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Geumheuk korean black premium healthy ginseng extract which 4 to 6 year old korea ginseng

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    Republic of Korea
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• Through the advanced method, 9 times of steamed and dehydrated process .
• Applied 100% fresh ginseng for quality production of high concentrated black ginseng.
• 4 to 6 Year old fresh raw ginseng is produced by the steamed and dehydrated process and high concentration of ginseng liquid is extracted from the freshest ginseng.
Black ginseng
• Steaming and drying the fresh ginseng 9 times closer to the black color. In the process of steaming and drying, saponin increases.

Applied 4 to 6 year old fresh raw ginseng, the quality red ginseng is produced and extracted by steamed and dehydrated 
• 4 to 6 Year old fresh raw ginseng is produced by the steamed and dehydrated process and high concentration of ginseng liquid is extracted from 70% ginseng root and 30% root hair of ginseng in low heating process, not adding any of additional additives. 
• This nourishing ginseng is highly concentrated supplement that remains ginseng solid in the formula up to 60% with its own taste and rich scent.

What's the difference between black ginseng and red ginseng?
• Red ginseng is produced by 2 to 3 times of steamed and dehydrated process and black ginseng is produced by 9 times of the process. 
• Through the advanced process, black ginseng enables to obtain greater effectiveness of saponin and 40 times more than common ginseng.

What's the efficiency of black ginseng?
• Through 9 times of steamed and dehydrated process, it removes toxin and generates new bioactive ingredients.
• The black ginseng has the biggest amount of the saponin than other ginseng such as fresh ginseng or white ginseng.
• It enhances to improve the level of immunity.
• It helps improve body constitution.
• When keeping for a long time, there is no change of the ingredients so enable to keep for a long time.
• Accelerate activity of enzyme and reduce cholesterol to care blood pressure.
• There is an active ingredient helpful to the eyes to improve concentration and endurance.
• Have RG3 and ginsenoside to help anti-cancer and prevent the cancer.
• The black ginseng is mild to who has weak the digestive organs.




[How to used]
• Take 3 times per day. 1g for each use or adequate amount.
• Avoid the direct sun light and moisture and keep in the cool place. After opened, close the lid and keep in cold place.
• In case of diathesis or allergic predisposition, please check the ingredients.
• Ingredients : Black Ginseng Extract100%, Solids more than 60%, Saponin more than 70.00mg/g, Republic of Korea 100% (roots of Korean Black Ginseng 70% tails of Korean Black Ginseng 30%)
• Weight : 100g
• Ingredients : Black Extract 100%(ginsenoside 80mg/g, over 60% solids)
• combination percentage : Black ginseng 100%(Root 70% Rootlets 30%) Korea


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Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 15 Insamyakchogongdan-ro Buri-myeon, Geumsan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do (32754)
Geumsan Black Ginseng Co., Ltd.

Geumsan Black Ginseng Co., Ltd.

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    Tae Hun Ko
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    15 Insamyakchogongdan-ro Buri-myeon, Geumsan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do (32754)
Black ginseng is a health supplement made of ginseng that was alternated between being steamed and dried 9 times. It analyzes heavy metals and pesticide residue in soil before planting ginseng seedlings, and thus grow ginseng only in soil proven safety, and so it grows our ginseng under the Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) system. We will develop various products, using black ginseng that was strictly certified for GAP by GEUMSAN County.
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    Korean Black Ginseng Extract
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Geumsan Black Ginseng Co., Ltd. Seller's Store
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  • Geumheuk honey with korean black premium healthy excellent  functional ginseng extract
  • Geumheuk premium healthy black ginseng powder (Black Ginseng root 70%, Black Ginseng tail 30%)
  • Korean Black Ginseng Honey-sliced

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