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Bakery machine | Rice cake machine


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Bakery and confectionery industry use "Rice Cake Machine"
The SYP Rice cake machine can be classified as Bakery machine or Confectionery machine.


As this Shinyoung Mechanics is a company which specializes

in production of the Grain cake popping machine,

we are keeping the No. 1 domestic sales through the 2007.

SYP series and being recognized its excellence selling the product

of over 1,800 units to 50 countries worldwide.


Since our SYP Rice Cake Machine is that design is compact and
convenience is superior on the use and time, thickness, shape etc
are possible to control easily, it is in wide use from store up to factory.

As the 100% Grain Snack is that nutritious ingredient is excellent and
consumer recognition is good, it is easy to commercialize.
As of now a variety of products such as general snack (chocolate-coated, 
flavor-seasoned), cereal for meal substitution or diet, children snack etc
are being developed and sold.





The characteristics of the rice cake machines :

1. Produce good-for-health snack foods (rice cakes) without frying, using natural grains

2. Save cost of production 

3. Easy to control production

4. Able to produce a variety of products with seasoning or chocolate coating

5. Able to produce, for example, potato chips, etc, using various pellets, potatoes, beans, etc.



Features of Rice cake machine

1. Widened Controlling Function

    It is possible to pop any kinds of materials by widened

    pressure control range. (Rice, Brown rice, wheat etc..)

2. Silent Operation

    There are no shocks by oil pressure system and it is

    possible to use everywhere and anyplace

3. Automatic Production

    It is possible to manufacture automatically by Microcontroller

    system and pushing the manufactured goods

4. Automatic Temperature Controlling

    It is convenient to operate by automatic temperature

    controlling system from the TPR system in this machine

5. Excellent Persistence

    There are no shocks and no breakdown

6. Easy adjustment

    Thickness, Deep of mold & Cooking time can be adjusted by front handle

7. Easy movement : Machine can be moved by hand 








Users of Rice cake machine

Large confectionery producer

Medium and small sweets producer

Snack manufacturer

Rice cake maker

Grain distributor or processor

Large food manufacturer

Medium and small food manufacturer

Small local shops using local specialties or local mascot shapes

Bakery machine or Confectionery machine user


For more information of Rice cake machine, please contact us. 


Thank you





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