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Power saving switch

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This product counts the number of passengers by detecting the far-infrared rays generated from the human body. It is a power saving sensor switch that turns on when the occupant enters and automatically switches off when the set time ends.
Since it detects weak current flowing through the switch line and uses it as its operating power, it can be easily installed by replacing the switch without additional electrical construction.
Its real-time point-off method is superior in power saving effect compared with the timer method.
Semi-permanently used because there is no contact wear due to the static semiconductor switch
It is harmless to the human body unlike the near-infrared laser system by the far-infrared ray system
Standby power is weak (0.72w / day for our company, 72w / day for other companies)
Toilets, corridors, stairs, lecture rooms, break rooms, underground parking lots, offices, executive rooms, meeting rooms, changing rooms, resource rooms, warehouses, office pantry, machine room, utility room, kitchen
Product Name: Counter Switch
Model: DS-222
Detection method: Far-infrared count method
Operating voltage range: AC 90 ~ 264 V
Rated voltage: 220 V AC 60 Hz
Rated current: 4A (2A X 2 circuits)
Rated capacity: 800W (400W X 2 circuits)
Contact terminal: 2 circuits 3 terminals
Frequency: 50 ~ 60Hz
Standby power: 0.03Wh
Counter: 65,000
Storage temperature: -30 to 90 degrees
Operating temperature: -30 to 36.5 degrees
Operating humidity: 45-85% R.H.
Dimensions: 75X120X64mm
Weight: about 140g
Product Features
Automatic mode
It adds the person who is in the room and subtracts the person leaving the room.
It will turn off automatically after a set time even if it is turned on automatically or manually.
Even if you turn it on manually, it goes out when you leave.
It will not turn on if the correct illumination is bright enough.
When the manual mode switch s1 is pressed, the s1 circuit light is turned on and the LED lights up red.
Pressing switch S2 will turn on the S2 circuit lamp or ventilator, the green LED will light, and the light will go out again.
When S1S2 is fully lit, the red LED lights up. Even if it is turned on by automatic or manual operation, pressing S1 will turn off all the lights, and the number of the counted people will be reset and return to the automatic mode.
Display function
When one person is counted, the red LED is fixed. When two or more people are counted, the red LED flashes in proportion to the number of people. The number of flashes indicates the current number of occupants.
Even if 10 or more people are counted, only 10 people are displayed.
Installation - Insert the switch wire into the main body. Insert the main body into the switch box, fill the bolts, and press the cover down.
Wiring method - Insert the switch common wire at No. 0. When using circuit once, the lamp 1 is inserted in No. 1. In case of using circuits twice, lamp 2 is inserted in No. 2. When using circuits 3 times, insert the ventilator in No. 3. Terminal 2 and terminal 3 are parallel circuits. The actual color of the wire may be different.
Caution - Observe the rated voltage and rated capacity. Switch off the switchboard before operation.
Comparison of Actuation Principle
Category By method Actuation principle Installation work
Other companies’ products Far-infrared timer Turned on at the entrance
Timer method that turns off after delay
Arduous process of installation work such as wiring work to connect power and switch line to ceiling and wall
Near-infrared counter Method of real-time ON/OFF by adding enterers and subtracting leaving people Arduous process of installation work of light-emitting sensor and light-receiving sensor on both sides of door frame and wiring work of power line and switch line must be done on the main body.
Our company’s product Far-infrared counter Method of real-time ON/OFF by adding enterers and subtracting leaving people Easy to install by replacing existing switch line as it is as a replacement for conventional embedded wall switch.
Key features
Key features of our products Installation work Category Working time Construction material

Standby power is low [0.03W compared with other companies]
Does not supply separate operation power
Does not install a power factor prevention condensor separately.
By using existing switch boxes and switch lines as they are. Installation is easy and construction cost including consumer price is low.
A method to divide the people who exist and enter in one direction and count them
Other companies’ products About 2 to 4 hours Wires and piping materials
Our company’s product About 10 minutes None
Electricity Bill Reduction Effect
Category Load component Before installation
Power Consumption
After installation
Power Consumption
Reduction rate
[Annual savings]
Output Redemption period of investment costs Note
Bathroom Light : 150W
( 25W x 6 lights )
FAN : 80W
1,259 Kw 167 Kw 86 % ( A )=230W X 15 hours X 365 days

( B )=230W X 2 hours X 365 days

Reduction per year = (A)ㅡ(B)
Reduction rate = Annual savings /(A) X 100
8 months 1kwh=100 won
Electricity bill 125,900 won 16,700 won 109,200 won
Office room Light : 400W
( 40W x 10 lights )
1,725 Kw 438 Kw 75 % ( A )=400W X 12hours X 365days

( B )=400W X 3hours X 365days
Reduction per year= (A)ㅡ(B)
Reduction rate = Annual savings /(A) X 100
6 months 1kwh=100 won  
Electricity bill 175,200 won 43,800 won 131,400won  


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