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What mineral is in your body mineral?
What mineral is in your body mineral?We all know how important nutrients are in today's society. However, inaccurate knowledge among various information about nutrients may have a negative impact on people's health.In our JBF, what are minerals, why we need minerals in our bodies, what minerals we need.

"JBF is providing the nutrients you need."
Despite the lack of minerals in the soil, no matter how fresh vegetables and fruits are eaten, modern people lack minerals.Children's health depends on parents.Do not you feed a lot of processed food to your children that you are comfortable that there are not enough current working hours with dual-income families?About 30% of newborns have atopic dermatitis symptoms at birth, and the rate of digestion is increasing every year.
In addition, asthma, childhood diabetes, and childhood cancer are depriving children of their healthy future with illnesses that were difficult to see before.Toxic chemicals are increasing in quantity and kinds, and our research is not working properly, and our food comes into our lives.Children with weak immunity, modern people living in busy modern society!Improving eating can improve your health.Especially the vegetable minerals needed for the human body!

"JBF will fill that lack of minerals."
It is not an inorganic minerals extracted from the stones. It is an organic minerals that are well absorbed from the marine plants grown in the clean waters.

Our JBF Minerals
1. You can easily replenish essential minerals with beverages.
You can easily supplement essential minerals that are lacking in food.And boasts high absorbency.Water-soluble mineral nutrients are absorbed by more than 90% of our body, and can supply the nutrients needed in the body smoothly and sufficiently.
2. Vegetable minerals.
It is natural active minerals extracted from sea plants and flora and the sea.The minerals that are really needed in the human body are vegetable minerals.
3. 100% Human harmlessness.
The artificial or chemical additives are 100% mineral concentrate extracted from natural raw materials with or without only 0.1% added.
Products consisting of natural mineral complexes with
alkaline concentrate (calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iodine, iron, copper, zinc, etc.),
alkalizing minerals extracted from sea plants, red algae(Squid cartilage).
It is a natural minerals extracted from marine vegetable flour and marine products.
Artificial or chemical additive is a 100% mineral concentrate extracted from
natural raw material without adding 0.1%.
It has the following functions.
1. Osteoporosis improvement (Patent No.0463825)
2. Preventing liver damage and improving liver function (Patent No.10-0939981),
3. Life extension through antioxidant and anti-aging studies
[How to use]
This product is strong alkaline (pH12 or more) mineral concentrate concentrate,
please do not drink directly, dilute 1L ~ 2L of water per day 20ml ~ 100ml per day,
please drink as a cup of tea every day.


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JBF Agricultural Co.Ltd

JBF Agricultural Co.Ltd

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The best factory in Korea for natural nutrients The best food service specialist in Gyeongsangnam-do Minerals that the body absorbs well Providing health and joy to the customer satisfaction Providing creditable products manufactured with the technology and skills recognized by the world Providing safe products managed by systematic food safety programs Agricultural Corporation JBF Co., Ltd. is a global company specializing in anti-aging bio products, founded with the aim of providing high quality agricultural products to consumers. We always strive to become a company welcomed and appreciated by consumers. Our highest goal is to keep our customers healthy and beautiful through excellent products. We believe our work is about providing vital nutrients to our body. Accordingly, we put our genuine care and honesty into our products to contribute to your healthy and happy life. Agricultural Corporation JBF promises you that we will do our best to return your trust and love. Dear customers! JBF will continue to put our best foot forward for your healthy life so you can live your full life for the health of your family and our society. Thank you. “You are what you eat” Produce safe food from 'rice field' and 'sea' to 'dining table' !! JBF Agricultural Co.,Ltd is a company that tries not only to provide safe food to consumers but also to provide diverse products for daily life through product production, R & D and consulting. The company's vision and missions are as follows. 1. Development of various anti-aging bio-related products 2. Safe production management and strict quality control 3. Developing creative technology for customer satisfaction
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