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▶What if, the more you're washing, the worse it's getting?
Inevitable choice, face-friendly cleansing!
Only with face-friendly ingredients
Licensed for  manufacturing nonasceptic, water-soluble and amino-acidic beauty products
Single touch of care for all

▶Are you still blinded by sound of friction?
Bad for you. You just took off natural humectant layers of your skin, not cleansed it.
Your skin is not a laundry.
It is the protective shield for your body against a number of exterior irritants (ultra-red  rays, germs, heavy metals).
If your precious skin is still robbed hard by a surfactant, like a laundry, you'd better stop it now.
The important common sense that you should know right now for your wish of want natural, luminant skin.

▶What is healthy cleansing without any trouble?
It is washing away good-for-nothing wastes and keeping indispensable humectants on it. 
With its natural ingredients as most identical as your skin, the foaming wash maintains health and beauty of your skin by cleansing selectively for balance of your humectant skin layers.

▶The natural, none-oil cleanser removing skin troubles
The cleansing system based on osmotic pressure which is totally different from existing cleansing systems
So far there has been no cleanser like this cleanser. 
The more you use it, the healthier your skin becomes.
The osmotic pressure-based cleansing without skin irritation

▶All natural, one-hundred-percent water-soluble, skin-friendly cleansing system
The cleansers that thoroughly wash and clean your skin contain a lot of synthetic surfactant and oil, and they excessively wash off the horny layer (sebum layer), which is the natural skin layer keeping the skin moist and healthy.
Poor skin cycle is the main reason for aging and is caused by peeling too much sebum membranes which makes your skin too sensitive causing eruptions and making your skin oily. 

▶Does a cleanser influence your lifelong health? Yes!
A good choice of a cleaser!
It's never too much to emphasize. 
Dermal toxicity damages skin and ages people.
The wisest way to aviod dermal toxicity is to change your cleanser to non-oil, non-chemical cleanser, Foaming wash!

▶What is percutaneous intoxication? 
Chemical substances in cosmetics permeate through the skin and harms the human body and interrupts skin reproduction

▶The substances of The Forming Wash is almost identical to those of our body.
: Natural amino acid cleansing substances, edible amino acid, sugar and polysaccharides, plant minerals

▶The most definite pore care non-oil's magical effect
Washing the face with water so obviously a soluble cleanser.
Most cleansers are made with oil.
Oil is a component which stops up the pores   and make the skin dull as it oxidizes.Making a non-oil cleanser wasn't easy but only thinking about the skin's health could create 100% water solubility cleanser.

▶Osmotic pressure polysaccharide persuade cleansing.Osmotic pressure and the polysaccharide persuade cleansing make old black heads came out and without damage of sebum layer pokes stoped up pores.
By naturally excreting sweats, sebum and body wastes through pores, all skin types such as dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin are transformed into healthy skin which revives your circulation rhythm and makes you look younger. 

▶After 2-3 pumps, spread the created bubbles onto specific areas and roll softly for 2-3 mins with your third and forth fingers.
Rinse it away with lukewarm water, spread out foams once again and wash it. 
Be cautious not  to rub your skin too hard and do double-washing twice.


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