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Jellyfish Extract

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ICID Name : Jellyfish Extract

‘Collagen’, the substance revitalizing and enhancing skin elasticity.

Collagen is produced less and aging starts as the secretion of female hormones is reduced beginning at 20 to 25 years of age.

While there are lots of collagen products for eating or applying to the skin, Are they all absorbed well?
Better absorption, Less stimulation, Cleaner, More naturally as it is.

“Jellyfish” The Origin of Collagen
  • Jellyfish, the ‘pirate of the sea’, is detested as an uninvited guest in the sea during summer, but is the origin of collagen. In the West, it has been named ‘jellyfish’ because of the gelatin of which its body is configured.
  • The tentacles of the jellyfish are characterized by strong, quick resilience and enough strength to entangle a human being or a fish bigger than itself.
  • Jellyfish contains relatively high protein, 57.8%. The contents of collagen are 34.7%. This indicates that the proteins that make up jellyfish are mostly collagen protein. Electrolysis analysis of the amino acid contained in the collagen of jellyfish has found proline, glycine, arginine and valine were contained in higher amounts in that sequence.
  • Proline has a cold tolerance function in plants and hydroxyl proline is known as the substance that stimulates the biosynthesis of collagen. Thus, it has been recently used widely because it is very useful as a cosmetic ingredient.
< 2008 International symposium and annual meeting, 2008.10, 235-235 >

Collagen Synthesis Efficacy of Jellyfish Collagen in Skin

The more the concentration of jellyfish collagen increases, the more the collagen synthesis efficacy is improved. Application of jellyfish collagen by 2% increased the collagen synthesis efficacy in skin by 37%
< publicized patent 10-2015-0069610 >

Efficacy of JellyFish Collagen to Activate Skin Cells

Cells dyed in blue were significantly reduced in the jellyfish collagen extract group as compared to the control group. This indicates that the jellyfish collagen extract group has fewer aged cells than the control group.
< publicized patent 10-2014-0015756 >
Identification of Collagen Type II by using SDS-PAGE

Marketing Point
  • Jellyfish collagen, the natural marine product having no skin toxicity.
  • Protecting skin moisture by helping jellyfish collagen to be immediately absorbed through hydrolysis.
  • Wrinkle decline by the powerful efficacy of jellyfish collagen to active cells.
  • Jellyfish collagen has similar structure of collagen TypeⅡ.


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