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    OT , T/T
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    120 Carton
  • Supply Details

    1 carton = Inbox 6 EA * 20 EA = 120 EA

  • Country of sale
    Asia, Europe, World Wide, Middle East, Americas
    • FOB

      USD 1,600.00

      (320 Carton)

    • FOB

      USD 1,920.00

      (320 Carton)


  • Brand
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    Nose clean mask - Standard : 2CM X 2CM (3ea) (small)/(medium)/(large)
  • Features
    Nose clean mask - Premium : 2CM X 2CM (3ea) (small/)(medium)/(large)
  • Package Includes
    Nose clean mask - Filters : 12set (small)/(medium)/(large)
  • Gender
  • age-appropriate
    All ages
This product is designed to increase the anti-bacterial effect inside the nose and to prevent respiratory diseases by filtering and collecting harmful matter such as yellow sand, fine dust, pollen and pollutants contained in the air when breathing in air through the nose after inserting the product inside the nose. This reuseable nose mask consists of a 3-step structure equipped with a disposable natural filter that sustains excellent filtering performance and is both sanitary and economical. 
Effects & functions
 Nose filter mask made in the 3-step assembly style.
• Sanitary product with replaceable mulberry paper filter.
• Environmentally-friendly filter made of natural mulberry paper and cotton.
• Improved dust adhesion by the dual tube(silicon) structure when breathing.
• Maximized filtering through the nose with silicon tube and mulberry paper filter.
• Breathable product through filter through close adherence to the nasal cavity when worn.
• Customized product (large, medium, small) worn according to volume of the nasal cavity.
• Comfortable wear and minimized exposure due to use of semi-transparent thin silicon.
• Refillable product with changeable filter and reusable body and dual tube.
• PM 2.5 or lower, 58.3%~69.1% blocking effect according to the results of fine dust collection efficiency testing.

[How to Use]
• Usable by children aged 10 or older, with small nostrils. (Usable only if the small size fits the nostrils of a child) However, make sure that the silicon linking loop is exposed outside the nose.
• If nasal discharge occurs while wearing Nose Clean, wipe clean with a cotton swab or tissue and wear again.
• If the filter is soaked with excessive nasal discharge, change the filter.
• When not using Nose Clean, keep it in the storage case provided. Clean the storage case under running water once a day, dry completely before use.
• Do not exercise or do work that requires excessive breathing while wearing Nose Clean.
• Do not go to sleep or enter water while wearing Nose Clean.
• Keep out of reach of children.
• Do not wear Nose Clean when eating food.
• Do not wear Nose Clean during nasal discharge.
• Use this product only for its intended use.
• To change the filter once a day, clean silicon tubes under running water, dry and re-assemble them.
• Wearing Nose Clean incorrectly may obstruct the passage of air or cause an uncomfortable feeling. (Refer to the description)
• If nasal discharge occurs while wearing Nose Clean, wipe clean with a cotton swab or tissue and wear again.
• If the filter is soaked with excessive nasal discharge, change the filter.
• When not using Nose Clean, keep it in the storage case provided.
• Clean the storage case under running water once a day and dry completely before use.
Order of Assembly of Nose Clean
• LDPE Body / Natural Filter / Silicon Tube / Finished Product
Product composition & material
• Body: Harmless LDPE
• Tube: Harmless silicon (premium type contains silver [Ag])
• Filter: Cellulose fiber (mulberry paper fiber) / cotton Polyester (finishing thread) / phytoncide
• General type: Finished product 3sets
• Premium type: Finished product 3sets
• Changeable Filter: Changeable Filter: Refill 12sets
• Size: small (S), medium (M), large (L)
• Silicon diameter (A) X Height (B): small (9X8), medium (10X9), large (11X10) (Unit: mm)



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  • Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do, Republic of Korea (55069)
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    Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do, Republic of Korea, Jeollabuk-do, Jeonju-si (55069)
In the midst of February 2003, Air Lap was born in a construction company while working in a subway station. In the process of going out and leaving the station, while walking inside the train, my chest felt frustrated and I could not breathe properly. Also, when we released my nose, we made a firm commitment to make a good product that can protect myself from the black foreign matter. At that time, we came to think of the mask in my nose. We started studying the products at that time, <2014> 'Jeonbuk Entrepreneurship Competition Grand Prize', 'Korea Entrepreneurship League Prize' <2015> We have been able to create the current products with various researches and expert support such as "entrance" and "selection of excellent idea of ​​creative economy town". Airlab is a company that is one of the creative companies to create "nasal implant filter" or "NOSE CLEAN" (nose clean). It is not satisfied with the current products, We will promise to be a company that contributes to society that gives priority to customer satisfaction and service. We would like to ask you for your interest and love, and I wish you always health and happiness. Thank you.
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    Nose mask Nose Clean
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    Less than 100 million (KRW)
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    5~10 people



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