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High Efficiency Single Effect Double Lift Low Temperature Hot Water Absorption Chil

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High efficiency double lift low temperature hot water absorption chiller is driven by hot water for district heating and supplies district cooling. It is an environmentally friendly product that supplies cooling with minimal use of electricity by using waste hot water (95℃~55℃) discharged from combined heat and power plant r incinerator. This advantage makes the chiller essential for the region that supplies district heating.
Features of High Efficiency Double Lift Low Temperature Hot Water Absorption Chiller
  1. Improves Efficiency with Heat Exchanger of Absorbed Heat
  2. Improves Efficiency with High Absorbent Flowrate
  3. Improves Heat Exchange Performance with Two-Lift TRAY
*Heat Exchange of Absorbed Heat: It is installed at the upper part of the absorber and increases the temperature of the weak solution by recovering absorbed heat as the refrigerant steam becomes absorbed to the thick liquid and becomes water.
It recovers heat which will be discharged to the cooling tower and drives heat from it to decrease required cooling capacity, thereby reducing the size of cooling tower.
 * Two-Lift TRAY: Two-lift TRAYs are installed between the upper and middle parts of the evaporator and the absorber and prevent decline of efficiency of heat exchange due to the decline of absorbent flowrate. Special heat pipe (Notched Floral Tube) and special TRAY are used and regenerator and TRAY with thermosyphon type are used.
[Cooling Cycle of High Efficient Double Lift Low Temperature Hot Water Absorption Chiller]
The refrigerant evaporates at the evaporator and refrigerates cold water flowing inside the heat pipe of the evaporator. The refrigerant evaporated moves to the absorber and becomes absorbed to the thick liquid absorbent (concentrated solution) that comes down from the second regenerator.
Through exchanging the concentrated solution from the second generator with the weak solution from the absorber in the heat exchanger of absorbed heat at the upper part of the absorber, absorbing force of the concentrated solution is improved, thereby increasing the efficiency of the chiller.
Thick liquid absorbent (concentrated solution) from the heat exchanger absorbs refrigerant steam in the absorber and becomes weak solution, and the absorbed heat generated at this point is delivered to the cooling water.
Absorbent which that has become weak in the absorber flows through the heat exchanger of absorbed heat, low temperature heat exchanger, and high temperature heat exchanger, and finally to the first generator. In the first generator, 95℃ hot water heats this solution and generates refrigerant steam.
The refrigerant steam generated from the second generator is absorbed by the absorbent dispersed from the heat pipe of auxiliary absorber. The absorbent that has become weak at the lower part of the auxiliary absorber (auxiliary weak solution) flows through the auxiliary heat exchanger and back to the auxiliary generator.
The refrigerant steam generated from the first generator and the auxiliary generator becomes condensed at the outer part of the condenser heat pipe and goes down to the evaporator, and the heat generated as the refrigerant gas becomes condensed at the condenser heat pipe is absorbed by the cooling water.
In other words, hot water flows in the order of the first generator, the auxiliary generator, and the second generator. Cooling water on the other hands flows in the order of absorber, auxiliary absorber, and condenser to organize cooler. In summary, high efficient double lift low temperature hot water is composed of two cycles, main and auxiliary cycles, and the solution flows as followed.
The weak solution becomes little thicker in the first generator and flows through the high temperature heat exchanger to reach the second generator, and this solution flows through the first generator and the auxiliary generator and thus heated by the hot water and generates refrigerant steam. After this process, concentrated solution flows through the low temperature heat exchanger and goes back to the absorber.



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World Energy Co., Ltd.
World Energy was founded in 2004 to develop and sell energy-saving instruments, including absorption heat pumps for retrieving waste heat and absorption chillers like Double Lift Low-temperature Hot Water Driven Absorption Chillers for district cooling, and Low-temperature Hot water driven Absorption Chillers for cogeneration. The company possesses international level technology for developing, designing and manufacturing absorption chillers and refrigeration equipment and develops, produces and supplies products targeting domestic and global markets. Regarding district cooling and heating business, World Energy has been involved in various forms of cooperation with district heat suppliers, including Korea District Heating Corp., and engineer organizations like Korean Association of Air Conditioning, Refrigerating and Sanitary Engineers in the fields of development of new technology and institutional improvement of products. World Energy a company which is developing new technology and new products related to absorption chillers, has been receiving requests from domestic and foreign firms selling absorption Chillers to develop new goods or technology for articles made through applying such technology and to design products. All members of the company will do their best to ultimately improve levels of the nation’s air-conditioning technology and absorption Chillers to international levels. All workers of World Energy try to develop and product articles meeting domestic or international standards of technology and quality. They will make the utmost efforts to supply articles with performance and durability satisfying customers or articles whose credible operation is guaranteed. All executives and employees will work sincerely to provide technology and, furthermore, instruments to greatly save expensive energy in this era of high oil prices, to improve the management profits of clients, to enhance the nation’s international competitiveness and to contribute to the protection and improvement of the environment. We wish all of our customers to be healthy and happy all the time.
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