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6-Years Korean Red Ginseng Extract 240g

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    Model RED GINSENG 240g
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    Republic of Korea
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    Preventing the pollution from germs
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  • Condition
  • Features
    Taking the poison out of the body and heal the swollen
About  Red  Ginseng?
 Red ginseng is made through the process of steaming with it is feel intact and drying it to make it is moisture content to less than 15%. During the process, the color of ginseng becomes reddish brown and the texture becomes very hard. It is difficult to keep ginseng as fresh ginseng for a long time for it has around 75% of moisture content. It is likely to be decomposed by microbes or its won enzymes during the distribution, which will reduce it's value as a product. Through processing and drying of ginseng , red ginseng is made to prevent the pollution from germs, molds and microbes and reduce the volume and weight in order to make it easier to store and transport The development of measurement and quality management of saponins , ginseng is effectual components made it possible to minimize the decomposition of saponins during the processing. In addition, effectual component such as material and G-Rh 2 are also produced in addition to saponins. In order to enhance the convenient of application and fulfill the preference of customers various red ginseng products are being developed and processing methods are being diversified. Depending on the quality of red ginseng, it is classified into five different grades including Chonsam, Jisam, Yangsam, Julsam and Misam, Various kinds of red ginseng products are being produced to meet the different tastes and preference. Red Ginseng is the representative Korean health supplement that has various function.    
Korean Red Ginseng Extract Characteristic
Strict quality selected 6-Years rooted Korean Red Ginseng is extracted and concentrated to intake of consumers and make it easier to intake it. 
It is health supplement which is produced through strict quality management.
Red Ginseng ingredients 
Red Ginseng Extract (Over 70 mg/g of Ginseng, 60% Ginseng solid powder, 6-Years old Red Ginseng, South Korean) 100%. 
Mixture ratio of Korean Red Ginseng : Red Ginseng Root 70%, Red Ginseng fine roots 30%.
Ginseng Components 
Dammarane Glycoside, Panacene, Panaxynol, Amino Acids, Peptide, Protein, Sugars, Organic acids, Essencial oils, Vitamins, Fatty acids, Lipid, Starch, Minerals, Polyacetylene compound, Enzyme, Alkaloid, Steroid etc. 

Efficacy of Red Ginseng
Recovery  vigor, Recovery  Fatigue,  Boost  immunity,  Blood  circulation  improve,  Improve  memory.
1. Improve one's vigor and fitness
Resist vitality and frustration. Improve weakness.
Recovering from Fatigue and Improving Health.

2. Enhancement of blood circulation
It helps the blood and makes the pulse even.
Enhancement of blood circulation and immunity.
3. Tranquilizing the mind
Nourish the heart and tranquilizing the mind.
Normalization and anti stress of the heart.

4. Help produce saliva and slake thirst.
Refill and slake the thirst.
Controlling endocrine and diabetes, and helps adult diseases.
5. Prevent asthma lung
Improve the lung function and stop coughing.
Mitigation of lung function, respiratory diseases, etc.
6. Strengthen the spleen the bloodstream.
Harden one's stomach and reduce diarrhea.
Helps to increase appetite and reinforce the stomach system such as diarrhea.
7. Neutralize poison & Remedy swollen
Take the poison out of the body and heal the swollen.
Helps prevention skin diseases and skin care. 



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    Young Gu Kim
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    77, Seonwonnam-ro, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, korea (42615)
DAESUNG TRADE is a small trading company , a small trading company that sells Korean products to all over the world through e-commerce (Alibaba & eBay.com). The items handling are Korean red ginseng products , which are health functional foods , and are a small business person company that effort for the health care of people all over the world people ! ◈ KOREAN RED GINSENG • Characteristic Strict quality selected 6-year rooted Korean red ginseng is extracted and concentrated to intake of consumers and make it easier to intake it. It is health supplement which is produced through strict quality management ! • Raw material name and content 6-Year old rooted Ginseng (Red Ginseng Root : more than 70mg/g , solid power : over 60%) 100% Korean material . Mixture ratio of Korean Red Ginseng : Red Ginseng root 70% , Red Ginseng fine roots 30% . • Efficacy of Red Ginseng Vigor recovery , Fatigue recovery . Boost immunity , Blood circulation improve . Improve memory ! ◈ Customs Fee The order goods go through customs , you countries are occurring tariff a buyer must be payment to fee 100% .
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    Trading Company
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    Red Ginseng Extract Product
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    Less than 100 million (KRW)
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    Less than 5



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