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Chunkisam 12% Powder 30g/PE bottle

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Chunkisam Powder

Blood video before and after ingestion : https://youtu.be/GccamQ8uSoY

Extracts pure ginsenoside and minerals from ginseng remove toxic substances and pesticide residues, and to be smaller than the Nano particles positively charged (+) treated by harmful factor in negative human body (-) combined with the material neutralized and drained of mitochondria within the cell improving the energy consumed safely by activating the body is capable ginseng extract.
More nutritious than 100-year-old wild ginseng
Ingredients : 88% Ginseng Powder (powder processed after removing rhizome)
12% Ginseng extract (G33) (based on the amount of solid content)
How to serve : 1 serve 0.4~0.8g, 1 or 2 times a day serving like coffee or tea.
Age between 5 and 15 to serve 0.4~0.6g with water
Recommend for : Children, the elderly, cancer patient, high blood pressure, diabetes, anyone who can't eat ginseng
Food Type : Solid Tea
Benefit : Fatigue relief for healthy daily life
Storage : Avoid direct sunlight and keep in a cool place.
Production Date : Refer to the product package
Expiry Date : Refer to the product package


[Product Description]
Good product Chunkisam than 100 years of wild ginseng.
People can safely consume.
Children, the elderly, cancer treatment is being minutes, revenge minutes late, high blood pressure and diabetes, even if everyone does not fit the constitutional intake consumed ginseng ginseng tea solid, highly secure general food products.

Chunkisam company?
Functional ginseng extract Chunkisam (G33) is to maximize the efficacy in combination with other active functional ingredients and functional health function for cancer patients, diabetic and hypertension patients, obese people, dementia and for memory-related, adult food, beverages, soaps and complete development of the cosmetics registered food manufacturing and processing industry launched a new Chunkisam Shinbiaek (G33DP) in December 2015 and September 01, progressively launching products, and conducting business.
It has launched a product sold as a health supplement the existing general food ginseng powder products.
Contained in the effective trace elements in more than 100 years of wild ginseng extract it has been utilized by the Applied Physics physically.
Nano particles smaller than the positive (+) and was treated and stabilized energy pumbu abode to remove hazardous materials handling process.
Chunkisam to manufacture a proprietary technology utilizing advanced science (G33) 100% ginseng processed products made with ginseng powder, 12% and 88% two kinds of raw materials.
Ginseng powder, tea and food supplements for the vibrant daily life, is a product that can be used as a raw material of medicines.

Chunkisam (G33) red ginseng powder can be supplied as a raw material.
Minimum supply Packaging unit 30g bottle and 1 day, 1 month based on the amount ingested 0.8g once.
Cancer patients who receive chemotherapy will burn like a car on water intake by 2 times 1 days 0.8g.
The raw product is supplied to the desired packaging capacity of 500g, 1kg, 5kg, and so on.
Contact large quantities as raw materials in the mail if you want to give purchase we will send you a quote.
Current supply: 30g x 16,000ea (480kg) / month,
After the automated line facilities: 50,000kg(50 tones) / month

Special effects Chunkisam (G33).
1. G33 ginseng products are stable for those who do not fit the constitution, so anyone can take them.
2. Quantum physically treated G33 positively charged (+) materials are smaller than NANO particles and rich in energy.
3. The particles are small, so you can see good changes in your body after 3 minutes of ingesting liquid products.
4. Activate mitochondria in cells and improve the energy of human body quickly.
5. Quickly activates all body tissues to help normalize.
6. Improves the functionality of other functional materials and mitigates risks and shortcomings.
7. Small amount of 100mg solids provides excellent functionality very quickly.
8. In the process of removing harmful substances with unique technology, residual pesticides are removed together.
9. Ginseng Extract G33 contains new functional saponins not found in regular ginseng and red ginseng.
General ginseng saponin and all other saponin G33

G33 is saponin Rg1 + Rb1 2% based on the solid matter component is a very small amount to 6.35mg to 100mL.
The total ginsenoside content is higher in the G33 410.8mg.
The pure ginsenoside components of ginseng saponin and other functionality of the product.
G33 is a pure ginsenoside particles are smaller, are rich in energy.
Not to hurt the hair to normalize the circulation of blood and energy enhances the body's functions quickly and safely.

G33DP Test reports   
     G33DP 17.5% solids content

        Ginsenosides Rb1: Not detected
       Ginsenoside Rg1: 0.02 mg / mL
       Ginsenoside Rg3: 0.00 mg / mL
       Ginseng total amount: 29.9 mg / g

G33 is not a pure ginsenosides general ginseng.
Rb1, Rg1, Rg3 is the result of the test was detected in small amounts that are not changed in G33.
Total ginsenoside was detected much as 29.9 mg / g.
G33 is a very good functional ginsenosides small camp size than the nanoparticles.
G33 is a product with no side effects, unlike regular Ginseng ingredients.

  G33 is safe 

The efficacy of ginseng itself is good, but pesticide residues arising from the cultivation process is rather harmful to health lowers the effectiveness of ginseng.
Ginseng products must consume that the safety is verified.
G33 removes harmful substances into unique physical method in the manufacturing process.
G33 is a safe product is removed with the removal of hazardous substances in pesticides processes.
Clinical trial data functionality of G33 
With the four intake medical devices intended for men and women in poor health After a quick inspection before and after it was confirmed that health is better.
1. Infrared Thermographic Inspection Equipment
2. The autonomic nervous system and
    stress test equipment
3. check the status of red blood cells microscope
4. microvascular blood circulation microscopy equipment

Check out the amazing changes in the body before and after the G33 ingested directly.
① general picture of 44-year-old woman,
② 50-year-old man with hypertension
and diabetes.

The tests measured the temperature change after 180 minutes consumed before eating.
Photo left before ingestion results right after the test results are consumed 180 minutes.
The change in temperature levels and physical condition, you can see that changes very good health after 15 minutes from ingestion.
35-year-old female patient autonomic nervous system imbalance.
G33 intake is consumed before the test results after 180 minutes.

Graphs and figures are healthy should approach the middle of the arrow 50.

Below the picture is a great circle should be close to the autonomic symmetrical balance.

Most of the changes are many stars autonomic nervous system balance 180 minutes after ingestion has also been changed to a stable state much closer to 50.

It is a health improvement in a short period of time called the great results.

Red blood cell status tests

Ingestion of G33 changes in the blood is clean, refreshing, and increases the immune system.
From health is not good you can feel just a physical change such as rapid fatigue.
Photograph observing the state before G33 after ingestion intake of cholesterol patients taking daily medicine microscope.
Red blood cell state change video file is ready.

Red blood cell status tests
1. The intake before the image of the red blood cells were found in the form of a green donut-poor iron status.
Intake of red blood cells and the results of blood tests one after 40 minutes was recovered to a normal state.

2. Before video ingestion, there was a white dot next to red blood cells.
40 minutes after intake it was much like a small white point between the red blood cells moving somatid clearly.

3. Somatid is present in all cells and is a self-movement, as shown by electronic complex of vital energy.
This is the amount of activity in the patient's body is lacking energy reduction does not look good.
Ingestion of G33 activates the mitochondria in the cells will be beneficial to the well by increasing energy somatid increases.
If the amount is more somatid favorite activity is increased and the life energy in the body, the better the immune function in all cells.

Inspection blood circulation of capillaries
The blood circulation of the video is 55-year-old male hyperlipidemia patients taking daily medication.
The left ring finger nails before and 10 minutes after ingestion G33 is the result of checking the status of the microvascular circulation of the fingertip above the microscope.


                                  Inspection blood circulation of capillaries  
The original movie will be delivered by e-mail Contact give a greater capacity.

Before intake

Because of the slow flow circulation slows difficult.

10 minutes after ingestion
G33 consumed diluted with water and you can see that the observed result is very quick power cycle after 10 minutes. Looking at the footage checking after 10 minutes circulation is active and you can see that this very strength.

G33 Intake real clinical cases  

1. 75-year-old lung cancer surgery patients are now 91 vertical survival.

Lung cancer after surgical removal of the right lung had been stopped twice chemotherapy.
From March 2002 until 05 May 2016 and it is currently taking G33 products.
It will not recur and was struggling to breathe after surgery until now.

2. Patients with jaundice swollen abdomen and legs from complications of diabetes.

Life fits insulin injections and state was swollen abdomen and legs Jaundice symptoms.
G33 product intake and started to fell the swelling of the abdomen and legs in three days.
20 days after the condition is returned to the body in good condition.

3. Patients with pancreatic cancer pancreas, duodenum, gall bladder, lymph node removal surgery.

Pancreatic cancer surgery and was hospitalized for one year.
Since April 2014 began to consume the G33.
Nausea and was very poor patients who can not fault the meal and act freely.
One week after ingestion doctor if chemotherapy was judged that there is no crowd and started chemotherapy.
Chemotherapy once and did good trick about four days.
Twice a week later chemotherapy and did not cheat good for two days.
Beginning three weeks was a little uncomfortable but for one day hamyeom chemotherapy.
Chemotherapy and were able to eat every day.
G33 and intake was determined not receive chemotherapy until May 2015 no cancer cells are found in hospitals.
Until September 2015, G33 continues to consume products and exercise and kept in good condition.
After October 2015 the G33 did not normally consume and exercise products.
In February 2016 the body condition was not good that the transition from the hospital to the other organs.
04 May 2016 Additional surgery and at home '05 May 2016 and is currently battling

4. The liver cancer patient tumor diameter 10cm.

The first hospital examination and had been sentenced to death in both blood cancer metastasis ready.
Do not have the stamina he did not receive chemotherapy.
G33 did not consume the cancer cells are not found in the blood after 10 days.
G33 intake and began chemotherapy and outpatient treatment.
The physical condition improved after six months suspended intake G33.
G33 intake was stopped, and recurrence after 18 months.
Remove the stomach with water three times and was discharged from the hospital, he died within two weeks.
From the day that the discharge was two per intake G33 ampoules per day.
The water in the abdomen looks tanned complexion and served meals to the state and life does not occur.
It survived until hospital discharge and 75 days and died with a smile without pain.

5. cancer chemotherapy patient's body 20 times and getting swollen abdomen after surgery.

Rectal cancer surgery and received chemotherapy 20 times, there was no effect.
This did not happen and the body lay swollen abdomen.
Liver cancer metastasis to the lung had been seeing patients not to urinate.
G33 intake and excretion had to get up after 5 hours 1 liter of urine.
The swelling had started to fall 6kg fell in six days.
6 day hospital blood test results were in good condition.
The doctor had no problem without dialysis red cell count increased.
Swelling of the abdomen is only slightly out of the normal 45 days, and even walking is also good at eating.
Three months after they stop eating.
Please stop by the G33 intake and one year later was spread to the lungs and liver and bone marrow.
The patient did not consume a situation that can not be supplied wanted to consume G33.
Please and died five months later.

6. lymph node cancer (junior men and 65 years).

G33 intake and received chemotherapy.
During chemotherapy, eat well and also did not fall even hair.
The cure was passed two years without intake G33.

7. The 75-year-old woman in the transition to the systemic blood cancer patients poured water pooling in the abdomen.

G33 is consumed and less water there is no swelling of the abdomen increased red cell count.
I've hospital doctor that death within three weeks survived for more than six months.

8. diabetic state of emergency after breast cancer surgery.

The patient was being admitted to hospital in a state likely to be swollen arms and legs cut off.
G33 intake and activity was discharged after seven days with no swelling state.

9. severe aplastic anemia patients

10. hyperlipidemia patients who are taking medication

I saw a blood test to check the status G33 intake before and after ingestion.
Short red blood cells and improve the body condition was changed.
Matisse show was also involved in immune activity and increased volume.
Note: G33 when the first intake of the product and jotahjin patients have stopped the intake of relapse after a period of time.
A positive charge (+) G33 treated material is not able to accurately recognize the original healthy state of the patient can provide the same effects as those of the first intake.
12. Case of cure for 4 months old infant with rare blood cancer neuroblastoma
In January 2019, a 4-month-old female infant was in a state of being unable to take special treatment measures at the hospital because he received two chemotherapy treatments for neuroblastoma.
She was in a situation where she couldn't be treated at the winning hospital, and she was doing hydrogen inhalation treatment at home using a hydrogen generator.
However, her baby's tummy was large and convex and did not improve, and she was very painful and difficult.
The baby mother asked if she was a product that could feed her 4-month-old baby.
The developer said the product is very safe, and it helps if the liquid product is diluted 3 drops in warm water and consumed throughout the day, she said.
Daily Intake: 3 drops are 150mg traces.
She diluted in water, divided over a day and fed to the baby.
For reference, the daily intake for adults is about 0.8g to 1g.
In Seoul, where the patient lives, there is a high degree of fine dust and air pollution, so he was asked to perform hydrogen inhalation treatment and massage the legs and feet.
Chunkisam (G33) intake result
Babies started taking Chunkisam on January 11, 2019.
This is the text message from the baby's mother on January 12, 2019.
She fed her baby 3 drops of Chunkisam yesterday, and 3 drops for breakfast and dinner today.
The swelling of the face went away, the amount of urine increased, the sweat that was not coming out began to come out from the whole body, the gas was released from time to time before the stool, the volume of the stool increased, the hard stomach was softened, and I did not feel pain after eating milk.
On March 10, 2019, the baby's mother ordered an additional Chunkisam and sent the following information to Kakao Talk.
As a result of the baby's inhalation of hydrogen gas and two months of intake of Chunkisam, the oxygen saturation returned to normal and the hose inserted into her nose was removed.
Now the ascites are gone and the cancer cells are almost exhausted, so the convex abdomen has entered.
The baby has no side effects, eats well milk, and flips alone.
She said that the baby her pulse was beating and her energy was getting better.
The developer asked her dad in October 2019 if she had any additional treatments for her baby.
He said that the baby was too young to do anything else and she was the result obtained without inhaling hydrogen gas using a hydrogen generator, feeding G33 and milk, massaging her legs and feet, and doing nothing else
Note: If a patient who has improved after taking the G33 product for the first time stops taking it and recurs after a certain period of time, the positively charged (+) G33 substance cannot accurately recognize the patient's original healthy state, so the same effect as the first intake cannot be obtained.
 G33 will help to such a person!

1. Heat the heart many people who do not consume red ginseng and ginseng.

The heat in the heart that prevents hospital and clinic in the consumption of red ginseng and ginseng can consume a lot of patients.
Can be consumed very safe and a great change in the body it appears within 30 minutes after ingestion.

2. People suffering from migraines every day.

After 10 people who suffer from migraines on a daily basis, without specific name of disease it was consumed more than seven people were getting a clear head between 15-120 minutes made a reaction condition was better.

3. People with chemotherapy recipients and poured water accumulates in the abdomen.

Ingestion results within three days of a change of existing products, feel free to feel healthy body.
If you do not eat particularly severe nausea and liver cancer chemotherapy patients ingested fatigue and recovery is enhanced immunity.
Increased immunity to help stop nausea digestion like to receive chemotherapy effectively.

4. High hemostasis and increase diabetes and hypertension.

Patients with diabetes and high blood pressure and bleeding patients taking the drug immediately eliminated the chronic fatigue.
Aid to the cleansed blood circulation in a short time.
Without worrying complications of blood and blood vessels state is able to feel good in your body.

5. angina, arteriosclerosis, cerebral infarction.

Vascular disease, angina, atherosclerosis, and improve blood flow and blood vessel health of brain infarction.

6. kidney disease patients, aplastic anemia, dialysis patients.

The blood becomes clearer results in faster recovery from fatigue.
The increase in the number of red blood cells.
After dialysis and body in good condition.

 The first intake of people with a health problem you?

If the patient has ingested the first one can cause severe pain in the affected area to feel a headache changes.
But 30 minutes after stabilizing smoothly all the energy and blood flow in your body and feel-good condition it is becoming clear that the lighter body hair.
The first two products are safe without health symptoms first appear, such as fast-good when ingested.
Additional data are needed to see and download the attached PDF file.

[Product Description]
Expressed as a functional health food products available ginseng
(Ginsenoside Rb1 + Rg1 + Rg3 = 3mg or more / day intake basis)
 1. help promote immunity
 2. Help fatigue
 3. help to improve memory
 4. help the blood flow through the inhibition of platelet aggregation
 5. Help the antioxidant

CHUNKISAM [G33] section to apply to drugs
1. adjuvant chemotherapy: in the mitochondria to activate the vomiting and hair loss prevention, immune system cells to promote cellular energy and restore all functionality, including enhanced, reduced appetite, induce cancer cell apoptosis by inhibition of metastasis in the blood, liver and lung metastasis early Multi-stop and activate the help, cell therapy and tissue in the body Somatid varying conditions in healthy blood.

2. Cell Therapy organization: to activate the mitochondria in the cell in a short time the energy is increased may be used in combination to treat all because the increase in fatigue strength and immunity enhancement effect appear larger due to help make changes to the healthy cells.

3. The combination of diabetes and high blood pressure: can prevent complications of liver and kidney caused by long-term take and angina, arteriosclerosis, cerebral infarction, vascular diseases such as stroke.
Improve symptoms appear swollen hands and feet to severe diabetic symptoms and is effective even water pooling in the abdomen. Clearing the blood and help improve the cells of the liver and kidney to restore gives chronic fatigue in a short period of time.

4. hyperlipidemia treatment: if the patient is currently taking medication you are taking may see the change immediately the blood-good. Always giving improved feel chronic fatigue are also able to improve the kinetic energy novelties.

5. Gives improved my energy cells and increase blood circulation to help improve sexual function: 5. sexual enhancement pills.
If you reduce the dose of sildenafil it does not appear with taking a good effect to improve sexual side effects.

6. migraines and menstrual pain treatment: If a patient taking 10 people suffer from migraines cause you do not know, seven disappear within 30 minutes. If I do not feel pass most of the daily intake of coming cramps. This is not an analgesic effect changes to a healthy state.

[Product Features]
Ingredients: Chunkisam (G33) 12% (solids basis), 88% red ginseng powder.
Products can be supplied to the desired concentration Chunkisam (G33) up to 12% and the G33 25%.
25g / bottle packaging material, 500g, 1kg, 5kg, etc. must be supplied in the desired packaging capacity.
For more details, please see attached file or product x-documentation mall.


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Chunkisam company converts minerals into an emulsion state to emit far-infrared rays, which is a water-soluble inorganic product manufacturing technology, microbial application technology that helps people and the environment, microbial high-speed incubator manufacturing technology, proprietary extraction facility system design and manufacturing technology, positive charge (+ ) We have advanced material manufacturing technology and product manufacturing technology. And it was established on October 20, 2015 as a subsidiary of Chunkisam Co., Ltd., established in 2002 to manufacture and sell G33 products developed based on these technologies.
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