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cold & hot water pad

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Features of Products
1. Applying patented technologies of preventing overheat and fire
Technologies for preventing overheat and fire ensure the safe and convenient operation of the boiler.
2. Smart control of power
The boiler raises the temperature fast at initial startup and automatically controls power upon temperature variation to reduce power consumption.
3. Free from electromagnetic wave
Heating by circulating heated water in lieu of electric heating element; no electromagnetic wave.
4. Clean and healthy space
Quality floor coverings are used for easy cleaning with water, with the premium wood grain patterns rendering a pleasant, healthy space.
5.Energy saving by selecting size adequate for area
Heating of minimal space allows energy saving as well as convenient use, storage, and cleaning at each room.
6. Eliminating ticks by keeping temperature high
Contact with ticks from dusts is maximized during sleeping hours.
Ticks are eliminated by keeping temperature high.

Hot water boiler of electric hot water mat

  • - Need to worry about electromagnetic wave! Hot water circulation method instead of electrified electric heating wire.
  • - No need to worry about bacteria! Steam cleaning cam be done to inhibit propagation of bacteria.
  • - No need to worry about slip! Non-slip fabrics is applied to prevent slipping.
  • - No need to worry about electric charge! One month electric charge is below 8,000Won (based on use for 8 hours a day).
      Saving more by 7times than use of an oil-fired boiler. (The charge may differ by each product.)


Excellent walking condition and durability
It is treated with special surface top coating strong against wear due to repeated pressings and frictions so it has durability and always looks new. The reinforced cushion layer relieves impact to the body and provides very comfortable walking condition.
Adoption of eco-friendly fabrics, MONOLEUM
Hot-water mat is a mat adopting eco-friendly high quality flooring material as top.
Eco-friendly plasticizer harmless to humans
It is a safe material using eco-friendly plasticizer harmless to humans used for baby toys. Swimming tube, cap for drinks, etc.
Eco-friendly plasticizer in accordancewith international standard
It does not cause environmental hormone already restricted in advanced countries such as Japan, EU, USA, etc.
Inside of Electric-heating hot water floor covering
Warmth can be kept more safely and warmly by combination of PVC hose safe for prevention of fire and temperature controller with automatic power-off device.

Inside of Electric-heating hot water floor covering

What is hot-water boiler?
It is a strong but silent hot-water boiler designed in combination with only advantages among features of normal DC motor and Ac moto.
  • BLDC motor has little noise.
    As BLDC motor of hot-water boiler has almost no noise, you can get to a calm sleep.
  • BLDC motor is powerful.
    Hot-water mat works in the way that water is put in a boiler and circulated into mat and BLDC motor method is a powerful motor method.
  • Safety system of BLDC motor.
    Sensing water level, Over-heating prevention (bimetal), Sensing horizontality

Inside of Electric-heated hot water mat


Temperature Sensor
If the temperature sensor is disconnected, an error is shown in SO (Sensor Open) and the heater and pump stop, and if the sensor is short or the temperature is over 80℃, OH (Over Heat) error is shown, overheat indicating lamp is lit and the alarm sounds continuously.
Horizontality Sensor
There is a falling-preventive switch on the bottom of the controller so if the controller falls down or inclines, the power is automatically turned off.
Water level sensor
If the water level sensor is started during operation, E (Error) is shown and water-short indicating lamp is lit with alarm.
If water-short indicating lamp is lit, the heater stops and the pump is turned off.
If the water level sensor works in power-off condition, only the water short indicating lamp is lit.
(At the time, if power is turned on, the alarm sounds. At the initial use, a certain amount of water is absorbed into the mat so replenish the same amount of the water to be full.
If it is operated before filling water, the heater may be damaged.
Timer Switch
If the timer switch is turned on, time is automatically set to the basic 8 hours and the time setting can be adjusted to 1~24 hours.
However, the alarms sounds for 5 seconds 5 minutes before ending.

Hot water boiler of electric hot water pad

Hot water boiler of electric hot water pad

  1. ① Water-pouring inlet
  2. ② Heater-working display lamp
  3. ③ Power supply button
  4. ④ Bedtime button
  5. ⑤ Reservation button
  6. ⑥ Water level display lamp
  7. ⑦ Bedtime/Reservation display lamp
  8. ⑧ Temperature display lamp
  9. ⑨ Temperature increase
  10. ⑩ Temperature decrease
  11. ⑪ Water outlet part
  12. ⑫ Water inlet part

There may be some noise if the balance is lost or the hose is distorted/twisted or pressed with a heavy object. Do not remove the hose with excessive force or damage it with a sharp object.

※ Caution
Be sure to fill with water and wait for a few minutes before plugging in and powering on.
Make sure that the hose is not distorted especially at the connection between the mat and the boiler; otherwise, hot water may not be circulated smoothly.
Specifics of Product
Product name Electric-heating hot water floor covering Manufacturer KUMKANG Life Science co., ltd.
Place of origin Republic of Korea Rated voltage AC220V 60㎐
Product configuration Floor covering, Hot water boiler, User’s manual, Carrying case Safety device Function of preventing local overheat and fire
After-sales service period 1 year 6 months    
Standard Size Model Name Power Consumption Safety Certificate No. Certification
Double 145*200        
Super King 180*230        
Hot water boiler 17*28*13.3 KK-500 500w  


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