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Booklet Label

Booklet Label

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    Booklet Label
    Model Booklet Label
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    Republic of Korea
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    Can be used conveniently by consumers
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    Manufactured in a roll method
Booklet Label
Trademark on the label, including the manual was produced in book from is a special label.
What is a Booklet Label?
The special label is made in a form of a booklet in a way that a trademark label includes a user manual. As it is manufactured in a roll method, and can be applicable for existing systems for attaching labels as they are, and also can be attached to a container directly, there will no need for additional investment for facilities, helpful saving the costs for making manuals as well as the investment and management costs (Designed for pharmaceutical companies).

Strong Point of Booklet Labels
• As it is manufactured in a roll method, and can be applicable for existing systems for attaching labels as they are. : Labeling can be carried out using existing label attaching systems, without the need for an additional initial investment cost for facilities
• Labels can be used conveniently by consumers. :  As a manual can be attached onto the container itself, there will be no need to worry about loss or damage
• The label can be manufactured in a form of booklet of 4~20 pages.
• Suitable for the package labeling of pharmaceuticals when you need to produce a wide variety of them in small quantities.
• Labels can be made after being standardized to meet each type of containers ranging from 30ml ~ 500ml
• Top quality is guaranteed as the lot test system, which values quality the most, is applied.
• Highly water-resistant as its outer surface is coated with vinyl using the laminating method.
• Made in a way that the surface of the label can be attached and detached easily (Patented design) :  Booklet label [KIPO registration No. 30-0569740] Patent application: “To introduce double-sided sticker and how to make the sticker”


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    11 Baekseokgongdan 4-gil Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do (31094)
Specialized in labels, the company was established in December 1997. The company develops and produces not only general labels but also various special labels while focusing on the labels for pharmaceutical companies. During the early stage, the company produced various printed materials ranging from business cards and promotional materials as other printing companied did. However, as we saw the limitless growth potential in the sticker industry, we started to focused on the sticker/label industry. Armed with a sense of duty of contributing to the growth of the sticker industry in Korea, we are growing as a company specialized in stickers. In particular, we have fully committed ourselves to the development, research and production of special stickers. In addition, as the company succeeded in mass-producing booklet labels for the first time in Korea, the company has generated lots of interests from the pharmaceutical industry and the media. When it comes to the dual labels and the security labels, as we applied for and acquired various patents, we have gained attention from relevant domestic industries.
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  • Main Product :
    attached ManualManualPack, Adhesive Mask LinerSpecker
  • Established :
  • Total Annual Revenue :
    More than 10 billion (KRW)
  • Total Employees :
    51~100 people


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  • For Pharmaceutical Company Dual Label (A sticker for protecting a message), made in Korea
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  • Korea Simplified process of inserting  Bonding manual ManualPack