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K-Doraji Fruit Tea Concentrate - 300g+4 capsules Balloon Flower Root Concentrate with Omija Berry,

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K-doraji Sang Sang Tea (Balloon Flower Roots Tea)

1. Ingredients: K-doraji (3~4years grown from Korea, no pesticides used) concentrate,  Signal herbs (tumeric, omija, or brown rice vinegar), oligo-saccharides

2. Benefits: Antitussive and Expectoranting effects
Recent reports on anti-microbial, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.   good for wet cough and common cold

3. Remarks:
Made of doraji raised in mountainous regions and various herbs with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.  These herbs are used as home remedies for common colds.
Mild Sweet and herb taste.

Especially popular among customers in their 30s and 40s

4. Flavors: Depending on the signal herbs used, 3 flavors are available:
K-doraji vinegar Sang Sang Tea, good clean taste after meat dishes
K-doraji tumeric Sang Sang Tea, good as an afternoon tea
K-doraji omija Sang Sang Tea, good as a desert drink
5. Usage:
Use as a hot tea or a cold drink after diluting 5 times with water,
1~2 times a day
Recommend to use after meals or in between meals
Use as a syrup for plain yogurt or salad dressing


Premium Flower Tea - K-Doraji Fruit Tea Concentrate contains pure balloon flower root concentrates, omija syrup, oligosaccharides, and fresh omija extract.  K-Doraji Fruit with Omija Berry tea has mild sweet taste with delicate herb flavor, slightly bitter aftertaste due to balloon flower root's unique taste. 

How To Drink - Drink as a hot or cold drink after diluting water 1:5. Take 1~2 times a day after or in between meals. Makes good afternoon tea with snacks. Can also be used as a syrup for plain yogurt or salad dressing. 

Balloon Flower Root contains plenty of Saponins and Inulin prebiotics that is well known for its rejuvenating and antioxidant effects and has traditionally used to aid cough, respiratory health and internal inflammatory problems. K-Doraji Honey Tea will help refresh and cleanses your throat after exposure to pollutions and cold weather. Perfect for elderly, smokers, and people live in the city and have insulin/colon related troubles also.

Good Quality - Pesticides free, Mature Harvested, and Hygenene and Safe Process. FDA Approved. ICG, IAS. 

Gift Box Packaging - Gift box includes 1 bottle of 300g K-Doraji Tumeric Herb tea with 4 portion capsules. Makes good gifts in any occasions to parents, colleagues, or friends of any age groups who like oriental tea.

ABOUT COMPANY -Royalgreens Co. Ltd was established by several alumni of Korea National College of Agriculture and Fisheries. With the vision of introducing to and sharing with our global consumers the healing power of natural herbs, we focus on doraji*, an herb known for its purifying and refreshing effects. As a company that develops and designs all of its own products, Royalgreens places high priority in building up process design and securing high-quality ingredients. By sourcing premium K-doraji directly from farms in clean mountains and collaborating with local academia, we contribute to creating a healthy and fair local economy. Revitalizing the tradition of using herbs as a food and a tea, Royal Greens brings you a new way to enjoy the benefits of nature. 
* also called jiejang in Chinese or balloon flower roots in English. Make a cup of tea of distinctive personality filled with refreshing effects. The concentrated herb tea series of diverse flavors will bring more healthy choices to those who pursue a caffeine-free life.                                             
Why K-Doraji? (Balloon Flower Roots)
Based on the asian tradition of using herbs as remedial ingredients, K-Doraji brings you new ways to enjoy the purifying and refreshing benefits of nature.
K-Doraji is a premium herbal root raised in mountainous areas without pesticides for 3-4 years and containing the right amounts of  Saponin and Inulin prebiotics and antioxidants when harvested
K-Doraji is an herb with anti-inflammation, anti-microbial, and anti-oxidation effects, particularly helpful for common cold, phlegm, sore throat and inflammation in lungs and stomach.





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Royal Greens Co.,Ltd A corporate business founded by professionals and farmers and dedicated to bring healthy life and refreshing fresh breath from nature. Our slogan is "Everyday Fresh from Nature" Royal Greens Co.,Ltd Is specialized in oriental medicine herbal foods and drinks for supporting refreshing and healthy days. K-doraji means our premium balloon flower root in Korea which is a favorite vegetable good for healing colds and inflammation. Let us enjoy the healthy and smart world of natural herbs. K-doraji - is a premium herbal root raised in mountainous areas without pesticides for 3-4 years and containing the right amounts of saponin, inulin, and antioxidants when harvested - is an herb with anti-inflammation, anti-microbial, and anti-oxidation effects, particularly helpful in treating common cold, phlegm, sore throat and inflammation in lungs and stomach. - has long been a popular food ingredient and snack in Korea - Enjoy the purifying and refreshing benefits of K-doraji everyday. Our products are ... raw material superiority with multi yeared balloon flowers and honey 3 No (no pesticide, no GMO, no fructose) refreshing breath for heavy coughs and hard phlegms or inflammation caused by yellow dust, fine dust, voice related occupation and age related diseases healthy gut and immune system through stimulating lactobacilli in the gut.
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