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Teaterra Machine + T-cup Capsule

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[Product Description]

High pressure steam water for the best aroma
High-tech filter brewing the best aroma
Sealed cap keeping freshness and aroma
Ideal grinding and measuring for the perfect coffee

The Keurig is ranked top in sales among capsule machines in America at present. One type of Keurig is sold in Korea at around 200,000 KRW. However, Teaterra has launched the Teaterra compatible with all kinds of T-cup capsules at a lower price. 
The best merit is the diversity of capsules. Unlike the Nespresso Coffee Machine that uses only its own brand coffee capsules, the Teaterra machine allows consumers to select a variety of drinks. Enjoy any kind of capsules that are compatible with the K-cup. 
Compare for yourself. 
  Teaterra Machine D N
Compatible Capsule Brands A variety of quality brand capsules Only capsules from supplier D Only capsules from supplier N
Americano Brewing just by one touch of the button. Brewing espresso and then adding hot water. Separate preparation of the drink
Hot Chocolate Available Available Not available
Brewing Method Drip Espresso Espresso
Select the simple-to-use Teaterra coffee machine to enjoy a variety of quality brand capsules. 

The T-cup first aimed to provide an extensive range of high quality brand coffee. Teaterra can accommodate the use of brand coffee capsules including Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Hollys, Green Mountain, Krispy Cream, Lavazza, Mac Café and Swiss Miss and brand tea capsules including Lipton, Tazo, Coffee Bean, Twinings and Celestial. 
Teaterra produces coffee capsules along with tea capsules without entering into coffee capsule market, which had already reached saturation with the coffee and tea capsule trend. 

Unlike brewing a tea bag, the tea brewed through a machine has the advantage in that we can appreciate a consistent taste and aroma because the finely cut and roasted raw materials are well preserved and brewed in a fixed amount at a constant water temperature and under brewing pressure that differs from brewing tea bags.

[Product Features]

Components and Use of the Teaterra 

Lid Lock
Detachable Drip Tray
Detachable Funnel
Simple One-Touch Button
Wide Water Reservoir Inlet enables easy addition of water

-Pour the desired amount of water per single use that the user wants for tea through the water reservoir inlet.
-Put the capsule into the capsule holder and close the lid. 
-As the K-cup capsule brand portfolio has been continuously expanded, customer selection is also expanded. Teaterra will attract customers by its strongest competitiveness with the K-cup capsule, ‘Try to satisfy the tastes of all’. 



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    56 Bio valley 1-ro, Jecheon-si, Chungcheongbuk-do (27159)
HMAX (Brand name: teaterra ) has been established in 2004, supplying about 100 different herbs Korea's variety of nature intact. Available domestic and imported medicinal plants and herbs as foods, fermented herbs and vegetables, dried fruits, mixed with a variety of raw materials such as agricultural products produced by blending it. Our products are made with a focus on the specific gender and specific symptoms are tailored to the characteristics of the seasons. All products are manufactured in line with the principles and standards of HMAX (teaterra).
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    5 Color Fundamental Vegsup Tea 21g 20ea
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    1~2 billion (KRW)
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    11~50 people



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