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Yougi Biochar

Yougi Biochar

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    Yougi Biochar
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    Republic of Korea
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    Chaff charcoal
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    About 5kg
■ Characteristics of Biochar
Biochar produces many fine holes in the process of carbonization. Its surface area is more than 661㎡ per gram of Biochar, and because it is in the shape of rice hull itself, it has better ventilation and bending strength than any kind of charcoal. Provides optimal habitat environment such as effective microorganisms, and gives the soil vitality to promote root development and plant growth.
■ Effect of Biochar
- Improves water permeability, water retention, and bobbility of soil.
- It is possible to grow well by promoting plant rooting.
- Increased intelligence increases yield.
- It prevents the oxidation of the soil and prevents the interference of the drawing.
- Helps to absorb sunlight to increase temperature and prevent East Sea.
- It promotes the stability of crops and improves the quality.
■ Function of Biochar
- Purification and purification functions.
- Compared to general charcoal (hard), it is soft (fibrous), and its structure is dense, so it has many pores and selectively absorb harmful substances.
- Humidity control function. [Water storage capacity]
- It collects the moisture that the plant can grow, and emits when the plant needs it. [Ability to water up to 680% of oneself]
  (1) Adsorption function
  As the cell walls of the rice hull are burned, numerous fine holes are formed, and these holes exhibit strong adsorption power to fill their empty space, which selectively absorbs harmful viruses and toxins.
  (2) a large amount of oxygen
  Because it contains oxygen up to 30% of its volume, microorganisms in the ground are actively active. When the plant carries out carbon assimilation, it supplies oxygen to the roots smoothly.
  (3) Far infrared rays and anion emission
  It emits far infrared rays and emits an anion of temperature of 7 ° C, which is sprayed with 200g of fiber charcoal per square meter, to prevent the oxidation of plants and maintain fresh condition.
  (4) Various minerals
  Fibrous Biochar contains various minerals (230 types) without harmful components and plays a role of supplying various trace elements required for plant growth.




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Products that carbonize biomass at low temperatures are called Biochar. When Biochar is used as a soil modifier, it improves the water holding capacity and bending strength of the soil to help grow crops. It also has CCS (Carbon Capture & Storage) function to store carbon dioxide in soil because it is composed of degradable carbon. Has recently been actively studied. We are the oldest company in Korea that has been manufacturing, researching and developing Biochar for over 20 years. Our Biochar manufacturing know-how is unrivaled and produces a wide variety of secondary products (activated carbon, building insulation, filters, water purification, fuel, bio-coal, etc.) using Biochar as well as bio-tea manufacturing. There are various research achievements. In particular, Biochar manufacturing equipment that uses energy of biomass to minimize the energy used in manufacturing has a technology that can not be followed by other companies, and it is protected by a patent. If you have any questions about the application of Biochar making equipment and Biochar, please feel free to contact us by e-mail.
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