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The replacement for coObi(XD11-K)

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    L/C(sight) , T/T
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    1,000 Set
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    Americas, Asia, Europe
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  • Brand
    Model XD11-K
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    Kids use
  • Material
  • Color
  • Weight
    5 Grams
  • age-appropriate
    For kids
[Product Description]

■ What are the bristles made of?
UniBrush bristles are made of a material called "Poly Buthyl Teleputalate". This special micro-textured bristles were chosen.Because it is softer and more elastic and durablethan your average nylon or plastic bristles.

■ Double-Tiered, Dual-Action Bristles
Utilizing the most innovative & advancedtechnology, UniBrush was created to Brush and Floss At Once!

 “ecoBrush” It is the great innovation in oral hygiene.
Just brush up teeth and, the clean paste is to be spread on the tooth directly and evenly during

When tooth are brushed, the toothbrush containing toothpaste itself is not an important fact. What matters is “when and how the toothpaste in the toothbrush is dispensed”, which is a very important  factor in determining the effects of tooth brushing, and illustrating the difference between  ecoBRush” and general toothbrush

“ecoBrush” is a new concept toothbrush, which uses the “Paste-Spreading During Brushing (PSDB) method, making it possible to automatically dispense toothpaste onto the tooth surface while tooth are being brushed. While tooth are being brushed, “ecoBRush” continues to dispense evenly a certain amount of toothpaste from the nipple among the bristle.

Also, toothpaste is continuously dispensed while tooth are being brushed, which allows you to brush your tooth with the toothpaste which is not exposed to food stains, molds, and various bacteria. In short, the pharmacological effects of toothpaste can be maximized, making possible to clean your teeth effectively and leaves a nice fresh taste in your mouth.

What and how ecoBrush works?
However it is excellent way for brushing teeth, there is a limit to brush up teeth with toothbrush by itself and so, we use toothpaste for brushing.

Before we can understand how toothpaste works, we must first understand our mouths. Your mouth is your own private zoo, containing one or more of 500 types of microorganisms. Some of these, mainly streptococcus mutans, create sticky plaque from food residue in your mouth. Microorganisms in our mouth feed on leftover food to create acid and particles called volatile sulfur molecules. Acid eats into tooth enamel to produce cavities while volatile sulfur molecules give breath its foul odor. Toothpaste works in tandem with tooth brushing to clean teeth and remove plaque bacteria. Due to these functions of toothpaste, we can clean tooth effectively and keep them balmily.

[Product Specification]

Handle : An Oval-shaped handle palm-sized
Source of Power : No battery needed
Bristles : Double-tiered, dual-action bristles made from PBT soft sharp Filament with diameter of 0.007 mils. 
It is a new and revolutionary toothbrush that effectively brushes and flosses AT ONCE removing plaque, a sticky film of bacteria that not only attacks your gums and teeth but also causes bad breath and dental decay.  ecoBrush was created to provide you with the most effective and safest brushing and flossing experience possible.
The apoL's patent double-tiered, dual-action bristles is the heart and soul of apoL. Longer, Thinner, End-rounded and Polished Bristles easily penetrate deeper between teeth and floss between teeth effectively removing bacteria and plaque below the gum line, not just along the gum line. They are gentle on gums and teeth. Polished bristle ends prevent injury to gums and the skin lining your teeth.
ecoBrush does not replace normal daily flossing. It greatly enhances your normal flossing effort. Shorter and Thicker Bristles perform regular brushing of the surface of your teeth. Slim, Head: Helps to absorb excessive brushing pressure and prevents gum and tooth damage while effectively cleaning teeth, gum line and removing plaque.
An Ergonomically Designed Handle: Fits comfortably in your hand. A truly innovative design that ensures superior performance. Dual Action Soft Bristles: Utilizing the most innovative & advanced technology, Pumping-Brush was created to Brush and Floss At Once!
. To be strongly recommended to those :
1. who wants to be good at their tooth brushing vertically,
2. who have unhealthy gum including constant gum bleeding,
3. who are senior or handicapped people,
4. who are anxious about their kids' dental care,
5. who are busy for school or job in the morning



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  • Name : Kim Sangwoo
  • Tel : 82-7075025109
  • Email : apol@apol.co.kr


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 24 Dalmaji-gil 117beon-gil, Haeundae-gu, Busan (48117)
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apoL Inc.
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    Sang woo Kim
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    24 Dalmaji-gil 117beon-gil, Haeundae-gu, Busan (48117)
Since established in June 2000, and settled in Busan Korea, ApoL Ltd. has been developing hundreds of oral care products and cooperating with over 10 affiliated manufacturers in order to product world-class products and contribute oral health. apoL released one of the quality products of apoL, uniBrush, contracted THE DENTAL MAG to expand business over China and awarded The Top 10 Korean Health Product by Chinese International Promotion Association in May, 2007. Aside from the successful research and development for expanded distribution, every single employees and members of apoL are willing to contribute to the oral health as producing better products with humble pride and unremitting effort .
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  • Main Product :
    Smart Pastedispensing Toothbrush, The replacemet for ecoBrush, Smart Pastedispensing Toothbrush for kids, The replacement for crObi
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  • Total Annual Revenue :
    1~2 billion (KRW)
  • Total Employees :
    5~10 people



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  • Smart Paste-dispensing Toothbrush(XD11-A)
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