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Emotional Intelligence Test

Emotional Intelligence Test

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    Emotional Intelligence Test
    Model Emotional Intelligence Test
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    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    210x297 mm
  • Function
    Psychological test
  • Material
    Paper or online
  • age-appropriate
    Ages above 5
Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognize and express your own emotions as well as to understand others, reading their emotional states and empathizing properly. Emotional intelligence tests are tests to know that the students themselves are aware of emotions and have the ability to act upon them on their own.
Emotional intelligence test.
This test measures the four sub-areas of emotional intelligence and shows the level of each area. By providing individual strength and weakness areas in detail, their emotional intelligence development status can be analyzed and referenced. In addition, based on the results of the test, various methods for developing emotional intelligence are provided to create an opportunity to develop emotional intelligence.
Learn about the basic and positive emotions of the emotional experience.
This test provides additional measurement results in addition to the emotional intelligence by evaluating the basic emotion and positive emotion levels experienced in daily life.
The basic emotional experiences at home and school are measured separately.
By measuring and providing results of the emotional experiences by context (school/home), the frequency of basic emotions and positive emotions experienced in daily life can be known.
Test method: Indicate what the student or parent (teacher) recognizes
Inspection Time: about 30 minutes


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Multiple Intelligence Institute

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In order to realize dreams through intelligence revolution, Multi Intelligence Institute works hard with a heart of a gardener who cares for a beautiful forest of intelligence. 1. Potential Discovery Everyone has strengths. We want to help people live a happy life by discovering their potential. To this end, we will develop the best tests that can accurately convey the characteristics of the user for education. 2. Potential Growth We believe that everyone has unlimited abilities. It is possible for these potentials to grow and so, we develop and disseminate educational methods that will express these talents. 3. Qualitative Growth of Education The 21C is a time when quality education is required after the period of quantitative expansion of education. We want to develop an education system with a new paradigm for true, qualitative growth of the education market. We want to create the best environment for education culture with the best products and services. The world's best educational institute! We want to grow as a research institute leading the educational culture of the world. To this end, we want to establish leading education theories and methods and create an education service and tests that are globally competitive. We want to become a global educational institute that enriches the life of humanity with high quality Korean educational programs and various education culture products all over the world.
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    Psychological test, intelligence test, education contents
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    6 million to 10 billion (KRW)
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