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Silicone reusable wrap

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    5,000 Set
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    Europe, Americas, Africa
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  • Brand
    Model Silicone reusable wrap (SIL 013)
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    15cm, 20cm, 25cm
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  • Style
    round, square
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  • Features
Silicone wrap is reusable as it is durable.
Eco wrap is made of liquid silicone, much more elastic, therefore stretching nearly twice extendable / Stretching to double size.
When covering the bowl properly, it seals completely air-tight.
Stretch it and cling it to the container being wrapped, helping to keep the food fresher and longer as well as keeping- the smells of stinky foods under it.
It is more convenient to see what’s inside as a clear-see-through cover. (Petal wrap is made of solid silicone, thereby just fitting tighter for the right sized bowl.)
It can be used as a Non-slip pad on a slippery surface when wet. It also could be used as a noise reducing mat.
It prevents the cutting board from being moved back and forth by spreading it out on a slippery surface.

You can open a stuck lid more easily by twisting with it, and can store it as rolled up with the top surface facing outwards and with the flat side inside.
Benefits also include its safety; Microwave-safe, Boiling water-safe, refrigerator-safe, freezer-safe, and dish washer-safe.
Its heat resistance is upto 250℃ It is easy to wash by hand and can be safely boiled to sterilize. It can go directly into refrigerator or freezer.
For extra care, after use, brush it with used lemon, heat up in the microwave for 2-3 minutes, or use baking soda by dissolving it and put in the water for 1-2 hours to deodorize.
Do not heat it up when wrapped up airtight in the microwave. Be careful to set the oven or microwave to its heat resistance range.

Do not apply direct heat, such as Induction Heating electric rice cooker, and toaster nor use bleach.
It may not cling to the container if wet or moist. Please use it dry enough to cling to the container. Be away from knives or sharp edges such as long and sharp nails.


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Established in 2001, Daeil-Korea Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of kitchenware and houseware industry. Daeil-Korea’s unique and versatile products can be found in large chain stores , such as Tesco Homeplus or shinsegye Emart, Daiso Korea, and other retailers & wholesalers in Korea. We are expanding our business throughout the US, Germany, Japan, China and Vietnam. We focus on R&D investment in Silicone producst as one of our core business tasks. In achieving the better deisgn competitiveness in the Global Era, we have been applying for industrial property rights for the protection of intellectual property rights, and as a result, we have acquired 50 of design rights and 4 of trade marks while the application/ registration examination of 20 cases for design rights and 2 cases of patent rights is in progress. More than anything else, our highest goal is to acheive the quality first and customer oriented values. We promise to do our best to be best in the industry. Daeil-Korea Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of kitchenware and houseware made of wood, stainless steel and silicone. The company specialises in kitchen, cleaning and bathroom products, with its own brand, Pamire, focusing on silicone kitchenware. Known for their non-slip and soft texture, non-toxic and eco-friendly nature, tough odour or stain-resistant material and dishwasher- & microwave-safe design, Daeil-Korea’s unique and versatile products can be found in large chain stores like Homeplus and Daiso, retailers and wholesalers in Korea. The company also exports to the US, Germany, Japan, China and Vietnam.
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