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Fermented rice infant food

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Baby solvents are a major supplement directly to nutritional supplementation in infants. Therefore, nutrients that meet the basic requirements of modern trunk lines are compared with existing products. I think it is important.
 The concept of Kay Milk Rice Flour
1. Traditional fermented soybean paste
 Our company is already patented
 There was no odor, and the salinity was 3%. We have developed and launched a low salt miso.
 In addition to the various physiologically active ingredients contained in the raw soybeans, scientific research also recognizes the various metabolites produced during the fermentation process.
2. The golden mushroom of the mushroom was called mushroom.
 Vanilla mushrooms contain (v23) vanadium and are recognized as essential minerals and are required for bone and tooth formation. It is also involved in cell growth and production.
 Contains Chromium (Cr24) - Helps enzyme activity. Engage in insulin activation to prevent and treat diabetes.
3. Cedar mushroom grown with Omega 3
 Functional mushroom to detect undetected DHA and vitamin B12
 It is a report of vitamin D and strengthens bones and teeth.
4. With original technology background
 Cultivated sprouted peanuts grown in the world's first complex mineral organic farming method
 When seeds grow on peanuts, the powerful anti-cancer drug Resveratrol has increased more than 600-fold.
5. Sprout barley
 Barley buds contain 11 times more calcium than milk, 55 times more milk than milk, 5 times spinach, 3 times spinach, 60 times apple.
6. Alkaline water boiling process
 Developing healing foods that combine excellent nutrition and fermentation bacteria in differentiated domestic produce.


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    143-1 Songna-ro, Dong-gu, Daegu (41201)
It is a powdered traditional Korean-style Doen-jang developed with the concept of eliminating the smell of the traditional Korean Doen-jang, which is a disadvantage of traditional Korean Doen-jang, and sprinkling sodium on the other food. It is not a Doen-jang in the form of dried liquid Doen-jang that has been released in the existing market. It is a Korean-style Doen-jang paste made by using a patented method, immersing it in a bacterium so that it does not adhere, and using seeds. It is a 3% sodium low-salt powder Doen-jang to remove the smell of smoothness. 'Kmeal' is a company that improves the shortcomings of soybean paste powder, which is a Korean traditional food. It is a powder type product using raw materials from Korea, patented method, which removes unpleasant odor and reduces sodium to less than 3%. It is easy to mix with existing food and can be drunk. kmeal is a company that considers the health of consumers first.
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    Fermented soybean paste powder
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    Less than 100 million (KRW)
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    Less than 5


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