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No sugar, no concentrated color, no artificial flavor Healthy Taffy will make your day strong!

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  • Brand
    Model Healthy Taffy will make your day strong!
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    150 x 130 x 70
  • Function
    Relieve indigestion, Relieve throat, Relief stress, Relieve tiredness
  • Features
    No sugar, No concentrated color, No artificial flavor
  • Package Includes
    1 box 10 pieces x 4 = 40 pieces total
  • Style
We reinterpreted it with the spirit of making oriental medicine in a modern way using good herbal ingredients. It is a very good product for the busy, exhausted daily life that fatigue accumulates. Depending on the characteristics of the material, health taffy consisting of four flavors. It is a good gift for our body, which is soft and sweet, can feel the original taste of traditional ingredients blended in each product. Start the new day with healthy and deep sweetness reinterpreted traditional taffy! We often give a Korean taffy to someone at an important test ahead. There is a shamanistic meaning to stick it like a taffy, but also it provides sugar to the students who are actually required to have vigorous brain activities. As a raw material for candy from old times, Jochung(grain syrup) was a good source of energy to help the brain activity which is absorbs quickly and digests well. It is a new well-being health taffy which is no sugar, coloring and flavoring added but only based on herbal medicine prescribed by 30-year-old oriental herb medicine with Jochung to improve the health of modern people and students for improving their learning ability.
• Rest-Mind Taffy / Relief Stress
- The main ingredients are dried tangerine peels, beefsteak plant, helena root and licorice which brights and refreshes individual’s mind.
• Rest-Throat Taffy / Relieve Throat
- The main ingredients are dried balloon flower, pachyma, cnidium, licorice. It is good for people who are often use vocal cords.
• Rest-Stomach Taffy / Relieve Indigestion
- It is good for indigestion, and it is helpful for people who often feel bloated. Hawberry and malt are the main ingredients.
• Rest-Body Taffy / Relieve Tiredness
- Peony roots, Korean angelica roots, cnidium, rehmannia roots, milk vetch roots, cinnamon, licorice, ginger, dried jujube are the main ingredients.
- These ingredients are same as Ssanghwa-tang(herb tonic tea) good for recovering from fatigue.
We recommend to these people
• People who work overtime and go on business trips often.
• Children and youth who need healthy snacks.
• Students or test-takers who need concentration.
You can safely enjoy the product even if you are on dentures or teeth are not in good condition.
• Healthy candy which is recommended to everyone who need energy and vitality
• Origin : Republic of Korea
• Size : 150 x 130 x 70
• Function : Relieve indigestion, Relieve throat, Relief stress, Relieve tiredness
• Features : No sugar, No concentrated color, No artificial flavor
• Package Includes : 1 box 10 pieces x 4 = 40 pieces total
• Style : Taffy


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  • Name : Kyounghwa Park
  • Tel : 82-516440025
  • Email : 124pkh@naver.com


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 9 Centum 1-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan (48060)
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    Kyounghwa Park
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    9 Centum 1-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan (48060)
While working in oriental medical clinic for 20 years, CEO(Park Kyoung Hwa) of WELLER company has seen a wide range of people and decided to establish company because she felt the need for products and services for them. Weller is a company which endeavors to contribute to the improvement of global health through the development of smart medical products and foods using Korean traditional materials. Through many trials and errors, various products were developed. Among of them, Some products received awards many times. As a result, Many company are paying attention WELLER company and We have been securing a wide variety of sales channels in Korea. Our goal is to help many businessman and students effectively take care of themselves in short hours.
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    Oriental caramel and tea
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    Less than 100 million (KRW)
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    Less than 5


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  • WELLER oriental candy
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  • Relieve tiredness Healthy Tea will make your day strong! consisting of four flavors (1.5g x 3 each)