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Get2Get Chedech Carbon Folding Bike Black

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Get2Get Chedech Carbon Folding Bike


About the Product

◆ Model: Chedech Carbon Folding Bike Black

◆ Size: 730mmX350mmX600mm

◆ Weight: 9.3kg

◆ Shipping weight: 9.7kg

◆ Color: Black


⇒ Fast and easy to fold into a small, convenient, compact size: Perfectly suited for commuting because you can take a taxi or bus  with this when you are tired. Also, when you arrive at work you don’t need to let your bike stand alone outside. You can just fold it and keep it in with being watched.

⇒ Lightweight: All the major parts are made of carbon fiber, and that leads to a comparatively lightweight bike. This lightweight design helps you to ride faster, and you can also ride uphill more easily.

Strong and Durable:  For the folding hinges, we used metal to keep it strong for folding movements. For the other frame parts we used carbon to keep the bike light and comfortable. In addition, we use a stronger carbon material for the parts connecting the metal hinge and carbon frames. 

⇒ Stability and Flexibility: We solve this shaking (or vibrating) problem by using a carbon material, so you feel comfortable. Also, Chedech gives the rider a smooth carbon bike and flexible riding experience. You will feel and enjoy the carbon body in each pedal stroke. 

About the Product

1. Hexa Form of Main Frame
In order to make it foldable into a compact, small size, we adopted a one line frame system, not a triangle system that often leads to an unstable riding condition due to the bike being affected by twisting impact between the handle and the saddle.


2. Chemically Reinforced Carbon Fiber
Our study group tested many different carbon fibers in order to diminish the twisting movement on the frame. We did everything possible to come up with a more stable frame. As a result, the final product has a much stronger frame than our first sample bike of two years ago.


3. Hidden Wall Inside the Frame
To reinforce and strengthen the frame to resist the twisting impact, we came up with a new design concept. A wall is inserted into the frame that gives more support that resists against pulling in one direction. We inserted this internal wall in main frame, handle post and seat post, and our Chedech became more stable than initial models.


4. New Folding Mechanism
In order to make a more competitive folding bike, we paid careful attention to the folding mechanism. The hinge between the main frame and rear frame is a new invention that allows speedy folding and unfolding.


5. Optimum geometry for a one size frame bike
we tried to keep the weight balance, regardless of cyclists’ body size, and that made the one size Chedech very stable for most bike-riders, regardless of uphill or downhill cycling. This well-balanced geometry allows a wider variety for the bike-rider and more stability.


6. Speed
With Chedech’s anti-twist main frame design, you can run fast as much as you do with carbon road bike. It gives fast and smooth riding condition.


7. Weight
With Chedech, you can have the first hand-carryable, light, folding bike. Chedech is 9.3kg only.


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    112 Sangdong-ro, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do (14542)
Get2Get.com was established in 2000 and has been working in the sports business for more than a decade. As an agent of the German bike brand Corratec, we have always wanted to create a new high end bike brand and released Kanaph carbon wheel sets and several carbon parts for the past two years. We have also been developing this new bike design, “Chedech,” which means righteousness in the Hebrew language. As a company spirit, we cherish social justice, and two wings spread wide symbolize the social righteousness. Get2Get.com will continue to study and design high end carbon bikes and upgrade Chedech each year.
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