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Excellent moisturizing ability Betacan Ampoule (water-oil typed ampoule)

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  • Brand
    Model Betacan Ampoule
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    30g (1g, 30s)
  • Style
  • Function
    Excellent moisturizing ability
  • Features
    For all skin types
  • Gender
[Product Features]
∙ Betacan, the natural high polymer cosmetics, extracts nutrient solution from betaglucan that can lift people’s 
∙ The product holding natural molecular structure activates the skin with epithellial cell growth factor as a necessity      of skin regeneration, increases collagen synthesis and skin elasticity and forms the skin safety net.
∙ Moreover, products are packed with BFS system (vacuum condition) manufacturing disposable container
∙ It is convenient for customers to carry it and offer moisture to their skins everyday.
∙ The product retains natural moisturizing ingredients of β-glucan extracted from betaglucan.
 Solution is filled to disposable ampoule container.
∙ Betacan can not only activate skin elasticity and skin brightness but also form safety net to keep moisture which it    is 20% higher than hyaluronic acid’s.
[Product Effect]
 Promoting the generation of collagen
 Skin moisturizing ability
 Promoting the generation of skin cells
 Excellent moisturizing ability Betacan!
 - The product is a pure Beta glucan ampoule, which makes dry skin moist and glowing, corrects and maintains the      water-oil balance of the skin for a long time and protects the skin.
 My skin that is dry all day, turn into moist skin with Betacan!
∙ Betacan obtained by growing the mycelium makes your skin healthier and more energetic and protects the skin          that suffers from ultraviolet rays and harmful environments as it increases the immunity of the skin.
 A mild ampoule suitable for all skin types. 
 - Keep the skin moist for a long time by forming a membrane to protect it.
∙ Smooth skin due to the effect of pure Beta glucan.
∙ Excellent effect even for prevent aging.
[Product Instructions]
 It is intended for single use.
 After twisting off the cap (lid), pour the content on your hands and make it absorbed into your face by tapping the face.
 Use Betacan two times a day in the morning and in the evening or whenever the need arises.
[Application Fields]
 Skin care
 Personal care products
[Product Specification]
∙ Origin
 - Republic of Korea
 - 30g (1g, 30s)
 - Excellent moisturizing ability
 - For all skin types
 - Unisex


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Konimax Co., Ltd.

Konimax Co., Ltd.

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    Hyuk Son
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Konimax Company Limited has developed a dust mite cleaner for the first time in Korea, which is exclusively used on the bedding by fitting it to a normal vacuum cleaner. The Company is recognized in the home care industry for its excellence in technology that has resulted in the registration of domestic and international patents thanks to its ceaseless commitment to R&D for the past 10 years. The product of the Company was successfully commercialized through the Company’s R&D activities and the R&D project of the Small & Medium Business Administration to promote and support technological development, and the Company has been nominated as INNO-BIZ, Venture and Promising Exporter. The bedding cleaner and other health care products which have been developed in-house based on the Company’s technological competences receive high praise in customer satisfaction surveys, and the Company plans to identify and develop various products having competitiveness in the global market and suitable for the convergence industry. The bedding cleaner head, in particular, which is proven of its quality is currently exported to the USA, China, Japan and South East Asia, and the Company is expanding the export market to include Europe to improve the quality of life of the users.
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    HighMoisture BETACAN Ampoule, Konimax cleaner head for bedding
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    Less than 100 million (KRW)
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    Less than 5


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  • Betacan Ampoule for all Skin Types (Water-Oil Typed Ampoule)
  • Cleaning appliances capture dust and mites up to 99.97% Konimax cleaner head for bedding

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