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MRHI penis enlarger characteristic of MR. HI is that it prevents high amount of blood in the penis

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    Model penis enlarger pump,penis enlargerment pump,penis
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    Republic of Korea
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    penis enlarger
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    1.5 kg
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• As we can make strong muscles by exercises, muscle of cavernosum in the penis can be much improved through the repetitive movements of contraction and relaxation depending on the blood circulation, which is controlled by negative pressure system of our product.  

• As man's penis is enlarged by the mechanical power, it becomes far larger than what man has consciously intended. 

• This is a powerful effect of exercise.

• The characteristic of "MR. HI" is that it prevents high amount of blood in the penis from being receded under the condition of vacuum pressure and also relieves blood circulatory disorder in the penis through the repetitive exercises.


Erectility Enhancement Effect

When erectility is weak, the tissue is not activated and there is too small of a space for blood to flow in and enough blood is not supplied to the penis. At first, to enjoy sex with your partner, your penis is erect but you have probably experienced your penis dying when you insert. In this case, the corpus spongiosum inside the penis has not played its role and has retrogressed. However, through the continuous exercise of contraction and expansion of the corpus spongiosum inside the genitals, the volume is increased, a lot of blood circulates, and not only is the hardness increased, but the penis becomes larger and bigger. 

Penis Boost Effect

Men are all different but usually 6~10cm of corpus spongiosum is hidden in the pelvis inside the body. The muscle that pushes this corpus spongiosum out during erection is the bulbo cavernosus muscle and this muscle blocks the blood from flowing upward and maintains the erect state. Here, through the penis enlarger, the muscle is trained and pushes the corpus spongiosum of the penis outwards. It differs from individual to individual but a Japanese clinical trials showed that after training with the penis enlarger, the penis was increased and became harder. 

Premature Ejaculation Improvement Effect

Premature ejaculation means that you ejaculate when you don’t want to. The penis is hard but the glans penis is soft and tender like a deflated rubber balloon. This is because the corpus spongiosum of the glans penis was not activated and weak and because enough blood was not supplied to the corpus spongiosum blood vessel. The corpus spongiosum being weak means that the ejaculation nerve which helps in feeling easily, is made sensitive and results in the loss of sustainability. Here, the penis enhancer continuously expands and contracts the weak corpus spongiosum of the glans penis with vacuum pressure and sufficiently supplies blood to the glans penis and makes it hard, causing the ejaculation nerve dull, therefore, freeing you from a chronic premature ejaculation problem. 








• The device is an approved formal medical device that is used to improve blood flow inside the genitals such as the clitoris and corpus spongiosum etc. by applying physical energy with negative pressure to the genitals.

• The penis enhancer is a medical device for men which can act as a role of exercise, and men that have difficulty in amicable sex life due to erectile dysfunction, premature ejactulaiton, diabetes, and high blood pressure etc can improve their situation through 11 minutes of exercise everyday with the penis enhancer. As the human body can be expanded and changed through training, exercise, and massage, the genitals can also be enhanced through some kind of stimulation and training and along with this, the sex function is also improved.

• If you learn the exercise and the training method, your penis will become larger, your sex function will be improved, and your life will be full of self-confidence and you will be able to feel the whole world changing beautifully. Invest a bit for your future and find huge vitality in your life.. 






• Body (Vacuum device) : Device to make suction force.(Automatic type)

• Cylinder(A,B,C) : Markings can make his own size easily identified as a space where penis can be enlarged. (Choose between A, B and C type ; option item) A type : large - Ø65mm × length 260mm B type : medium - Ø50mm × length 250mm C type : Ø48mm × length 240mm

• Pressure band(A,B,C) : Be stuck to cylinder and pull cylinder out after penis has been enlarged in cylinder, making penis maintained in enlarged state.(A:15Ø, B:12Ø, C:9Ø)

• AC Adaptor : Device allowing input of 100~240V 50/60HZ and output of DC 12V to the body.

• Vacuum hose : A hose used to connect inthe cylinder with the body.

• Pause button : Safety device to release vacuum of the inside of a cylinder.

• Protector : To be inserted at the end of a cylinder to prevent testicle from being sucked into a cylinder.( A: Cylinder A type, B: Cylinder“ B”or“ C, C: Cylinder“ B”or“ C”)

• Power button : Suction force is generated(on, big) with the product being operated.

• Time button : Adjust time of suction force.

• Level button : Adjust strength of suction force.

• Wave button : Adjust rhythm of suction force. (the lst step the 2nd step, the 3rd step, continue)

• LCD : Display operating state

• Adapter for cars(Cigar jack) : DC 12V(Option item)

• Contact gelly(Option item)



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Contact Payment Manager
  • Name : Jeongwon Park
  • Tel : 82-312582090
  • Email : mj96pc@naver.com


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • Bongyeong-ro, Yeongtong-gu,, Suwon-si,, Gyeonggi-do (16712)


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    Park Jeongwon
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    Bongyeong-ro, Yeongtong-gu,, Suwon-si,, Gyeonggi-do (16712)
Our penis pump enlarger uses electricity and is not as uncomfortable as pills or operation and uses a mycom program method with an LCD attached and is an enlarger that can serve as exercise that enhances the sexual functions by making rhythms and waves with a small but strong vacuum pump. Through the back and forth piston movement through negative vacuum pressure, the corpus spongiosum will be expanded and through this the amount of blood is physically increased to help in improving penis enhancement, premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction.
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  • Main Product :
    penis enlarger ,breast enlarger
  • Established :
  • Total Annual Revenue :
    Less than 100 million (KRW)
  • Total Employees :
    5~10 people



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