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Hair Color hair Treatment Ampoule for hair / hair mask [10Color]

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Hair coloring in just 10 minutes!
All-in-one treatment coloring ampoule that changes hair color in just 10 minutes without damaging it
1. If applied to darker hair, color may not appear as vivid as it is on fairer hair.
2. Color may fade depending on individual hair condition after the use of the product.
3. Color stays for 2~3 weeks. Color starts fading naturally after 2~3 weeks and reuse of the product at a 2~3-week interval helps maintain color naturally without damaging hair.
Precautions when using
1) Consult your dermatologist if you experience red spots, swelling, itchiness, and other such abnormal symptoms or adverse effects around your skin by direct sunlight during or after applying the product. 2) Avoid applying the product around the wounded skin.
3) Precautions on storage and handling
   A) Keep out of the reach of children.
   B) Keep it away from direct sunlight.
4) Types of hair dye product : If getting into eye, wash it immediately.
[ Q & A ]
FAQ about Patch Fetch Treatment Color Ampoule
Q1 / I really want to dye my hair with vivid colors without damaging it. Will it really not damage my hair?
: Yes. Patch Fetch Treatment Color Ampoule is a nourishing hair dye without damaging hair.
Q2 / I have a sensitive constitution. Will it hurt my eyes during use?
: No. Patch Fetch Treatment Color Ampoule is ammonia-free, subacid and thus does not hurt your eyes.
Q3 / I have black hair. Will it color my hair alright?
: It does not color black hair. But if you have dyed your hair a bright color or have bleached it, it will color it properly.
Q4 / My hair is quite damaged from frequent coloring. Can I use this product?
: Yes. This product can also apply to seriously damaged hair. And you don’t need to use hair essence, hair ampoule, or hair treatment separately and, after coloring your hair with the product, you can have soft, lustrous hair. It also contains hair protein which makes hair elastic and healthy.
Q5 / My hair is going thinner and weaker nowadays. Can I use this product?
: Yes. Patch Fetch Treatment Color Ampoule contains Ferment Betula Alba Bark Extract so as to keep hair healthy.
Q6 / How long does one-time application last?
: If applied once, it lasts for 2~3 weeks but it can fade quicker according to individually different health condition of hair from the frequent use of shampoo and heating devices.
Q7 / How much does color fade after the application?
: You need to dry your hair thoroughly after using the product and color can fade at the second or third shampooing.
Q8 / Can I mix colors? : Yes. You can mix colors to your desired style. Q9 / Can it dye gray hair too?
: It hardly colors gray hair.
Q9 / Can it dye gray hair too?
: It hardly colors gray hair.


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