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Style Follow Skinable

Style Follow Premium Galvanic Ion Facial Massager

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    Style Follow Skinable
    Model Galvanic Massager
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    Republic of Korea
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    7.2*17.5*1.8(cm) / 99g
Style Follow Skinable Galvanic is a premium skin care device that removes dead cell and wastes without irritation to the skin, helps to absorb deeply the nutrients of cosmetics that are used in basic cosmetics, and makes skin moist and elastic with a micro vibration that vibrates about 30,000 times per second.
What is Galvanic?
As a principle of using the property of pushing the same polarity of current, positive ions are ionized by anion massage to help absorb nutrition ingredients of cosmetics that are hard to absorb by hand deeply into the skin.
Strong Points
1. Multi-device with Triple Care
  - Aesthetics peeling care at home 
     Style Follow Skinable Galvanic Massager allows you to get peeling care of beauty shop at home comfortably and simply.
  - Nutrition & soothing care using negative(-) ion mode 
     Negative ion mode helps enhance skin absorption and helps to nourish deep into the skin and soothe sensitive skin.
  - Skin and pore elasticity care using positive(+) ion mode 
     Positive ion mode helps elasticity of your skin. It gives stimulation to skin tissue and pores, and has the effect of improving wrinkle and pore elasticity.
2. 24K Pure Gold Blade Safe for Skin
  Gold blade has a quicker absorption effect than the general blade material, and it can be used without worrying about metal allergy even for sensitive skin.
3. Grips Fit Comfortably in One Hand
  Because it is a beauty device that you use for yourself, we made the hand part into a curved shape so that you can  feel comfortable when you grab it. Also, the light weight of 99g and the minimal size makes it comfortable to carry.
4. Accurate Quality Implementation
  Style Follow Skinable Galvanic Massager is a reliable product that has obtained certificates with strict standards at home and abroad.
How To Use
3-3-3! Everyday 9-minute Self Home Care
Exfoliation+Nourishment+Soothing Care+Pore Elasticity
Three Minutes! Three-step Customized Usage!
Step1. Peeling & Sebum & Deep Cleansing

Use after cleansing and with moisture remaining on the skin.
Lightly touch the tip of the blade to the skin, then use it as if you are pulling the moisture away from outside the skin.
Step2. Nutrition Care
Use with cosmetics(ampoule, essence or facial mask) on skin.
Apply a large portion of the blade lightly to the skin, then slowly massage out of the skin texture.
Step3. Tightening Care
It is used for area where elasticity care is needed after the nutrition mode.
Apply a large portion of the blade lightly to the skin then slowly massage out of the skin texture.

SBS Style Follow Official Sponsorship
Style Follow is the first beauty fashion talk show to be shown on the airwaves. 
It is the only beauty talk show and It was broadcasted in K-beauty festival in Indonesia and Mongolia.
The self-beauty items designed by SBS Style Follow and the Han Co., Ltd. are sold together with domestic online and home shopping sales in Indonesia, also exported to overseas.


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  • Name : Kyong Sik Hyon
  • Tel : 82-7042332083
  • Email : hello@thehan.net


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  • 17 Geobuk-ro, Seo-gu, Incheon (22793)
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TheHan Co., Ltd.

TheHan Co., Ltd.

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    Kyong Sik Hyon
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    17 Geobuk-ro, Seo-gu, Incheon (22793)
<About Company> TheHan is researching / developing / manufacturing / distributing beauty devices under the brand name Style Follow Skinable. We are building a portfolio of beauty devices, starting with a galvanic massager and face cooler. Based on the domestic market, we are now exploring a wider world. TheHan is young and innovative OEM/ODM company that provides total services ranging from trend grasp, product planning, development, shipment to management in the rapidly growing and changing beauty and lifestyle market. <About Brand> Skinable is a beauty(& beauty device) brand that aims for low-irritation skin care. Skinable Galvanic is not a irritative product that gives dramatic effect within a short span of time, rather it provides nature skin improving effect without burdening the skin. Style Follow Skinable that has opened a new paradigm of beauty with smart and effective self-care. And as an official sponsor of SBS TV beauty program 'Style Follow', we are rolling out active marketing campaigns.
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    Home beauty devices
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