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Biocanvas LF

Lab scale fermenter_Biocanvas LF series_fermentor_bioreactor

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    1 Unit
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  • Brand
    Biocanvas LF
    Model FSBC-FL
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    1.5L ~15L
01. Easy operation by finger, before experimentation of fermentation easy to calibrate pH, DO, temperature, foam Sensors in use of User interface main control screen
02. Distinctive functions include various culture programming operations to control
03. Products designed for different culture experiment and applications, operation method touch screen controller and the easy-way compact design takes up only a small space, even a small laboratory space can be used efficiently.
04. CENTRION Fermentation system is able to connect to any PC for real-time recording and control within the vessel and Intelligent self diagnostic system to maintain fermentation process.
05. Easy control of external device by fermentation controller(O₂/CO₂analyzer, gasmixer, balancer, Level, external pump, analog printer)
06. Eight ways microprocessor controller system using parallel communication software data Logging, remote control, including integrated control.
07. Agitation, Temp, pH, DO, ORP, O2, Antifoam, MFC, Feed Pump, GasMix and additional parameters such as analog signals and can be controlled through a variety.
08. 4Gas signals available to send control signals to directly 4gas controller from main control system
09. Feed function is linked to the DO Cascade and the culture of a variety of conditions that can be applied to the linked control program.
10. Data exporting interface USB port, One PC can monitor and manage all of data by network even each controller. (1ch~6ch) 11. 1.5L ~ 15L Total Vol. Vessel is available in a wide range.
12. Vessels can be easily disassembled and made the operation and the sensor and pump, analyzer, such as in/output is easy.
13. Single / Double Jacket and can be used to select the drive motor.
System Specifications
Display   -  7inch Wide Touch TFT LCD                             
Agitation Range  -  10 ~ 1500rpm
Motor drive  -  AC Servo Motor, BLDC Motor, AC Induction Motor
Max. Noise Level  -  < 55dB(A)
Environment  -  Ambient Temp 0~50℃, Humidity 85%RH
Power Requirements  -  AC110~220V, 50/60Hz,Single Phase, 500W(FreeVoltage)
Fuse protection  -  10A
Weight  -  10Kg
Control System

* Built-in SCADA System
- Voltage Specifications : 90~260V 50/60Hz Free Voltage
- Built-in type SMPS Module UL certification.
- CE product certification to enable component selection and PCB ARTWORK.
- PWM frequency control AC Servo Motor, Ac induction Motor, BLDC Motor and Is, slow down as fast and smooth implementation.
- RS232 x 2, RS422 or RS485 communication port, USB port, apply
- Analog Input : 12 points, analog output : 12 points, analog record:12 points
- Temp. PH, DO Cascade, ORP, OD, O2, Co2, Agitation, MFC, Pressure Balancer Control
* Feed Control Mode
- Fed-Batch Culture by DO, pH Interlock pump Control
- 4 x Built-in Feeding Pump(Boxer or Watson-Malow) External pump 2ea use
Communication port
- 1PC 1-6 connected to one controller (after completion of standard controller progress)
Data logging, trend graph PC Contorl : process control
(PID, the upper and lower values, programs, cascade, Feed)
*Record Output
- Each sensor can be output by selecting data. D-SUB 25Pin Female Type, USB Excel file stored separately.
- Measured data, setup data stored in the USB
Peristaltic pump

- 4built-in pumps, two external pump (optional)
*Motor type
- AC Motor or DC Motor, minimum speed is 1rpm
*Speed range
- 0~70rpm
- 1rpm
*Control mode
- Programmable PID Feeding control. Pump can be assigned for Acid, Base, Antifoam, Feed
Bottom Heating Plate
*Range -  Up to 90℃
*Resolution -  0.1℃
*Power source
- 100-120V~50/60Hz or 210-230V~50/60Hz With electrical safety cutoff switch



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CENTRION CO., LTD. is product brand has played its honorable role of serving peoples with a wide range of differently-customized equipment. It includes Bioreactor, Lab-fermentor, pilot- fermentor. We focus on offering bio cultivation solution to the life sciences market and has worked continuously to satisfy the strict facility standards required for Biotechnology.
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