, Carrot, Paprika, Huttuynia Cordata, and Sunflower, to give your scalp a breathing room.

Scalp Cleanser is recommended for those who suffer from

Itchiness: dry and itchy scalp

Scalp irritation: problems like dead cells, inflammation, or hair loss

Oily scalp: scalp and hair easily get greasy. No feeling of refreshment after shampooing.

Sensitive scalp: sensitive to chemicals

Hair loss: hair loss is in progress. Want to prevent hair loss?

Bad smell: want to remove bad smell of the top of your head?

DOO CAFE, CAFEINO Scalp Cleanser 200ml

Delivers a voluptuous and fine foam

Protects your scalp from irritation

A perfect cleanser for your scalp

Soothing and moisturizing / Cleansing pores and eliminating impurities / Removing dead cellsand providing nutrients

No chemicals! Safe and healthy scalp care with non-harming coffee extract

Caffeine and Polyphenol in Coffee enhance the blood circulation of the scalp, strengthen the hair root, and protect hair and scalp from free oxygen radicals.

Caffeine wakes up the dull, tired scalp

Hair requires much energy than other parts of the body because it is active and grows rapidly.

Cytokine derived from Caffeine promotes the blood circulation of the scalp while energizing the hair root to prevent hair loss. Do not torture your scalp with rough and irritating shampoo any longer.

Voluptuous foam gently removes dirt and impurities out of the scalp to help prevent scalp problems.

The elasticity of the hair hinges on the condition of your scalp. Cleansing with a shampoo is not enough for healthy scalp care. Now experience a perfect scalp cleansing with our scalp cleanser. It will get rid of all dirt and impurities that are not easily removed by a shampoo.

Why do we need a scalp cleanser?

It is healthy scalp care that comes before beautiful hair.

One out of four male adults says that they are suffering from hair loss. 

A survey asked of 1,501 men and women aged 19 and older if they are undergoing hair loss.

22 percent of the respondents say yes.

Surveyed subject: men and women aged 19and older nationwide (Jeju City excluded)

Sample size: 1,501 people / margin of sampling error: ±2.5 percentage points (95% confidence level)

No one is 100% safe against hair loss.

A growing number of people are suffering from hair loss year by year. No one will be immune from hair loss. It can affect you regardless of your age, gender, or family history. Fine dust, yellow dust, dead cells, excessive sebum, and stress… our scalp is under great pressure.

Hair loss and CAFEINO Story

If you are concerned about or already suffering from hair loss, now is the time to learn more about caffeine. Did you know that Caffeine protects your hair root from testosterone that causes hair loss? Caffeine is one of the active ingredients that stimulate the metabolism and central nervous system of the human body. Caffeine protects the hair from environmental pollutants and energizes the root of the hair. It is a super effective shield against hair loss to slow down the ongoing hair loss and prevent premature hair loss.

But caffeine intake is not enough to have a significant impact on the root of the hair. For maximum effects, this wondrous ingredient needs to be directly supplied to the scalp. Wash your hair with CAFEINO, and then your scalp will get sufficient caffeine. A regular use of our scalp cleanser ensures stronger hair root and less hair loss. It is easy to use and on top of that, time and cost efficient.

Watch out for dead cells in the scalp. They are the culprit of hair loss.

Hair loss is attributable to many causes including diets, eating habits, genetic and environmental factors, and stress, but the major cause is dead cells. Dead cells cause inflammation, itchiness, and dandruff and block the pores, leading to hair loss or exacerbating the ongoing hair loss. CAFEINO is a cleanser that specifically targets your scalp, not hair, to solve your scalp problems by removing dead cells, controlling excessive sebum, and alleviating irritation. 

How it works

STEP 1. Safe ingredients such Polyphenol and Allantoin eliminate impurities between pores without causing scalp problems and irritation.

STEP 2. Caffeine provides energy to the scalp and hair root; and Allantoin and Houttuynia Cordata revitalize the scalp.

STEP 3. Portulaca gives moisture and nutrients to the scalp, carrot and calendula help relieve skin irritation, and paprika and caffeine protects the scalp from environmental pollutants.

How to use

For ideal cleansing effects, read the instructions thoroughly before use.

1. Wash your scalp and hair with warm water. Take 2-3 pumps onto the hands to dispense a suitable amount of cleanser and create enough lather. Evenly spread across your scalp.

2. Gently massage. Enjoy the smell of coffee. Wait for 2-3 minutes.

3. Thoroughly rinse off with lukewarm water.

* You can replace your shampoo with our scalp cleanser.

* For a long hair, you may have to take more pumps than recommended. So, we recommend you shampoo first before using the scalp cleanser.

* Once you dry your hair, the smell of coffee goes away. 

Tips for effective scalp massaging / Zigzag Cleansing

1. Take 2-3 pumps to dispense a suitable amount of cleanser. Evenly spread lather across your scalp.

2. Use your fingers and stroke in zigzags starting from the forehead to the back of your head.

3. Massage for 2-3 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water.

4. Dry thoroughly. Make sure that water does not remain.


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