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Jo Chef HwangChil Medication Cook 1 Set *5 QTY

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*Proper healthy food with deep flavor
Jo Chef HwangChil Medication Cook – We would like to introduce our comfort food that is made with many Korean medicinal herbs to create a healthy soup.  
Capacity: 1 Bag 70ml
Food Type: Processed Food
Expiration: Labeled on the Product
Storage Method: Please avoid the direct contact with sunlight
Production / Seller: Hyurim Korea Dendro Panax
1. To make the soup flavorful and nutritious, we used more than 10 traditional Korean medical herbs that are not only healthy but also taste. The traditional Korean medical herbs are HwangChil, Ginseng, CheonGoong – Cnidium Officinale Makino, Sukjihwang- Rehmannia glutinosa, Licorice, Kalopanax, Astragalus membranaceus, rhamnaceae, acanthopanax, peony, angelica root
2. Convenient packaging
3. Complex ingredients are all in one
4. Minimum cleaning effort after preparing the food
5. You can use it as stock for different kinds of meat
6. Deep flavor with high in nutrition
[How to cook with chicken and pork]
1. Put 1.5L of water, Hwangchil Stock and chicken or duck in the pot. 
2. Add garlic, ginseng, green onion, and other vegetables. and let it boil.
3. After the meat, you can also use the left-over stock to make rice porridge by adding sticky rice and boil again.
*We only used 100% Korean Medical Herbs that are carefully selected to our products
*Our foundation is medical herbs food that is developed through our extensive research
*There are 4 promises that we would like to make (No Preservative, No Spices, No Artificial Additives, No Food Coloring). We are confident to serve our food with our brand name, Hyurim.


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Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 991 Worasan-ro Munsan-eup, Jinju-si, Gyeongsangnam-do (52839)
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Hyurim Hwangchill (Ltd)

Hyurim Hwangchill (Ltd)

www.hyurim.kr Seller_Mail
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    Chang Soo Jo
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    991 Worasan-ro Munsan-eup, Jinju-si, Gyeongsangnam-do (52839)
Hurim Hwangchil Co., Ltd., an agricultural company, As a bio-venture company based on Korean Dendropanax, which is the only native in Korea, called Korean Dendropanax, it specializes in research and development of new substances for treatment of gout, prostatic hyperplasia, osteoporosis, blood circulation improvement, etc. We specialize in research and development in the field of atopy and alopecia. At our bio-operation segment, we specialize in researching and developing products that helt to treat prostatomegaly, gout, and improbement in blood circulation. At our cosmetics segment, we specialize in researching and developing products that help to improve skin trouble, acne, atopic dermatitis, and hair growth. We are the venture corporation specialized in handling the Dendro panax morbifera. Cliamate change affects the entire world, and the anxiety and distrust of food are widely grown around the world, spreading the ""local food"" movement that supports the self-sustainability of the domestic agricultural operation and the procurement of safe food. Additionnally, the simplification and the westernization of the diet that keep the pace with the rapid economic development of the world are inceasing the diet-induced chronicle diseases such as diabetes, obese, gout, and high blood pressure, leading to more interest in the diet. To keep up tith this flow of the era, we extablished Hyurim Gwangchil.Co., Ltd as the agricultural corporation in 2013, to promote the reorganization of the agreculture, including optimum cultivation, stabilization of the supply, and the systemization of agricultural houses, as the main source of agricultural specialty products grew in Gyeongnam's clean area. We are promoting the commercializaition of healing products with a high added value through various commercialization R&D.s.
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  • Main Product :
    health food
  • Established :
  • Total Annual Revenue :
    6 million to 10 billion (KRW)
  • Total Employees :
    Less than 5


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