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Samyoung Machinery Co., Ltd.

Casting with Samyoung’s experience and know-how in production of high quality cast iron products

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    Samyoung Machinery Co., Ltd.
    Model Casting
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    Republic of Korea
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    Max. 25 tons/pc
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    Casting capability
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    Rapid Prototyping Service
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    Economical due to greater longevity.



Casting capability

Samyoung’s experience and know-how in production of high quality cast iron products such as ductile, gray and compacted graphite cast iron bring products of extraordinary quality. Since Samyoung develops optimum products with the most advanced casting simulation, Samyoung’s casting products guarantee reliable quality regardless of product size. At Samyoung Foundry, over 40 years of foundry experience, process control, and innovative technology can deliver high-quality ductile iron and gray iron casting solutions. From our molding machines to our casting design and manufacturing processes, everything is designed to create consistent, high-quality castings.



We can produce any grade made by Gray, Ductile, & Compacted graphite Cast Iron as follows

• GG25/FC250, GG30/FC300, GG35/FC350

• GGG40/FCD400, GGG50/FCD500, GGG60/FCD600, GGG70/FCD700

• GJV450

• G.T Metal


G.T Metal(New Material Development Samyoung G.T Metal)

• G.T Metal is Samyoung's unique, high efficient and self-developed metal made with over 40 years' casting know-how. G.T Metal is developed for cylinder liner and thousands of G.T Metal Liners have been supplied to major engine markers. G.T Metal has the following properties. 

• Two or three times more than durable than gray cast iron.

• Economical due to greater longevity.

• Prevents output power loss through improved anti-erosion and anti-defacement.

• Reduces lube oil consumption by preventing the escape of exhaust gas.

• Reduces frequency of repair for marine engines and provides more opportunities for maintenance during off-duty times. 




Rapid Prototyping Service(RP)

Samyoung can supply various customized products our customer wants with innovative solutions which helps produce at reasonable cost in a short time utilizing GTC technique. Samyoung supplies not only industrial impeller, components for locomotive and heavy equipment but also various products for vast industries.


Vertical Integration

One of key characteristics Samyoung has is extensive vertical integration. All the major processes are performed in house including design, analysis, casting, machining, assembly and quality control (testing/inspection). This vertical integration which is very rare in the field enables Samyoung to have full control over quality and production time. Any type of products can be developed to satisfy customer’s needs.



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Contact Payment Manager
  • Name : HAN GEUM TAE
  • Tel : 82-418403000
  • Email : samyoung@sym.co.kr


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 39 Wolminonggongdanji-gil (32528)
This supplier supports Air Cargo, Ocean Freight, Domestic Transportation.
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  • Name : GEUM-TAE,HAN
  • Tel : 82-8241-840-3000


www.sym.co.kr Seller_Mail
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    39 Wolminonggongdanji-gil, Gongju-si, Chungcheongnam-do (32528)
◈ ABOUT US Samyoung Machinery is a global company specializing in engines for power plant, locomotive and marine. Decades of experience and lots of accumulated knowledge in the industry enable Samyoung to have world-highest productivity and price competitiveness accompanied by high performance and environment-friendliness. Samyoung Machinery plays a vital role in domestic ship-building industry by supplying diesel, dual fuel and gas engine parts to engine-manufacturing conglomerates and helping Korean ship-building industry remain competitive in many aspects to be ranked in first place. Approved and credited for technologies and qualities, Samyoung now exports various engine parts to the world’s leading engine manufacturers in Germany and others in the USA, Europe, Asia, and South America. One of the Samyoung’s key characteristics is extensive vertical integration. Samyoung has all the major process in house to manufacture engine parts for instance, design, analysis, casting, machining and quality control. This vertical integration is very rare in diesel industry and gives Samyoung an easy access to accomplish performance improvement, environmental issues and lower price in a relative short period of time. Instead of remaining complacent with the current success and recognition in the industry, Samyoung Machinery continues to invest diligently in R&D for environment-friendly engine with the world’s best performance and is taking one step further to explore new innovative technologies in other industries as well. ◈ DIESEL INNOVATION It has been more than 100 years since German engineer Rudolf Diesel invented a diesel engine for the first time in 1893. Even though there were numerous improvements in engines during the last century, Samyoung is willing to make another innovation with its own technology in this field. Development of high-powered, environment-friendly and price competitive engines are the ultimate goal of Samyoung Machinery Co.,Ltd. ◈ SAMYOUNG GT WAY • Samyoung GT Way is the power that kept the company afloat all along since the foundation in 1975 and the basis of powerful competitiveness that will help Samyoung maintain successful business to become a 100-year-old company. • Samyoung puts their spirit of Pride and Passion into their products. • Samyoung provides High-Quality products all the time. • Samyoung works toward Zero defect in their products. ◈ MANAGEMENT MOTTO • Evergrowing Company • Pursuing to be the Best All the time • Contributing to Society ◈ CORE VALUE All members of Samyoung are to comply with management motto by creating seven core values in daily activities and to do their best by concentrating their capabilities in order to fulfill our mission strategies.
  • Business Type :
  • Main Product :
    Engine Parts, Casting, Sand Mold
  • Established :
  • Total Annual Revenue :
    More than 10 billion (KRW)
  • Total Employees :
    51~100 people


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  • High-quality customized Sand Mold with short-time, high accuracy and complicated shapes
  • High-quality Engine Parts with economical due to greater longevity at competitive prices