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OP Cleaner

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▼ [Product Description]
* OP Cleaner (HP195T) is an Electric insulation high pressure washer for cleaning uninterruptible electrical equipment to effectively remove contaminated dust inside the panel board without turning off the power of special high voltage electric panel and electric power equipment.
OP Cleaner's high-pressure spray gun is used to clean the interior of the panel board and insulators for a stable operation of high-voltage (22.9kV) power equipment that can’t shut off power in factories, buildings, railways, etc., An elongated electrically insulated lance that can spray the cleaning agent in the vicinity of the inside of the panel without danger of getting an electric shock.
The extended lance used in the OP Cleaner is not a steel material but an electrical insulating lance made of a special new material that is greatly non-conducive. It is an electrical insulation lance that is optimally designed to effectively remove the dust or dust accumulated in the deep gap inside the special high voltage panel board by using the insulating cleaner.


▼ [Product Features]
Product range
* OP Cleaner is an uninterruptible power system
High pressure washing equipment for the insulation cleaning of electrical panels
22.9kV Extra High / High Pressure and MCC Panel
Extra-high voltage substation Transformer & Insulator
Power equipment, communication equipment / MDF, signal controller
▼ [Product Specification]
Composition of product
Model: OPC-HP195T
Product: Electric Isolation High Pressure Washer
Dedicated accessories:
① Electric Insulation Discharge Case SET
  - Trigger gun, insulation lance
  - Barrio nozzle / injection nozzle
  - Extended Insulated Lance
② Solution hose and filter
Product Configuration List

High Pressure Cleaner
OPC-HP195T -Kranzle, 2195TST
OPC-GS001 -Standard gun
OPC-GSV01 -Insulating gun, standard(NAU), Vario
OPC-HF1615 -Hose & filter(NAU)
OPC-LPS01 -Low pressure cleaner gun, standard
OPC-LPS05 -Low pressure cleaner gun, long(50cm)
OPC-HF1220 -Low pressure cleaner hose & filter

Cleaning lance
OPC-GLX05 -Insulating extended lance(NAU), 50cm
OPC-GLV05 -Insulated lance & vario nozzle, 50cm
OPC-GLN10 -Insulated lance & nozzle, 100cm
OPC-GLV10 -Insulated lance & vario nozzle, 100츠
SAF01 - Lance safety case
REF01 - Moisture Removal Filter
Product Specifications

(1) Electric insulation high pressure washer (OPC-HP195T)
Pressure: 195 bar
Power: Single phase 220V
Lille Hose: 15m
Tolerance: 8 L / min
Power: 3HP
Weight: 38kg
(2) Specialized accessory (OPC-EL Series)
- Trigger Gun
- Insulation Lance & Barrio Nozzle / Spray Nozzle
- Extended Insulated Lance

Lance Material: Fiber Glass New material
Non-conducive: more than 50kV
Tensile strength: not less than 235.4 (N / mm)
Heat resistance: 180 ℃ / h
▼ [Product Others]
Handling Precautions
Be sure to wear insulated gloves when cleaning extra-high voltage insulation insulators.
Use proper injection pressure for high pressure injection
Use specialized electrical insulation cleaner.


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NAUmade Co.,Ltd.

NAUmade Co.,Ltd.

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Naumade Co., Ltd. is a green company that dreams of a safe and healthy cleaning environment. It has developed 'NAU-Clean,’ a new concept product called 'Uninterrupted Insulation Cleaner' and is currently producing and supplying the product. We also provide our own cleaning solutions that can safely clean facilities that are difficult to power out such as electrical, electronic and communication equipment of factories and buildings without powering out electricity. NAU-Cleaning, a unique cleaning solution of NAUMAID Co., Ltd., is a brand name for environmental uninterrupted insulation cleaner with the power on. It implies the meaning of a cleaner that is N: Non-stop (with the power on), A: Alternative (alternative solution to the standard solution), and U: Unique. It also delivers the spoken message of Now! Clean it before it's too late! By cleaning the fine dust inside of the electric panel cleanly through 'NAU-Cleaning', the company can reduce the malfunction of equipment, prevent the danger of electric fire in advance, extend the service life of the equipment and improve the operation efficiency, which leads to a more economical maintenance of equipment.
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    Uninterrupted Electrical Insulating Cleaner[NA500]
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    Less than 100 million (KRW)
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    5~10 people



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  • Y-TEE
  • DE AROMATIC GRADE It has excellent stability no unsaturated compounds and impurities
  • Anti-microbial Master Batch
  • Natural Anti-microbia material
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  • NAUMADE NAUclean Aerosol Can NA500 500ml Clean Electronic Equipment And Panel
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