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JORIMI multi-functional kitchen cutter Jorimi (Specialized multi-functional kitchen cutter)

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    30,000 Set
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    Customization ,  Sample Order

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    Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, World Wide
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  • Brand
    Model JORIMI-1,2
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    15 mm/243 mm/83 mm
  • Weight
  • Expiry Date
  • Package Includes
    High value for versatility
  • age-appropriate
  • Material
    Stainless 420J2 ABS



• When using at home, outdoors, or commercial places, hold upside down.

• When using on meat, fish, or vegetables, hold it like standard scissors.

• When peeling vegetables, use the round side on the outside. (Example: radishes, carrots, burdock, ginseng, ginger, potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc)

• When using the opener, use the flower-pot like part to lift up.

• When tightening or loosening screws, use the weight of the centre of the handle to hold and twist.

• Store upside down with no salt residues.

• When cleaning, do not use metal scrubbing pads.

• Disinfect using rubbing alcohol or alcohol based vinegar, and do not put in boiling water.

• Do not store in moist or salty areas for long term.






The Pros of specialized multi-functional kitchen cutter Jorimi (Specialized multi-functional kitchen cutter)

The scissors commonly used in today's kitchen world are originally meant for industrial use.  Despite the aesthetically displeasing look, scissors are often used as they provide the ease of use without the need for a cutting board, and currently, there are no other options to replace scissors. As such, in order to create and lead the culture of appropriate kitchen tool usage, Jorimi was invented to provide convenience and practicality to our customers.

Especially as Jorimi is a patented product with no other of its kind in the world and with its esthetics, it is cost effective to customers, and also safe for customers to use.  This allows the kitchen to become a safer place with our modern and inspirational creation.


Product Characteristics

•  Very safe and easy to use, with high likelihood of word-of-mouth marketing.

•  Unique design resembling a flower petal

•  Multi-functional and easy to carry and store.

•  Strong enough to cut wooden chopsticks and even the tip of the blades are able to cut through food without feedback, so very convenient and durable.

•  Optimal for whisking, opening cans, twisting and tightening various food containers, and cutting meat, fish, and vegetables at your home, while picnicking, or even at restaurants.

•  Unlike other openers, the opener on the Jorimi does not damage covers and lids, so it allows for the covers and lids to be reused.

•  Easy to handle, and there is no need for the end user to hold the equipment awkwardly, as Jorimi can be held in any way the end user is comfortable with.

•  Allows room for end user's creativity to use the Jorimi in other ways.

•  Captures esthetics, safety, practicality, and robustness, but no negative effects on the functionality.

•  Handle is designed so that rubber gloves are worn on top of cotton gloves; so long term use doesn't distress the hand, and protects the hand from the cold weather in winter.








• Home, outdoor, restaurant hall, hotel hall, cooking hall, other food service hall, event hall





• JORIMI-1 Handle Color Combination of black and red
• JORIMI-2 Handle Color Combination of green and pink flowers



  • Patent registration 
    Korea Intellectual Property Office 


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  • Name : Shi Tae Yoon
  • Tel : 82-1045045557
  • Email : shitaestrong@naver.com


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  • 53 Seongan-ro 13-gil (05390)
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  • Patent registration 
    Korea Intellectual Property Office 
  • Design registration 
    Korea Intellectual Property Office 
  • Patent registration 
    Korea Intellectual Property Office 


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