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White Labs 7.4C For Couples Teeth Whitening Care

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    3,000 ea per Month
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    World Wide, Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle East
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  • Brand
    Model WHITE LABS 7.4C
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    Battery : Lithium polymer 3.7v / 950mAh (about 5 times use)
  • Package Includes
    1 x Device, 2 x Mouth piece, 1 x charger, 1 x Shade guide + 2 x Agent (20g) , 2 x Brush
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BS and CO., Ltd. was established to develop and manufacture beauty medical devices designed to be used in effective, safe and cost-effective way for youth and beauty, using LED technology. Through dedicated research and development with enthusiasm and conviction on Light Therapy technology, we launched home tooth whitening device “White Labs”, and we are currently in the process of developing and clinical testing beam irradiator “Skin Labs” for wrinkle improvement purpose. Also, we have completed CE certification and FDA registration of tooth whitening device White Labs, and are putting effort to product advertising by participating various foreign exhibitions since 2017, for entering overseas market in earnest. Currently we are successfully selling products in various TV home shopping and offline drug store Boots in Korea.



Effectiveness : Teeth whitening
Components : 1 x Device, 2 x Mouth piece, 1 x charger, 1 x Shade guide + 2 x Agent (20g) , 2 x Brush
Waver Length (Output) : 455nm (32mW)
Battery : Lithium polymer 3.7v / 950mAh (about 5 times use)
OUT : DC 5V, 1.2A
IN : AC 100~240V 50 / 60Hz,0,15A (Free voltage)
1 Cycle Time : 8 minute
LED Durability : 2,500hrs (More than 100,000 times)
Country of Origin : Korea (charger & Battery : China)

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Are you worried about your teeth becoming discolored due to eating habits such as smoking, coffee, wine and coke?
If you want a beautiful, clean look with bright, white teeth, join WHITE LABS!



(for multi users)
WHITE LABS teeth whitening system
is a medical device developed for use in the home or hospital.

WHITE LABS's whitening technology
uses a powerful blue light and a low-irritating whitening agent developed for remarkable effects as shown in the dental whitening pictures on the right. It's time to experience amazing results with WHITE LABS.
What is Tooth Whitening?
A tooth is surround by enamel, the porous and hardest part, and dentin, a tissue to which blood vessels and nerves are spread, both which are related to tooth whitening.

Clinical Results on Efficacy
7.4 shades whiter

2 cycles a day, for 15 days
WHITE LABS has been proven to have whitening effect and be safe through clinical tests at DKUDH (Dankook University Dental Hospital).
Clinical Results on SAFETY
No sensitivity!

The majority of customers who used the WHITE LABS whitening system said they did not have soreness or pain.


Light, whitening, and oxygen flow are three important factors in tooth whitening.

- Light : WHITE LABS LED uses 455nm of visible light and provide strong light energy. LEDs are arranged in two rows above and below to concentrate light energy, matched to teeth with a 1:1 ratio.

- Whitening Agents : Whitening Agents use minimal H.P (2.8%), combined with light, oxygen provides incredible whitening effect without being irritating.

- Mouthpiece : WHITE LABS knows the importance of oxygen supply for whitening. The air hole in our mouthpiece proves this.

01 Main body/ Controller
Main part where you control device operation including turning device’s power on by delivering power supply to LED ray part, and controlling operational time, etc.

*Disconnect charger after charging.
Power does not turn on with charger linked.
02 LED ray
455nm visible rays emitting from 14 LED lamps with 2 lines up/down allows quick and effective tooth whitening by activating application of whitener.
*Do not directly see with eyes since ray emission is very strong.

Increases whitening effect
Irradiated visible ray in whitener produces free radical, and removes coloring substances of tooth, decreases light absorbing or scattering, reflecting application, to increase whitening effect.
Even tooth whitening effect
By positioning 14 LED in two lines up/down, even ray is delivered to tooth where whitening is necessary.
Quick and effective tooth whitening
Mouth piece opens teeth to improve the flow of LED rays, enabling quick and effective tooth whitening.
03 Safe material mouth piece
Opens teeth to improve the flow of LED rays.


04 WHITE LABS 7.4C is for multi users

1) Lighting Guard
2) Main Body (lithium battery)
3) 2 Mouth Pieces (blue / white)
4) 2 Whitening Agents 20g (include brush)
5) Adaptor

1) Designed to be used by two people.
2) The mouthpiece and whitening agent can be purchased separately for the whole family.
3) Magnets are built in the body, so you can keep the lighting guard clean.
4) It is a rechargeable medical device and double safety device is in place to prevent electrical hazards.

How to use


How to store
1) Make sure to pull out power cord after use.
2) Be careful not to keep device near wet place and fire arms.
3) Be careful to keep it out of reach of children and in dry place.
4) Be careful not to lose parts, including adapter.
5) Do not touch power region of parts with wet hand.
6) Wipe surface of main body slightly with soft cloth.
7) Keep in places not influenced by air, etc. including atmospheric, wind, sunlight and salt.
8) Do not keep in places such as chemical warehouse or place generating gas.
9) When moving, whiten teeth with power being off.
10) Before storing mouthpiece, detach from light guard and clean with water.

1) Use it according to medical doctor’s prescription and guide.
2) This product was permitted as a device irradiating visible ray of light for the purpose of tooth whitening, so mark, description and advertisement which might lead to false, exaggeration and abuse are prohibited.
3) Be sure to confirm warning and instruction (how to operate) before using this product.
4) Do not stare directly at LED light.
5) Do not use for children or vulnerable part.
6) In case of person with face lift, use this product after consulting skin doctor.
7) Do not point LED light directly to person’s eyes.
8) Keep it out of reach of children.
9) Do not use it together with anesthetic gas or combustibles.
10) Let only an authorized person repair it.
11) Following person must use after doctor’s prescription and guide:
  - Person with disease.
  - Children, pregnant women and infants.
  - Person using implantable electronic medical device.
  - Person having malignant tumor.
  - Person with problems in the region where this device is used.
12) Prohibited
- You must not take the product apart or modify it at will.
- Following patients are strictly prohibited from using this device
  (1) Person wearing implantable electronic medical device such as pace-maker.
  (2) Person using electrical life support equipment such as a heart- lung machine.
  (3) Person using mounting electronic medical device including electrocardiograph.
  (4) Patient with high fever.

Q) What causes tooth discoloration?
A) We categorize the cause of tooth discoloration into 3 categories.
  (1) Some permanent teeth which grow between the age of 6 and 12 are born yellow.
  (2) Tooth decay, aging, and nerve damage changes the color of teeth.
  (3) The teeth turn yellow when the pigments contained in food eaten and drunk daily penetrate into the fine holes on the surface of the teeth.
There are also other causes of tooth discoloration, but these are three major causes.
Q) Are there any side effects?
A) If you whiten teeth, you can experience this phenomenon. This phenomenon does not affect teeth or gums, and it disappears naturally when the whitening process is over, so it is better to think of it as an uncomfortable symptom rather than a side effect. And since medical devices are not allowed to advertise that there are no side effects in advertising laws, we cannot say for sure that there are no side effects at all. WHITE LABS is a safe product that has not been found in clinical trials. However, please note that some irregularities may occur in people with very bad gums and teeth.
Q) What is the expiration date?
A) The whitening agent has a validity period of 2 years, and the whitening agent has no expiration date. WHITE LABS is medical equipment that can be used semi-permanently if you manage well.
Q) How long does it take to be charged?
A) WHITE LABS will light up blue when charged enough for using twice. This is because it should be used twice a day. Please charge more than 1 hour because it is not 100% charged even if a blue light comes in.




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