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3D Printing Metal Powder

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    Model 3D Printing Metal Powder
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    Republic of Korea
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    10~50 um / 50~150 um
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    Magnesium, Aluminium, Stainless, Nickel, Titanium
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Gas Atomization Process
Gas Atomization (Gas Atomization Process) is one of the most common methods for manufacturing metal powders, which is a process for manufacturing fine powders by ejecting gas into molten metal.

During the gas automization process, metal powders are obtained when the high pressure gas jets from the nozzle gives the strong impact energy to molten metal droplets during their fall through the orifice.

The changes of the factors such as gas type and pressure, internal diameter of orifice and nozzle type have an effect on the major characteristics such as powder properties, shapes and particle size distribution.
Properties of HANA AMT’s metal powders that manufactured by gas atomization
⦁ Globular powders with homogeneous particle size distribution
⦁ Easy to be synthesized and mixed with other element powders
⦁ Excellent liquidity of powders
⦁ High density of powders
⦁ Efficient control of powder oxygen density
⦁ Possible to manufacture powders with irregular shapes
3D Printing Technology
⦁ 3D Printing refers to the technology to create a three-dimensional object by adding one by one the materials with various types such as liquid, wire, powder and pellet based on the three-dimensional data.

⦁ The ASTM(American society for testing and materials) officially use the term of ‘Additive Manufacturing’ contrary to ‘Subtractive Machining’ instead of the term of ‘3D Printing’. 
⦁ 3D Printing technology has the advantages that a prototype can be rapidly manufactured without technology or tool, and that, during the process, you can mofify, reproduce and check it. Therefore, as its time and costs are expected to drastically decrease compared to the ones of the existing manufacturing/assembling processes through cutting or drilling, we expect that it will make the innovative changes in the production methods of the manufacturing fields. 

⦁ Therefore, HANA AMT developed mass production technology for ultralight magnesium powders firstly through gas atomization process in Korea, and, with its experiences and know-how, continues to put through technical improvements in low-cost manufacturing of high-quality 3D printing metal powders applicable to the PBF or DED method. We are making our efforts at the moment to become a leading metal powder material manufacturer which can contribute to the development of metal 3D printing technologies and satisfy various needs of our customers.
Magnesium Alloys 
Aluminium Alloys
Stainless Steel
Nickel Alloys
Titanium Alloys


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    75 Gangni 1-gil Ochang-eup Cheongwon-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do (28126)
To make the neighborhood happy through the materials and parts industry, a company called HanaAMT was established. We are developing customer-centric products through innovative ideas. Through continuous research and development, we will continue to grow and evolve into a company with the world's best technology and customer satisfaction. We are in the business of manufacturing and selling metal powder and manufacturing glass. You can find more detailed products through the website (www.hanaamt.com).
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    4~5 billion (KRW)
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    11~50 people


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