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Pig collagen jel cream mask

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[Product Description]

Hydrolized Collagen 50,000mg which is the most large amount among the Korean's products. And has the biggest capacity(200ml). You can use it for different use: cream, sleeping pack, and water jelly. It makes our skin brightly and cleanly.
[Product Detailed Information]

Now it is not exclusive to entertainers!

Hot issue, Baby Face Pig Collagen Gel Cream Mask

It is different if SD Cosmetics make.


Going back to the children’s face.

Secret of baby face, Pig Collagen Gel Cream Mask

Containing 50,000mg of Collagen! Introducing the best content now.

  • Containing Niacin amide - Certified whitening function

  • Adenosine : Functional cosmetics to improve wrinkles

  • Containing 50,000mg of Collagen Extract : Highest capacity in the industry


KFDA Certified Dual Function Cosmetics.


01. Containing Niacin amide - Certified whitening function

02. Adenosine - Functional cosmetics to improve wrinkles

03. Containing 50,000mg of Collagen Extract


Hot issue, Baby Face King, Pig Skin Collagen Gel pack!

Driving issue, Secret of baby face that customers have been waiting for.

Complete the baby face! Pork Skin Gel Cream pack

Whitening / Wrinkle / Moisturizing / Sensitive / Intelligent All Kill!


Collagen 50,000mg



Magnolia Bud(Patent substance)


Excellent Choice, SD Cosmetics’ Ambitious work.

Pig Collagen Gel Pack will help.


Skin that occupies 70% of our body.

The answer is 50,000mg of collagen

No Paraben / No ethanol/ No benzophenone/ No animal Oil

Fine wrinkles, wrinkles, facial wrinkles, skin whitening, forehead wrinkles, neck wrinkles, eye wrinkles, mouth wrinkles


Beginning from 2016, the whitening / wrinkle confidence Up!

Innovation of Pig collagen gel cream pack.

Good bye Small capacity, Mega capacity goes!


Collagen 50,000 mg - Wrinkle / elasticity UP

Hyaluronic acid - moisture bread

Niacin Amide - Whitening UP

Zero stickiness with gel cream

Adenosine-containing wrinkles - all skin type UP / UP


Management is finished only if we apply it!

The combination of 50,000 mg of collagen and + adenosine + niacinamide gold combination

100 mL vs. 200 mL. Large capacity


Recommended for you!


Skine that needs wrinkle improvement/ skin that needs whitening/ skin that needs supplements/ skin without elasticity

If you meet the pack of PIG Collagen Gel Cream, All the problem would be solved.


Pig Collagen Gel Cream Pack’s shape memory formula system.


Forced Distortion - In less than 30 sec, it would be restored through Shape memory formula.

Our Skin is like this too.


The reason why the cream pack is a good idea for your skin.


Tip1. Just apply. 

Apply Pig Collagen Gel Cream Pack to desired part of skin. It is neither complicated nor troublesome. Use it Day & Night.


Tip2. It will change your skin to vivid, elastic, whitened skin.

Containing 50,000mg of  collagen.

Niacinamide / adenosine contained dual functional cosmetics - Large amount 200ml


Tip 3 For all skin type.

Oily / Acne / Sensitive / Aging/ Regeneration, Any skin O.K

Do Not use ANY THING.

Do Not Worry


Tip 4. With a lump of water/ finished with radiant skin


tip 5. Shape memory formula, Baby Face.

A strange resilience.

After a certain period of time, Return to the original formulation


All ingredients with confidence:

Decyltetradeceth-20-ethene, azithromycin / grapefruit, glycerin, dipropylene glycol, dimethicone, caprylic / capric triglyceride, niacinamide, Fermented water, hydrolyzed collagen (50%), siberian flower extract, glyceryl caprylate, glyceryl stearate, clophenethine, phage-150 distearate, polysorbate 80, macadamia oil, pomegranate extract , Allantoin, cetyl alcohol, tocopheryl acetate,

Flavorings, adenosine, stearyl alcohol, disodium eddie, sodium hyaluronate, myristyl alcohol


Experimental Manufacturers Products' Studies

CGMP (Excellent Cosmetics Manufacture & Quality Control Standard Supplier)

ISO 9001 : 2000/ KSA A9001 : 2001

Periodic inspection / History management / Stability test / Conformance test / Microbiological test


Korea Food and Drug Administration functional cosmetics examination reports

  • Dual functional cosmetic whitening / wrinkle


Product Usage

Take the proper amount of this product, apply lightly evenly over the entire face, then tap it lightly to absorb.

Just apply it to areas that require wrinkles/ whitening.

While you are sleeping, you do not have to wash it with just the application of the pack.

[Product Features]

Experimental studies on experimental manufacturer’s products
KFDA functional cosmetics examination report

How to use: Take an appropriate amount of the product, apply it lightly over the entire face, then tap it lightly until being absorbed.
Just apply it to areas need wrinkle removal / whitening.
You do not have to wash it before going to bed, and have a young skin while you are asleep.

[Product Specification]

- Skin recovery system applicated
- 200ml




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