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Tailored solutions on water treatment RO WATER TREATMENT SYSTEM for any types of water

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Seawater desalination plant
Innovative plant for energy saving using RO method. This plant removes salt from seawater to obtain potable water and domestic water, is designed based on energy-saving reverse osmosis method, which is differentiated from the traditional RO system which requires a lot of power and maintenance cost. High concentrated water from reverse osmosis process is connected with energy recovery device for saving amount of power consumption. Consecutive MF and External UF system are applied to system as a pre-treatment so that life-time of RO membrane is doubled. Also, maintenance cost is decreased through consecutive treatment without consumables.
Fresh treated water that electrolyte ions are removed is obtained through inflow seawater to reverse osmosis membrane using high pressure more than osmotic pressure. At that time, generated high pressurized concentrated water is connected with energy recover device and recycled. During this process, electric power of seawater high pressure pump is decreased. Finally, amount of consumed electric power is about 40~50%.
• Selective rejection of unreacted matter and salinity by NF
• Two stage pre-treatment system (consecutive MF+External pressure type UF)
• Plant consists of long-life reverse osmosis membrane.
• Saving maintenance cost due to few or corrosion &breakdown
• Duplex material which is corrosion resistant of seawater.
• Unnecessary for consumable filter media.
Water purification plant
Multipurpose plant purifying surface &underground water. The simple structure allows installation area is minimized and can be applicable for village water treatment plant, domestic water treatment plant and grey water reuse plant, etc. The suspended solids and the turbid matters in the raw water are removed effectively through MF and UF as pretreatment and also microorganism, taste and odor-causing substances, nitrate nitrogen are rejected through NF or RO process as main treatment. In consequence of this process, the village water treatment plant which supplies the potable water is composed. According to the required treated water quality condition, AOP (Advances Oxidation Process) system can be added for disinfection and decoloration effect by oxidizing the pollutant and all sorts of organic matters including nitrogen and phosphorous.
• Multipurpose plant designed for various purposes
• Perfect rejection of SS through MF process
• Rejection of microoganism using NF or RO
• Economical effect as minimizing the installation area
• Eco-friendly unit minimizing the environmental problem
• Conservation of the membrane condition by auto flushing and backwashing system
Ultrapure water production
High purity water plant corresponding FDA grade
This rejects even small quantity of the ions in the raw water perfectly so that the ultrapure water is produced. Raw water inlet piping &RO permeate water piping are composed of C-PVC and RO high pressure part is composed of SS316L. All operation conditions are controlled by total monitoring board. All instruments are calibrated by the national authorization. And finally the perfect ultrapure water can be produced by the sanitary and silver nano coated piping design for blocking penetration of microbes. This plant is designed by based on RO + EDI process and can be designed as 2 staged RO + EDI for producing the extreme ultrapure water. Usually, Activated Carbon Filtration and Micro Filtration (MF) process are applied as the pretreatment. Water softener which can exchange the ions for making the soft water is added in case of using hard water as raw water. Fisrtly, ions and organic matters are rejected by RO and then the EDI can reject the rest small quantity of the ions perfectly. The CIP system is sterilizing and cleaning the RO membrane definitely. EDI can be operated semi-permanently without replacing the ion exchange resin through the electro-dialysis. The deaerator or UV sterilizer can be added following the condition.
• Making the ultrapure water based on RO+EDI process
• Sanitary piping design for cleaning and sterilizing
• Controlling by total monitoring board
• FDA grade plant
• No need to replace ion exchange resins by EDI
• Antibacterial silver nano coating piping design
Desalting & concentration plant
Stage plant for refining and concentrating the liquid product. In the process of the fine chemical industry like dye manufacturing process, rejecting the salinity through the desalting &concentration plant is essential as refining and concentration significantly increase the storage stability of the product. This plant removes the suspended solids using MF &UF process as the pretreatment. NF process is the main treatment that increases the purity by removing the salts and the unreached matters selectively and has been equipped with the automatic CIP system which is tolerant of the highly concentrated organic matter. Also, we can design the whole membrane system which includes the wastewater treatment system that treats the wastewater from this plant with just low cost.
• Selective rejection of unreacted matter and salinity by NF
• Automation and safety design for the beginners
• Applying corrosion-resistant and water-resistant material
• Economical Acquired NT (New Tech.) certification
• Extending lifetime by the self-cleaning of NF
• Conservation Applying the specialized automatic CIP system

Wastewater treatment plant
Customized plant for industrial wastewater treatment
The typical chemical &biological process for treating the highly concentrated industrial wastewater has lower efficiency whereas requires large area, a lot of facilities and chemicals. For solving this kind of problems, we applied the membrane separation method which is energy &chemicals saving type. After removing suspended solids through our own pretreatment system, removes the highly concentrated TDS, soluble organics and ions through NF and RO system. This plant is customized as applying the adequate method for treating the waste water under the local discharge standard after collecting and analyzing the raw water. Liquid radwaste treatment plant rejects the radioactive and non-degradable substances in radwaste from the nuclear power plant using physicochemical method. First, the ozone treatment system using the ozone which has tenfold oxidizing power more than oxygen is applied. After that, the suspended solids are rejected by MF + UF process. Remaining ions are rejected as flowing into the RO membrane with high pressure. Finally, the clean treated water is produced through the ion exchanger. So this process rarely makes the radioactive sludge in comparison with other system and this process is operated in perfectly enclosed piping so as to prevent leakage of the radioactive substances. We supply this plant with high technology based on the delivery results in the nuclear power plants of UK &USA
• Saving chemical and operation energy consumption
• Minimizing installation area
• Customized plant following customer's requirement
• High technology based on the delivery results in UK &UAE
• Minimizing the chemical and biological treatment cost
• Unnecessary Perfectly enclosed for preventing leakage of the radioactive matters
All-in-one swro package 
Most compact and eco-friendly design
Just feed sea water and get potable water !
This packaged desalination system continuously removes the impurities by full automatic back-washable microfiltration and also perfectly removes plankton and bacteria by hollow-fiber UF up to 0.04 micron.
With its own system, electricity can be saved by over 40% than existing other SWRO system and also long-life of membrane is guaranteed by intelligent backwashing process and auto CIP.
The full automatic design provides beginners easy control, and remote and mobile control is available.
This all-in-one packaged system is also available with containerized type.
• Continuously removing the impurities by full automatic back-washable microfiltration
• Perfectly removing plankton and bacteria by Hollow-fiber UF up to 0.04 micron.
• Saving electricity by over 40% than existing other SWRO by Energy Recovery Device.
• Reducing chemicals and consumable media for pre-treatment.
• Extend Long-life membrane design by intelligent backwashing process and auto CIP.
• Using super duplex pump and duplex piping to prevent the corrosion.
• Full automatic, Digital, Easy Control Design for beginner
• Remote control by using internet and mobile phone (option)
• Water treatment
• Origin : Republic of Korea
• Size(Capacity) : Various
• Function : Depend on products
• Features : Energy saving
• Package Includes : Only
• Style : Machine


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H&L GLOBAL GROUP is specialized in design and manufacturing in the field of water and mechanical engineering. GRP SECTIONAL WATER TANK, hot press molded SMC panel tank which can be built in various shapes and capacities is applicable in diverse fields as an ideal solution for storing clean drinking water. As an engineering firm, we design and propose the most suitable water treatment and water storage solutions against different water types (sea water, river water, underground water, waste water, etc.) for various applications. With accumulated technologies and experiences in heat generating and storaging systems, we are also outstanding in THERMAL STORAGE TANK, HOT-WATER HEATER and ELECTRIC WATER HEATER. We value our principles and traditions, and at the same time we listen to our customers in a rapidly changing industrial environment and always strive to be new, reflecting their needs as fully as possible. H&L GLOBAL GROUP is sincere, faithful and professional. H&L GLOBAL GROUP always think customers as a priority.
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