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Organic Hanbit Food Vegetable Soup

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1. It is a beverage for good health developed by Ph.D Dateisi Gaz in biology in Japan for about 40 years ago (He is the author of the above mentioned book)
2. It’s vegetable water made after boiling five vegetables (radish, radish tops, burdock, carrot and shiitake mushrooms) for an hour 

3. This product’s effects include anti-cancel activities, enhancing immunity, improving constipation and losing weight, working as an antioxidant, dealing with hangover, allergic rhinitis and atopic, adjusting blood pressure, and treating diabetes and other chronic illnesses.  

4. It is an organic product made of organic raw materials produced in Korea through a contracted cultivation by organic farmers. 5. Quality control management system that gives music and manages while praying:                                                                                     
- Regardless of employees’ religion, all staff members come together to offer thanks to the famers who provide the company with azure materials, and the members pray for smooth production without any obstacles and this beverage is produced within such system where the members pray for the good health and happiness of the customer and the family. 
- Positive words are marked on the production facilities and machines: Words like “gratefulness, good health and vitality” are marked on all machines and tanks engaging in the production of this product so that wave of optimism would be entered into the product.  
- The product is stored in a warehouse where there always a music inside: The manufactured product is stored in where there is a music so that the wave of beautiful music would infiltrate into the product to make a best product.
5. Roughly 5,000 boxes (150ml*30 pouches per a box) are sold in a month: Customers, once they got the taste of this product, drink this beverage continuously in the morning and evening, so about 5,000 products are sold in a month.  
6. The effects of this beverage are widely known as it was featured in KBS, the Korea’s state-run broadcasting agency, so many people know the effects of the vegetable soup and it has become a favorite beverage for many people without having ads.                                               
7. How to drink: It is recommended to drink this beverage before meal (15 min before meal or 15 min after meal), to have one or two pouches in terms of healthy person and to drink three or four pouches for those who want to treat illnesses.                                                                                   
8. Healing crisis: While in the process of curing a body, the aching areas would get worse and it can happen while drinking this beverage, so if you feel so uncomfortable, it is recommended to reduce the product you drink by half for two or three days.  
Ingredients and Content
Water 80%, Organic Radish 13.16% , Organic Carrot 4%, Organic Burdock 2.4%, Organic Radish leaves 0.24% , Shiitake mushroom 0 .2%
Volume : 150 ml
In the box quantity : 30 Bag
Expiration date : 12 months



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