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Buten Premium MSM Spa Soap

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[Product Description]

Challenge to get soft and elastic healthy skin ~
There are numerous good soaps and numerous additives in these soaps.
Many manufacturers and merchants say their soaps are the best.
We cannot say that our soap is the best.
There would be some soaps better than ours more or less in the world.
However, even if it is not the best, we only make good natural handmade soaps by using good materials and the unique formula and technology of Buten.

We Buten are always dedicated to make good and high-quality soap.
Here is the feeling from the CEO of Cheoho Food
(It is really difficult to express how good it is. ^^)
“It is made for my wife and two sons, for our sensitive problem skin.”
Buten, manufacturer of natural handmade soap – Yang Taehwan

Sumac extract and soybean fatty acid are good for skin care, because they have the excellent antioxidant capacity with carepolyphenols and tannin. Nano soy colloid made from sumac extract and soybean fatty acid, and natural MSM extracted from pine can help softening your skin, increasing elasticity of your skin, and they are good to sensitive skin.

Purified water is not used in Buten’s natural handmade soap.
Instead of purified water, fermented sumac extract and nano soy colloid, an ideal detergent are technologically formulated and used as the main ingredients.
Fermented sumac extract with rich natural saponin and antioxidant, and nano soy colloid, which is developed by nanotechnology and biotechnology are used to maximize the performance.


[Product Features]

Unique features and main materials of Buten natural handmade soap
A deciduous arborescent belonging to anacardiaceae class. It is also called as salt tree.
Sumac is not poisoned with lacquer.
There are rich polyphenol and tannin in sumac.

● Polyphenol: The antioxidant capacity protecting enzyme in the human body is very strong
Protect the DNA exposed to free radicals
It is known that there are many ingredients with anti-cancer effect

● Tannin: Has a good effect of anti-virus and inflammatory diseases.
According to Donguibogam (Principle and Practice of Eastern Medicine) and Guhwangbyeokgokbang (Emergency Crops), when you feel itchy, or sores ringworms appear in your skin, and in case of swelling or edema, sumac can be used as a medicine.
According to the articles in Korea Food and Science Journal, it is announced that there is  natural antioxidant in sumac, and the antioxidant effect of sumac is better than BHT / BHA.

Nano Soy Colloid
Nano soy colloid extracted from the soybean fatty acid is a kind of eco-friendly surfactant without any SLES(Sodium Laureth Sulfate), which is used as the raw material in soap or preservative.

It is developed by using nanotechnology (extreme ultra-fine processing technology) and biotechnology (maturing technology).
It is an eco-friendly detergent made from vegetable fatty acid in nano-size (about 10nm) with its own molecular motion.

Activated nano-sized vegetable fatty acid by maturing develops plenty of functions beyond our imagination.
The efficacy and safety of raw material has been proven and used as the raw material in a variety of cosmetics in Japan.
It is highly recommended for weak and sensitive skin because of its unique response process.
Various effects including antibacterial, deodorant and antifungal have been proven.

There are more special functions as following excepting the original functions of cleaning and beauty:
- Improve various skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis and allergies
- Dual function of cleaning and antibacterial
- The effects of antifungal, deodorant, skin protection, nutrition, anti-aging, and anti-static

Natural MSM
MSM is able to relieve numerous allergies, including food allergies, contact allergies, air allergies.
Different from mineral sulfur, natural MSM is very safe for human body with excellent skin permeability.
Natural MSM was known by the study of Dr. Jacob. He discovered that when the laborers worked at the workplace in a US pulp company went through the pulp, their wounds and inflammations became better.
Buten’s natural handmade soap is not medicine.



- Capacity: 95g (± 5g including water), 81g (dry weight)
- Available for: Dry skin, sensitive skin, fragile skin
- Expiry time: 16 months from the date of manufacture, use within 6 months after opening

How To Use
For being more effective, Please make enough bubbles and lightly massage for about 30 seconds, then rinse thoroughly with warm water.
- Manufacturer and distributor: Arbor Korea

Major Ingredients
fermented sumac extract, coconut fatty acid, palm oil, nano soy colloid, olive oil, grape seed oil, evening primrose seed oil, shea butter, avocado oil, sunflower oil, dietary sulfur, sumac powder, sumac essence, etc.

1. Do not use for the part with wounds, eczema or dermatitis.
2. If there is any problem such as red spots, swelling, itching, irritation, please stop using.
3. Please rinse your eyes if it accidentally runs into eyes.
4. Do not use for any purpose except cleaning human body.
5. Please put it at the place out of the reach of children.
6. Please put it at the place without the water after using.



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Arbor Korea manufactures true natural soap, shampoo, condition-er, body wash and cleanser that can help resolve skin problems. The representative brand of our company is BUTEN.“Buten” in Spanish means “best” . We produce natural products by combining the reliable ingredients, manufacturing technology and know-how of Buten’s own. We produce products that can be used safely, hoping to challenge for zero skin trouble. Our company produces natural products through steady technological development. Especially, it directly cultivates herbal plants and makes extracts for functional soaps and functional shampoos. In Korea, it runs an experience program for people suffering from skin troubles. Our company is going to make a full-fledged globalization by advertising excellence of ‘natural soaps and household goods providing such goods all over the world. We are looking for partners to cooperate and grow together for the globalization of Buten Philosophy of Buten “Buten’s natural soap and household goods that can be used with confidence" “ I make products for my wife and my two sons.They are used directly by our family members with sensitive skin and trouble. All the soaps of Buten are tested first on my face. Then they are secondly used for my wife and two sons. They will be sold if there is no problem.” Buten Natural Soap Manufacturer - Yang, Tae Hwan We dare not say our products are the best. There are so many good soaps in the world.
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