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Humetron Snoring

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[Product Description]

Humetron Snoring is a medical device that helps relieve and prevent sleep apnea and snoring that can cause or aggravate cardiopulmonary diseases such as arrhythmia, high blood pressure, ischaemic heart diseases, left heart failure, lung disease.

According to medical studies, terrible snoring shrtens the lenth of telomeres.(Telmoere is a part of chromosome related to the age of human cell.)

When sleep apnea occurs the oxygen supply to the brain is restricted , and this can shorten the lenth of telomere, and finally this influences to lifespan.

[Product Features]

1. Helps relieve sleep apnea

Sleep apnea induces hypoxemia, and this can cause cardiopulmonary complications. It is often accompanied by terrible snoring and daytime sleepiness. In many cases, sleep apnea occurs due to the narrow nasal cavities.

Humetron snoring expands the nasl cavity and increases oxygen intake, and it helps relieve sleep apnea and snoring, and helps improve contentration(study) and cardiopulmonary function(excercise).

2. Helps Prevent snoring 

Snoring while sleeping restricts oxygen supply to the brain and scauses lack of sleep, fatigue, nervousness, and other health problems.
Snoring occurs by the vibration of uvula and surrounding tissues that make snoring sound. 
The main reason for snoring is the breathing sound of narrowed airway in the throat while sleeping.

Humetron snoring expands the nasl cavity and increases oxygen intake, and it helps relieve sleep apnea and snoring, and helps improve contentration(study) and cardiopulmonary function(excercise).

3. Helps improve concentration

Humetron Snoring increases the oxygen intake and oxygen supply to the brain, and it helps improve concentration.

4. Helps improve cardiopulmonary fuction

Using Humetron Snoring in everyday life or during exercies increases lung capacity and helps improve cardiopulmonary function.

5. Effects of Far-infrared Radiation

Far-infrared radiation is the infrared line of which the wavelength is more than 25㎛, which helps the removal of germs; moreover, it expands capillaries, so that it promotes the circulation of the blood and the foramtion of cellular tissues.

Also, if it reaches the moisture which forms a cell and the protein moecule, it shakes the cell 2000 times in a minute, which activates the cellular tissue; ultimately it is eeffective for anti-aging, promoting metabolism, prevention of chronic fatigue, as weel as the prevention of various adult diseases.

6. Brainwave Test.

Brainwave test is done with the sensors which detect the waves flowing in human brain. The α wave is so called the 'stable wave' which mostly appears when human body is most comfortable and human head is clear. The β wave is called the 'stress wave' which mostly appears when human body is at the unstable condition and when something's wrong with human body; when this wave appears, human can behave agley, but the mental capacity is rather degraded. 
The  θ wave mostly appears whne human body is at the status of fatigue, sleepy, and exhausted.(Wave distrubing sleeping).

7. How to use.

- Adjust height controller and aid to comfortably fit nostrils. Remove height controller if no needed.
- Carfully insert aid into nostrils. When inserted, you may feel a little pressure.
- Stop using immediately if you feel any pain or discomfort.
- Thoroughly wash after us with soap and water. Allow to dry completely. Store in a cool, dry place until next use.

* If having runny nose or wound in the nose, use after full recovery. 
* This product is a medical devise and please use it after well-informed of precautions and method of use.
* Available with a prescription of doctor for children under the age of 13.



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