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Polyurethane foam insulation

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Polyurethane foam insulation

[ Product Introduction ]

Super Panel is a building insulation board made of Rigid Polyisocyanurate (PIR).
Compared with other insulation materials, it offers even better heat conduction blocking effect to thickness. It is a premium material highly resistant to heat and humidity.
Super Panel is conscious of human and the environment.
It is an environmentally-friendly building material that does no harm to human body and causes no mold.
In addition, Sake is relentlessly engaging in the research and development activities to reduce greenhouse gas, minimize the emission of pollutants, and increase the efficiency of energy use to keep abreast of the demands of 'low carbon and green growth'.
The technology of Super Panel elevates the value of space.
Super Panel is a building insulation material made of rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR), which has the lowest thermal conductivity among any heat insulation materials. It thus obtained the 'Special' grade above the 'A' grade, which is given to the top-notch insulation material, by satisfying the heat conduction rate with even a half of the thickness specified in the energy saving design standard.
Thinner size saves space usage and its high durability and functional surface will satisfy both users and builders altogether.
Super Panel (rigid polyurethane foam insulation material) offers excellent heat conduction blocking effect
This semi-incombustible product is highly resistant to fire and heat and boasts excellent resistance against humidity and noise. Better yet, its high affordability is what draws more attention in the building insulation material market.

[ Main Function ]

Low thermal conductivity and high heat insulation
Super Panel made of PIR foam satisfies the 'Energy Conservation Design Standard for Buildings' revised in 2010, even with the thinner size to completely block heat conduction, maximizing space availability.

Excellent flame retardancy and heat resistance
PIR, which is the core material of Super Panel, is a semi-flame-retardant polymer material for architecture which improved the standard rigid urethane foam, resulting in remarkable flame retardancy compared to other insulation materials.
According to KS M 3808, which specifies the extruded insulation board, its maximum heat resistance temperature is specified at 70°C, however, the KS M 3808 to which the Super Panel belongs prescribes the heat resistance temperature is 100°C.

Reasonable price considering energy efficiency
If you consider the same energy efficiency and slim size for the same 'A'-grade insulation material, the answer is undoubtedly Super Panel.
Sake Co., Ltd. increased the price competitiveness with the mass-production system based on our superior technology and continuous automation line.
Moisture barrier keeps performance constant
Moisture permeation drags down the performance of the insulation material by 30 to 50% [Article 21-2 under the Rules on Facility Standards of Building, etc.].
Rest assured – Super Panel is an excellent insulation material strongly resistant to moisture as it prevents dew condensation on the inner surface of the walls and the inside and performance deterioration.
Various types of external surface materials
Laminated aluminum surface material that blocks radiant heat by reflecting heat and creating a moisture proof layer to prolong the life of the insulation material and the easy-to-apply surface material such as nonwoven fabric are available according to the purpose of usage.

[ Standard & Contents ]

Specification: Width: 1000, 1200mm, Length: 2000~3000mm
Thickness: 20mm~200mm
Density: No. 1: Over 45kg/m3, No. 2: Over 35kg/m3, No. 3: 25kg/m3
Thermal conductivity: 0.019~0.021W/mk (0.016~0.018kcal/mh℃)
Flexural strength: 25N/cm2
Compressive strength: 10N/cm2
Absorption: 3.0(g/cm2)


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SAKE Co., Ltd.

SAKE Co., Ltd.

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    151-59, 충청남도, Gobuk-myeon, Seosan-si (Chungcheongnam-do)
For the Sake of all nations and peoples! Sake is a company for the good of all! It's been nearly 20 years since Sake was founded with the goal of "Be the company that benefits all people in the world." In Korea, we were the first company to produce the "Sake Clean Duct", a duct for air conditioning using the PIR insulation material as the main body. As the first company certified with the KS (Korean Standards) for the Rigid Polyurethane Foam (KS M 3809), we are a producer of the 'Super Panel' and 'Super Board'; furthermore, we manufacture and provide the continuous production facilities for rigid polyurethane to the partners using Sake products as well as the PIR raw materials as the Total Solution Company for polyurethane insulation materials. In the future, Sake aspires to a servant for protecting the natural environment created by God and for fulfilling the mission of providing a better life for all peoples.
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