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Cordless Dual Spin Wet Mopping Cleaner

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Cordless Dual Spin Wet Mopping Cleaner

[ Product Introduction ]

It is common to use a mop to clean the floor, but it can be burdensome for a woman or an elderly person because it depends entirely on manpower.
Anys wireless damp cloth cleaner is a product that can mop the floor easily and quickly without using manpower because it uses the rotation force of the motor.
Because the battery is used as an energy source, it is easy to move and store because there is no electric wire. It can be easily used by anyone due to its simple assembly method that does not require any tools.

[ Main Function ] 

Applying mop center alignment button: Since rotation torque is rotated at 250rpm, if both sides do not match, balance will not be made between both sides. So operation becomes unstable and unnecessary force has to be applied.
The Anys cleaner can be easily attached to the center to make it stable and does not require unnecessary force.
Mobile caster application: The product can be easily moved by tilting back and pushing it or dragging it without having to use much strength to move it.
Easy handling: 90 ° front and rear, 90 ° left and right add up to an angle of 180 °. So you can adjust the height of the handle freely, making it convenient to use in low and narrow places.
In addition, it is easy to manipulate in various angles to change the direction of the head with the convenient joint structure.

[ Standard & Contents ]

Specification: H1105 (905: When multi-stick-telescopic pipe is reduced) x W411 x D192
Input: 220V 60Hz 1A Output: DC 16.8V 1,000mA
Battery Rating: Li-ion 14.48Vdc, 2,050mA
Components: 1 cleaner, 2 micro mugs, 2 disposable attachment pads, 1 disposable wipe pack, 1 charger, 1 manual (consumable items can be changed according to negotiation)

[ Others ]

It can also be used in restaurants, kindergartens, hospitals, academies, lodging facilities such as pensions, as well as homes. The usage time is possible with proper battery usage.


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  • Mogok-dong,, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do (17745)
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    Ginam Hong
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    Mogok-dong,, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do (17745)
Based on the product quality and the latest technology, Jinbo Ltd has been committed to the goal of achieving customer's satisfaction over 33 years. Jinbo has been supplying hard top and half top for vehicle as well as vehicle parts and FRP materials. Moreover Jinbo recently released dry lower body bathing device and wired/wireless wet mop cleaner. We have experienced exporting army products to China and it is very reputed for the product quality. Jinbo will be one of the leading company that constantly supplies quality products that meet requirements to customer's satisfaction.
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  • Anys Wireless Dual Auto Spin Cleaner
  • Anys Wireless Dual Spin Wet Mopping Cleaner

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