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LC Moisture cream

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    Republic of Korea
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    Wrinkle improvement · Whitening
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    Use within 12 months after opening
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    30 ~ 50s
LC Moisture cream
LC Moisturizing Cream is a high nutrition wrinkle / whitening dual functional cosmetics which provides moisture to dry skin and improves wrinkle and whitening skin problems.
It is a moisture cream that absorbs the elasticity of skin giving moisture and refreshing without touching.
LC Moisture Cream is a creamy white cream.
Moisture and nutrition can be managed by GKS alone.

When it is applied on the face, the softness and moisturization are maintained due to the water balance of only the liquid of the elm water cream.
This is a functional cosmetics utilizing the beautiful wild flower of Korea (Lychnis cognata).

Lychnis cognata root extract has excellent wrinkle and whitening effects.
It has been confirmed for a long time that it has excellent wrinkle improvement and whitening effect with domestic wildflower as the main raw material for the cosmetic raw materials.

It contains a large amount of tyrosinase with whitening effect and elastase with wrinkle formation inhibitory effect, and has whitening effect and wrinkle formation inhibiting effect, which is an advantage for functional cosmetic material.
It is a natural cosmetics material developed by Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST).

In addition, the root extract of the flower has a complex function of improving wrinkles, whitening and antioxidation.

The main component of the Liquid Water Cream is the Root Extract, which has a similar effect to kojic acid, a single ingredient known for its powerful whitening activity.

LC Moisture Cream is aimed at women in their 30s and 50s, but it is a fragrance cream that can be used by both men and women.
  - This moisture cream contains antioxidant in Lychnis cognata and protects the skin from external harmful factors and skin aging.
  - It provides moisturizing and elastic skin, but it is easily absorbed without any sticky.        



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GKS Co., Ltd.

GKS Co., Ltd.

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    228 Cheongsa-ro, Seo-gu, Daejeon (35209)
GKS Co., Ltd. Established in January 2016, GKS has opened a new chapter in the cosmetics industry by making its first cosmetics using wildflowers. Through research and development at KIST, it was confirmed that Lychnis cognata root extract had excellent effects on wrinkles and whitening and that there were no side effects on sensitive skin. So KIST registered Lychnis cognata Root Extraction as a patent in 2014 and we officially registered Lychnis cognata Root Extraction in 2016 two years later. We have signed MOUs with India, Romania, and Malaysia in line with global standards and also signed overseas export license agreements with Korea Kolmar. We're trying to reach out to a wider world. Looking forward, GKS will continue to make excellent products with world-class competitiveness through continuous research. And as a pioneer in the cosmetic industry using wildflowers, we will spare no effort and challenge to become a global leader. In preparation for the start-up of Ji-ke Co., Ltd., while consulting natural products related to beauty products at KangNung Kunwon Natural Beauty Research Institute of KIST, we received the transfer of beauty product technology (registered patent). In addition, we visited local herbivores for local natural products where beauty products are available, and applied for patents on beauty functionalities of four local natural products. We have also registered trademark rights for cosmetics development. In January 2016, we registered our company as a business operator and moved our office (main office) to Gangneung, Gangwon-do in February 2017 in order to start full-scale business development and product development. Over the past nine years, we have been thinking about cosmetics as a business for the present and future with our overseas marketing experience on beauty products. In addition, GKS CEO, who has experience as a marketer in the past, is responsible for domestic and overseas marketing tasks, and has R & D personnel who majored in natural product chemistry. GKS develops raw materials for natural cosmetics and manufactures cosmetics as an OEM (Kolmar Korea), and operates a manufacturing, import and export trade business. The main products are flower seed extract (beauty raw material) and functional cosmetics. Currently, we have launched the first cosmetics of GKS in August 2017 with the launch of Elc Moisture Cream and Elsie Eye Cream. After that, we are aiming to release ampoule, sun cream and mask pack products in the first half of 2019.
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