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Sweet dew tea with Houttuynia cordata (30T/B)

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GAMRO700 specialized in organically(certification no. 71-1-175) growring approximately 60 tons of hydrangea serrata seringe trees every year i the Gamro Tea farm located in the the alpine region(altitude of 700m) of Balwangsan Mountain, Gangwon-do.
GAMRO700 uses bedrock water from 120m underground for its washing process and uses its 7 processes(production patent), such as petrissage and fermentation, to produce Gamro Tea
GAMRO700's Gamro Tea is a tea where the leaf itself has naturally non-glucose sweetness and refreshing scent of mint. it is a pure exclusive tea used from old times in  Korea as not only tea and beverage, but also natural food additive. However, since it is not only difficuly to grow hydrangea serrata seringe trees that serve as the raw material of the hydrangea serrata seringe that naturally and exclusively grows in the alpine region, but also difficult to produce the tea itself, hydrangea serrata seringe trees had been forgotten in the memories of those who enjoy tea. However, GAMRO700, as a result of investing in approximately 40 years(3 generations) of research and develop, was able to embrace the sweetness of hydrangea serrata seringe back into a cup of tea. HQ's Gamro Tea is a tea produced, based on the production method carried on by 40years of tradition, directly in the tea farm located in the alpine region(altitude of 700m) serving as the one and only place of origin in Korea, and is well known for its pleasant sweetness and a luscious aftertaste
GAMRo700's Gamro Tea is a safe and healthy tea that has acquired the followings : Certificate of Good Agricultural Practices, and Certificate of Pesticide-free Organic Processed Food
Use of Gamro Tea
Gamro Tea's raw material is a leaf of a hydrangea serrata seringe tree that is considered a precious medicinal tree providing natural sweetness. Since the sweetness of Gamro Tea is non-glucose sweetness, it is not only enjoyed by those avoiding sugar intake as a healthy sugar-free tea, but also frequently used as natural sweetener for Kimchi, Gochujang(red pepper paste) and soy sauce, and enjoyed by females as a beauty tea, in particular, it helps the students who study late and who use their voice a lot clear their throat and head.
How to Drink Gamro Tea
1. Insert a triangular tea bag or a leaf of Gamro Tea(Gamrocheon Tea)
2. Pour 120~200ml of water at 85~95 into a teacup
3. Wait approximately 1~2minutes to taste the subtle sweetness and refreshing fragrance of Gamro Tea.
How to Apply Gamro Tea
When Drinking It as Beverage
Boiled Gamro Tea can be put into the refrigerator to be enjoyed as cool non-glucose juice(it quenches your thirst and settles your stomach when enjoyed after exercise, meal and drinking)
When Applying It to Cooking
When mixing Kimchi ingredients, add 1~3 leaves per head. The natural antiseptic strengh and natural sweetness of Gamro Tea will not only prevent Kimchi from becoming excessively fermented too soon, but also a light taste to Kimchi. The crushed leaves can be added when marinating fish and meat.
When Using It as Sweetener
Those avoiding sugar intake can used it as sweetener when drinking other tea to make that tea a non-glucose tea.
When Using It as Diet Beverage
Since Gamro Tea is non-glucose, it can be used as diet beverage.
When Using It as Aesthetic Cleansing Water
Water boiled with Gamro Tea can be used for bath and facial cleansing not only to stabilize and cleanse your skin, but also to allow your face to take makeup very well
Sweet dew tea with Houttuynia cordata (30T/B)
Houttuynia cordata hydrangea leaf(Gamro) tea has a bittersweet taste and a pleasant natural sweet flavor because of combined qualities of houttuynia cordata and hydrangea leaf tea.
Houttuynia cordata has been used for centuries in traditional Korean medicine system.
It is antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, diuretic herb.
It is also believed to offer positive benefits to the immune system, skin problem, hair loss, constipation, and blood circulation.
It's known as unpleasant "fishy-smell herb", but the smell disappeared when it combined with hydrangea leaf tea.
These unique tea blends offer the best health benefits and flavors around.


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Gamro700 Agriculture Co.,Ltd

Gamro700 Agriculture Co.,Ltd

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Gamro 700 Agriculture Co.,Ltd The gamro-tea is a Korean traditional herbal tea with sugar content that 1000 times higher than the existing sugar. However in fact, it does not contain sugar at all and natively present non-sugar sweetness and mint flavor which is loved by many people stick to a diet and avoid sugar containing food for their sweetener replacing sugar and natural drink. Also, unlike the exiting green tea with the cold nature, it has warm nature that is greatly helpful for tea of woman and college entrance examinees and non-sugar natural drink non-sugar natural drink. Especially, for people whose job requires throat overtaxed, the smooth taste and mint flavor protect the throat and alleviate the voice. (Non-sugar sweetness : Indigenous sweetness that does not contain sugar).
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    Gamro Tea
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