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Korea SKINCONCEPT Deep Peeling Gel Natural Hypoallergenic Powerful Exfoliating Gel

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  • Brand
    Model Deep Peeling Gel
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
  • Material
    Hypo-allergenic natural component
  • Features
    Dead skin removal
  • Gender
  • age-appropriate
    All ages
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[What is SKINCONCEPT brand?]
The cosmetic products that SKINCONCEPT is about to introduce are the cosmetic products of the next generation which are manufactured by ISO 22716 standard and will be heading to new destination.
The goal of SKINCONCEPT philosophy can be easily explained as “A beauty that helps your skin the best and keeps your body and mind healthy.” It might sound easy, but we actually have almost reached the destination where other cosmetic products merely armed with advertisement or marketing strategy can never really get close to.
Ultimately, We aims to expand beyond Korean market into global market in order to quench the thirst for “Healthy beauty” We promise to keep advancing to be the leading brand of global world
Ⅰ.  More proportion of Ingredients Contents, Container should not have the largest proportion in the cost of SKINCONCEPT.
Ⅱ.  Harmful ingredients that are bad for health should not be contained in SKINCONCEPT.
Ⅲ.  Skin is natural, which indicates skin irritation should be minimized in SKINCONCEPT.
Ⅳ.  Self-recovery and improvement effect of skin is put on top priority of SKINCONCEPT.
[Product Introduction]

Deep Peeling Gel is a product that takes care of dead skins completely for all skin types. Deep Peeling Gel that contains hypo-allergenic natural components gives freshness to the skin even after dead skin removal while maintaining moisture. 

It is water soluble without any kernel, so it can be washed off with water easily. 
It is a strong and effective solution to remove dead skin from face and body.
It not only relives the stress caused by unstable dead skin disposal, but also gives confidence to your skin by having healthy and beautiful skin.


[Main Features]

Four main effects due to the main components are dead skin removal, relaxation, moisturizing, and nutrition providence.

Natural extract without kernel hypo-allergenic dead skin removal gel
Strong but soft peeling that removes dead skin from face and body
Recommended for all skin types to use


[Dimensions and Components]
Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate- Elasticity, Moisturizing, Nutrition 
Bifida Ferment Lysate- Elasticity, Moisturizing, Nutrition 
Allantoin- Anti-Infection, Regeneration, Moisturizing 
Triticum Vulgare (Wheat) Sprout Extract- Moisturizing, Nutrition 
Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract- Anti-Infection, Soothing, Moisturizing 
Cellulose- Exfoliating, Nutrition 
Brassica Napus Sprout Extract- Soothing, Moisturizing 


SKINCONCEPT is a cosmeceutical natural functional cosmetic brand for home skincare without having to visit the dermatologist or skincare boutiques due to skin problems.
SKINCONCEPT tries to find the resolution to healthy and beautiful skin from nature.

SKINCONCEPT is composed of the best functional components that lessen stimulation to skin by adding hypo-allergenic natural components, less harmful components for healthy skin and effective cosmetics for skin improvement.

SKINCONCEPT ultimately strives to resolve skin issues and give confidence with good components and good effects.

SKINCONCEPT provides the best aesthetic skincare that can only be received at expensive skincare boutiques at home with reasonable price.

Material : PEELING GEL
Characteristic : Hypo-allergenic natural component
Feature : Dead skin removal
Capacity and weight : 200ml


This supplier supports payments for offline orders
  • Letter of Credit : L/C(sight)
  • Cash Against Document : CAD
  • Telegraphic Transfer : T/T
Contact Payment Manager
  • Name : Son Won Cheol
  • Tel : 82-25958859
  • Email : woncheolson@gmail.com


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • Rm302, 46,, Seoul, Gangseogu (07771)


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    Won Cheol Son
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    Rm302, 46,, Seoul, Gangseogu (07771)
BIG INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. is exporting mainly Korean Health Supplement Foods, Cosmetics We are overseas sales agency company of PINEMAXGOLD (Pine Needle Distilled Concentrate 100%) It is proved to have functionality and safety of its raw material in a scientific way (Human test, Animal test) and is certified as health functional food (individual certification type) with the Health Claims ; “May Help maintain blood glucose level” by MFDS(Ministry of Food and Drug Safety) in Korea. So It is effective for diabetes to lower blood sugar level. Pine Needle Distillation Concentrated oil is obtained by cleaning pine needles of red pine needles and then using advanced technology and fine process distillation cooling method. Kwangdong PINEMAXGOLD is a product that encapsulates the pine needle distillation concentrated oil into capsule type. We are looking for overseas business partners who want to promote PINEMAXGOLD in each Country.
  • Business Type :
    Trading Company
  • Main Product :
    Health Supplement Food, Cosmetics
  • Established :
  • Total Annual Revenue :
    1~3 million (KRW)
  • Total Employees :
    Less than 5


  • Functional Ingredient for Health Functional Food 


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