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Laser Beam Pro

Laser Beam Pro (CLB2-KHXW, UHXW, CHXW)

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  • Brand
    Laser Beam Pro
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    149 x 76.2 x 19.4(mm)
  • Color
  • Material
    LCoS(Liquid Crystal Sillcon)
  • Weight
  • Expiry Date
    1 year from date of purchase
  • Features
    Eye-Safety Class 1 / Android OS / Focus Free / Bluetooth / Wifi
Laser Beam Pro (CLB2-KHXW, UHXW, CHXW)
Cremotech’s pico projector, Laser Beam Pro, is a portable pico projector using laser as its light source.
Laser Beam Pro uses Cremotech’s own Laser Optical Engine, which allows users to enjoy HD resolution display with great color generation that’s always in focus.
Laser Beam Pro is capable of connecting to mobile devices wirelessly and directly PCs and gaming devices via an HDMI cable.
Users can also use Laser Beam Pro as a stand-alone multi-media player as it is running an Android OS and features 8GB internal storage, USB port, and micro SD card slot.
Users can easily carry and grab this projector with one hand as it is a bar-type design focusing on mobility with a dimension measuring 149mm X 76.2mm X 19.4mm and a weight of 260g (including a battery).
Laser Beam Pro is not only designed to focus on portability but also to minimize overheating by expanding air holes and product design.
This android OS Laser Beam PRO eliminates the need of carrying additional hardware to deliver its content.
Simply enjoy HD quality image through 8GB internal storage, Micro SD card slot, and USB port connectivity features.
First ultra-mini laser beam projector in the world to apply LCOS-type laser light source


Feel the sensation from a wide screen easily and quickly at anytime and anywhere with the small movie theater in your hand.
Base on the laser light source, it does not require a focus to provide WXGA (1366 X 768) resolution and to impress a user with a wide color range screen without afterimage and bright, clear resolution.
Make your own small theater with 20 ~ 100 inch screen.


CES InnovationAwards 2016 , 2017 Honore

◎ Major Specification of LASER BEAM PRO
Brightness 200 lumens
Resolution WXGA ( 1366 x 768 )
Laser Safety Grade Class 1
Focus Adjustment Focus - Free
Internal Memory 8 GB
Ram 1 GB
Memory Expansion Micro SD ( up to 128GB )
OS Android Lollipop
Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n
Bluetooth V4.0 (Available to connect a keyboard, mouse and speaker)
Cable Connection Micro HDMI
Wireless Connection Android / i OS Screen Mirroring
USB Connection for 1 port 2.0
Speaker 1.0 Watt ( 1 Built-in)
Audio Output 3.5mm Audio Jack

◎ Brightness & Contrast

Providing a bright screen with a maximum of 200 Lumens to exceed the limitation of existing technologies and to obtain the Class 1 from laser safety grade With more excellent contrast than LED light source to provide clearer and deeper resolution
Since the Laser Beam PRO utilizes the laser light source, it can automatically adjust the focus regardless of distance and curve.
You can watch a movie even on a moving car and enjoy the video in a small meeting or lecture easily and quickly.
■Smart projector available for self actuating
Laser Beam PRO may be used as a tablet PC with the Android OS.
In addition, it does not require a separate connection device (smart phone or PC) but only require Laser Beam PRO to operate.
With internal memory of 8GB, micro SD card, and USB connection, you can enjoy HD-grade wide screen at anywhere at any time.
■Expanded connection with various devices
You can use a Bluetooth mouse, keyboard and speaker with the support of Bluetooth 4.0.
In addition, there is an ear jack to connect cable speaker and earphone for more vivid sound quality.
With connection with USB and micro SD card, you can show a video or presentation more easily.
■Pocket size to your pocket
Laser Beam PRO is with a portable bar type design to be improved from existing cube shape.
With the width 149mm, length 76.2mm, thickness 19.4mm to be portable.




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Cremotech Co., Ltd.

Cremotech Co., Ltd.

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    16 Deogyeong-daero 1556beon-gil Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do (16690)
Cremotech Co., Ltd. Cremotech realizes customer’s satisfaction with cutting edge technology products in optical science and telecommunication industries. Cremotech succeed to develop world’s first laser light source, Pico Projector based on the constant laser projector development effort, and with this, customers can enjoy large screen projection at anytime and anywhere more quickly and easily by realizing more vivid colors than LED light source projectors and free focus. Also, Cremotech acquired class 1 in laser safety class by applying optical engine design for customer’s safety and possesses very high technology for laser control. Cremotech has been developed and manufactured compact beam projector using laser as a light source with optimum cutting edge technology and supplied it to the domestic and overseas market customers. Cremotech is a technology-intensive enterprise recognized by both internally and externally with its technology and possibility by awarding Innovation Award in CES Innovation Awards, IR52 Jang Young-Shil Awards, Presidential Citation technical innovation section in Small and Medium Business Innovative Technology Fair. Cremotech would like to reach world best professional enterprise in optical science and telecommunication industries based on our accumulated R&D capability and field experience.
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    3~4 billion (KRW)
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    11~50 people



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