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Aluminum Duct

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Aluminum Duct


[ Product Introduction ]

Sake Clean Duct is an aluminum heating duct system which used an aluminum surface material on the rigid urethane foam for the first time in Korea. It is a duct made with the state-of-the-art technology that can be used in any environment.
This air duct system that includes both antifungal and insulation functions does not demand individual insulation installation, ensuring superior price competitiveness and efficiency in the installation work.
The body is made of rigid urethane board developed and produced by Sake and is added with the antibacterial and rust prevention function to improve indoor air quality and can be used semi-permanently.
Sake Clean Duct is easy to process because it can be easily cut and bent; mass-processing is available with the automatic machine, there is no need for insulation, and it is light.
In addition, it causes no noise during machining, is easy to connect with any kind of duct equipment, convenient to work with on the site, shortens construction costs and period.

[ Main Function ]

Excellent thermal insulation
There is no need for extra insulation.
By using PIR (Polyisocyanurate) with the smallest thermal conductivity (0.020 - 0.023 w/m•k) among all the insulation materials on the main body, there is no need for extra insulation. This is a superior energy saving duct that has an excellent insulation effect even with the thin size.
The excellent heat insulation of Sake Clean Duct is remarkably economical because it does not require additional insulation and has an energy saving effect.
Convenient onsite work
Sake Clean Duct is ultra-lightweight, making it highly portable.
The configuration panel is also light and flexible, which makes it easy to connect and install.
Furthermore, cutting and bending are also simple and easy and it seldom causes noise, thus, making it easy to install right on the site.
Strong resistance to corrosion
It is highly resistant to various kinds of chemicals such as chlorine, ammonia as well as salt because it is coated with epoxy known for superior chemical resistance upon the aluminum with good corrosion resistance, therefore, this duct is suitable for the places where high-function air-handling system is required such as multi-use facilities, swimming pools, plants, coastal buildings and clean rooms. Sake Clean Duct is semi-permanent that it is free from corrosion.
Aesthetic appearance
The embossed and solid aluminum surface protects the duct from external impact and is epoxy-coated to provide complete corrosion protection.
Moreover, the unique SAKE mark embedded on the outside the duct creates stylish and beautiful appearance.
Sake Clean Duct Connection System (Invisible Joint with Gasket)
Since the bionet is inserted into the precisely manufactured flange, there is nothing protruding outside the flange, creating neat appearance. Gasket is used to differentiate from the conventional products, therefore, the air-tight flange with no leakage is adopted.

[ Standard & Contents ]

Specification: 4000 x 1200 x 20 mm
Density: Type 2 No. 1: Over 45kg/m3,  Type 2 No. 2: Over 35kg/m3
Aluminum Foil Thickness: 60~80micron
Weight: 1.4kg/m2
Insulation Coefficient: 0.020-0.023W/m*K (KS standard  Under 0.023 W/m*K)
Absorption: 1g/100cm2
Temperature range: -60 ~ 120℃


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  • 151-59, 충청남도, Gobuk-myeon, Seosan-si (Chungcheongnam-do)
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SAKE Co., Ltd.

SAKE Co., Ltd.

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    151-59, 충청남도, Gobuk-myeon, Seosan-si (Chungcheongnam-do)
For the Sake of all nations and peoples! Sake is a company for the good of all! It's been nearly 20 years since Sake was founded with the goal of "Be the company that benefits all people in the world." In Korea, we were the first company to produce the "Sake Clean Duct", a duct for air conditioning using the PIR insulation material as the main body. As the first company certified with the KS (Korean Standards) for the Rigid Polyurethane Foam (KS M 3809), we are a producer of the 'Super Panel' and 'Super Board'; furthermore, we manufacture and provide the continuous production facilities for rigid polyurethane to the partners using Sake products as well as the PIR raw materials as the Total Solution Company for polyurethane insulation materials. In the future, Sake aspires to a servant for protecting the natural environment created by God and for fulfilling the mission of providing a better life for all peoples.
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    Polyurethane foam insulation
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    4~5 billion (KRW)
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    11~50 people


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