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ember tencel pocket spring pillowtop matrress 32

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Product information
Product name: Ember Tencel Pillow Top Mattress (Ember31)
Component: Mattress
Materials: Multiplex coil spring + Air foam + Hybrid support foam + Megaplex foam + Tencel cover
Size: Q 1500 (Width) X 2000 (Length) X 30 (Thickness) mm
       SS 1100 (Width) X 2000 (Length) X 30 (Thickness) mm
Distributor: J&K Co., Ltd.
Country of Manufacture: Republic of Korea

Meterial - Internal structure of Ember Mattress
Multiplex coil spring
One is not interfered even by the next man’s motion, and it has little friction between springs, so there is no noise. It has strong, soft and cozy feelings, its individual pocket prevents from getting damp, and it has excellent elasticity and restitution. It closely supports the weight for the curves of the human body to help perfect sleep.
Tencel Cotton
The smooth surface of Tencel textile is an eco-friendly textile that is soft like Silk and does not irritate the skin, which is also called dream textile. Since it absorbs and immediately excrete moisture with perfect moisture control function, the propagation of the germ is unlikely, and Tencel textile itself has moisture content, so it has excellent anti-static function and provides a comfortable user environment.
Mega Flex Foam
This is foam made by improving low-density HR Foam used in quality sofa to high-density 25Kg/M3, appropriate for mattress, which has an outstanding feel of use as compared to the solid sense of cushion or the mattress using springs or latex that supports the whole body evenly as the base, which is in the limelight as a next-generation mattress material.
Acoustic Latex
Latex, born with delicate mechanisms numerous pinholes and air-cells, has smooth air circulation, so it provides a pleasant sleep regardless of seasons, and with its excellent antimicrobial power, it maintains a pleasant sleep environment all the time.
Hybrid Support Foam
This is a new material with the highest quality, similar to the special memory foam used in the U.S. NASA. It is a foam that absorbs the pressure at the top and supports the uniform distribution of pressure from the weight of the human body, which keep the body cool in summer and warm in winter with an excellent sense of cushion and sense of elasticity to provide a pleasant sleep environment all year round.
Quality Jump Quilting
It has a difficult manufacturing process, so it can be produced only with the latest equipment. It made best use of the volume with a jump quilting method only installed in quality mattress specifications, so this provides a nice sense of cushion and higher quality when one lies on it.
This is cotton wool that makes up for the disadvantages of silk and cotton, which has a sense of touch similar to that of Cashmere. It has excellent elasticity, soft feel and excellent function of absorbing and releasing moisture, which provides a refreshing and hygienic sleep environment. It is a relatively expensive material.


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